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Jacko: Where Have All the Children Gone?

11/5/2007 2:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

'Twas two months before Christmas and all through Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, not a creature was stirring -- anywhere! The King of Pop's now dilapidated playground -- 2,800 acres of bumper cars, carousels and Ferris wheels -- is a virtual ghost town, as Jacko has less than 90 days to make good on a $23 million loan -- or get in line at Six Flags.

The House That Thriller Built once employed dozens of servants and groundskeepers, but now sits empty while the reportedly near-bankrupt star rents an expensive home in Washington, D.C.

A formal Notice of Default and Election to Sell was filed in Santa Barbara County on October 22, according to FOX News' Roger Friedman.

In 2006, Neverland Ranch and its assets were said to be worth a whopping $17,042,560.

Perhaps he can rent it out as a location for "Kid Nation 2"!


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Everyone who has left a comment is so bitter and full of hatred. Maybe Michael Jackson isn't the EVIL one...Maybe it's YOU. Everyone is so quick to point their finger and kick someone when their down. THAT'S AMERICA. I'm sure Michael wishes you were all dead. This place would be a better place without cruel, evil, vicious, COLD people like yourselves. The only time America comes together is when something tragic happens. Until then, Keep up the hatred guys!

2541 days ago


Everyone here leaving their negative comments..Your LOSERS. Ask yourself this question tonight when you look at your ugly face..."What have you accomplished in your life"? I can help you answer that...Probably NOTHING...

2541 days ago


I agree, this property would make an ideal setting for a horror movie. Unfortunately, there were real horrors perpetrated here, exploitation and abuse of children. I hope that all the animals in the zoo were safely placed elsewhere. This man is a monster. He has reconstructed his face to reflect the person he is inside. God help his children.

2541 days ago


wow, big difference compare to many years ago... its kinda sad... i'm not going to judge the man but I sure hope he's happy.

2541 days ago


He should be made to return the land to its former glory. MJ has ruined the landscape. It is worth nothing but debt now.

2541 days ago


Cartman should buy it and rename it SOUTH PARK. I would go...and you know you would too

2541 days ago


It is property, it has to be maintained to look nice. The grounds and landscaping must be tended to, in order to remain lush and beautiful. What is it supposed to look like with no staff caring for the property ?? Those of you in DC, you were not informed of Michael Jackson moving there for one simple reason ... the man was vindicated in June 2005. He was found not guilty on all 14 counts,he is not a convicted sex offender. As for his finances, we should all be as 'Broke' as Michael Jackson. The man wakes up and has made money. Maybe he could control his spending a bit but his assets are more than any of us. Nobody has to like the guy but a little common courtesy could go a long way.

2541 days ago


No, somebody did not post with the name GAVIN and make the statement, "...i'm not going to judge the man but I sure hope he's happy..."

2541 days ago


I think its very sad to see what people have done to him. I don't believe anything that they said about him. Its very sad to be something that he worked so hard for and paid so much money maintaining this place is now DISTROYED. I feel so bad for him. Someone who was so powerful back then to look so sick now...poor guy. I hope every thing goes good for him....he's still my #1

2541 days ago


Oprah should buy Neverland Ranch and turn it into a school where little girls will be abused and molested by the teachers.

2540 days ago


actually this is not a recent picture ... this same picture was used earlier this year. if this was actually current, then where are the weeds. this looks more like an area that is on a water restriction.'
where have all the children gone ?? Where Have All The Weeds Gone ??

2540 days ago

Stahr Baby    

I believe ever since Michael was a little boy, from the abuse he suffered from his Father, to the abuse He suffered from the Public. Noone really understood him, or even want to understand him. Even throughout his adolescent to adult People still don't understand him, instead of trying to understand, by looking closely at the big picture, People in general wants to think of negative things to say, and those things are to make then feel big or good, and the other person feel small. People are not thinking about the person at all. they are write/ making statements about him. Michael has feelings too, If He do something wrong, YES!!!! He needs to pay the price, through th eLaw not the public. just like any of us. We. need to put ourselves into his shoes, as for as the negative comments. What ever reason Michael had to why His skin change is his personal business, not mine, not yours. Michael is 1 year older then me, and I like him then and still today, as a Christian I love everyone, even if I don't agree with their life styles, so we can just live and let live, and please allow the law to handle Mr. M. J. Jackson.
So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.
John 8:1-7. People Michael is not perfect, we all are different. including him. Malone of Louisville,KY

2539 days ago


#5 lives in never never land, you must be the same brand of freak as the freak!
Huge Comeback as what? Don't jump to conclusions yourself, Negative press who brought it on? maybe showing up to court in pajamas, press didn't make that up.

2538 days ago


Its a shame it came down to this...he will come back stronger and better than ever

2538 days ago


Thankfully MJ is living in DC. I used to live there, and the city is a pit. At least he is not buying property on Martha's Vineyard. Rumor had it that he was looking for a place there. His presence would sully and corrupt the Vineyard.

2538 days ago
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