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Jacko: Where Have All the Children Gone?

11/5/2007 2:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

'Twas two months before Christmas and all through Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, not a creature was stirring -- anywhere! The King of Pop's now dilapidated playground -- 2,800 acres of bumper cars, carousels and Ferris wheels -- is a virtual ghost town, as Jacko has less than 90 days to make good on a $23 million loan -- or get in line at Six Flags.

The House That Thriller Built once employed dozens of servants and groundskeepers, but now sits empty while the reportedly near-bankrupt star rents an expensive home in Washington, D.C.

A formal Notice of Default and Election to Sell was filed in Santa Barbara County on October 22, according to FOX News' Roger Friedman.

In 2006, Neverland Ranch and its assets were said to be worth a whopping $17,042,560.

Perhaps he can rent it out as a location for "Kid Nation 2"!


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Miss Penny Lane    

Ah, here's a little snippet I found in the Washington Post from July 4:

Apparently he house-hunted on the Eastern Shore. Looking to get some crabs, Michael?? The Eastern Shore is 2+ hours from DC, thank God.

2491 days ago

Britney loves OJ    

The media likes to fantasize about Michael and other celebrities being broke and bankrupt. Look at what they're saying about Britney. . . According to their figures Britney Spears saves about $530,000 a month or 6.3 million dollars a year. . . What's the problem here?

2491 days ago

Miss Penny Lane    

DC is FAR from a being a "slum."

2491 days ago


Just think of how many children were molested at that park.

2491 days ago


Are you telling me the landlord in DC didn't do a credit check?

2491 days ago


Sure are a lot of bushes to hide behind!! Normally places for kids are open and free from brush!

2491 days ago


I think s/he's a total freak molester, but it IS sad to see what has become of Neverland. it would be nice to see an investor buy it and donate it to a charity for kids...turn it into something postive. If MJ is all about the kids, he shouldn't have a problem with this...except for the fact that he can't get near them.

2491 days ago


Whatever happened to Bubbles?

2491 days ago


To other DC residents (#6): I remember several years ago hearing that he was building a house in Reston, VA (about 2 miles from where I live). Athough if they say he's renting that wouldn't make sense.

2491 days ago


I agree with the first poster, who said it looks like a good place to film a horror movie.

It totally does, it's creepy looking there!

2491 days ago

Whammer Jammer    

Hey Jamison,

You're delusional, just like your pedophile hero. Wacko is NEVER going to make a comeback. People no longer care about him/her, everyone knows what a sick, twisted individual this freak show is. Except you, apparently.

2491 days ago




A pedophile's right-out-in-front-of-all-the-world's-eyes chickenhawk ranch designed specifically to lure and razzle-dazzle prospective victims.

The place should be burned to the ground. And Wacko Jacko should be behind bars being "educated" by prison work-out room gang bangers. Unfortunately, like OJ Simpson, he escaped justice. For now.

He's every bit as monstrous as, as one person mentioned, John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer.

2491 days ago


Michael should get a loan to recuperate NEVERLAND and open it for public as an amusement park. He'll make lots of money and HEll I would go

2491 days ago


This is not the time to bring up the past. Michael was acquitted it means he is completely innocent. Get this through you wonderful minds. Ordinarily, I would have stated my previous comment with more venom, but today I have a special request. So, I must be nice. Michael needs money now, please send a donation of whatever you can spare. The man has needs plastic surgery, food, shopping sprees, trips to amusement parks. Make a donation now. Save Michael's house.

2491 days ago


My title company recently did a preliminary title report on this property wherein Michael was trying to refinance his current deed of trust of $22 mil (not to mention the numerous judgments against him)-he now wants to refi for $40 mil! What bank in their right mind would lend this kind of money to someone who doesn't even live on the property?

2490 days ago
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