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Will Not Be Institutionalized

11/5/2007 5:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Winsome crooner Barry Manilow isn't known for his sparkling wit -- and it was proven recently when his mild crack was smashed by the Smithsonian Institution. Nobody f**ks with the Smithsonian Institution!

Barry Manilow
OK! magazine reports that by request of the museum, Manilow donated the hyper-hideous jacket he wore for his Copacabana routine. When he was asked about it, he said, "I always knew the jacket would wind up in an institution." The staid Smithsonian was not amused -- and returned the jacket to Barry, saying, "You can't make fun of the Smithsonian." Well!

The jacket's now hanging at the Copacabana Bar at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas. Guess the Smithsonian doesn't know a national treasure when it sees one.


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Jim Kollbocker    

It's the Smithsonian's loss. It was obviously a joke and in good taste. They should drop the word "Institution" from their name!!!! How very, very crude and stupid of them!!!!

2547 days ago

Go Away Paris......You are a SKANK    

A real man wouldnt wear something like that.
I saw him on one of the morning talk shows and he appeared to have had so much cosmetic surgery that I believe Michael Jackson would be envious. If he wore that outfit after having so much surgery, the weight of the jacket alone would probably pull his face out of his butt hole. Now that would be an interesting sight. Donate the jacket to Dawg the ex-BountyHunter, he may take the act on the road and get signed as a lounge act in Vegas. Ya never know! Good Luck Barry!

2547 days ago



2547 days ago

Marlb Man    

He is such a tired old queen!! Who can stand those HORRID, BORING all sound the same songs of his? Music for the comatose!

2547 days ago


he could always offer to donate his last CD which has crashed and burned in record time

2547 days ago


People needs to lighten up - geesh - step back ==== take a deep breath ===== and let it go...........

2547 days ago


I guess this geezer found out he's not as famous or as necessary as his over-sized cranium thought. WAAAAHHHH! Cooties and all.

2547 days ago


The intelligence of the responders is just awsome, in the story the museum asks for the jacket, Barry joking replies that "he knew the jacket would end up in an institution," showing some wit, either you dumb asse's don't know know how to.or dont read. He said nothing to show he was being a jerk, or big ego'd, all you folks on the other hand have shown how stupid you are.
thanks for your time.

2547 days ago

A Fanilow    

Can't the Smithsonian take a joke? The joke was clever and funny. They have the word institution in their name, or don't they know that. He never said what kind of institution he just said institution. Lighten up. Love you Barry can't wait to meet you in May!

2547 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Whoever it was at the Smithsonian who sent the jacket back needs to get a life, and oh yeah, another job. No one person, or group of people, should feel so much ownership of a public institution, where they are nothing more or less than employees. Oh, and let's add politicians to this rule of thumb.

2547 days ago


He wouldn't go on the View, because of Elizabeth, what other people prejudices does
the Tootsie Roll King have? LOSER!

2547 days ago


It's called the Smithsonian Institute, not "Institution."

Nevertheless, they need to loosen up.

2547 days ago


Sounds political to me. Nobody could be that humorless. Maybe someone held a grudge because he criticized the Republican woman's views on The View, or maybe someone really is this assinine. Either way it's ridiculous.

2547 days ago


Oh, come on, he is poking fun at himself and that jacket - the Smithsonian needs to get a sense of humor. Glad to see Barry has one.

2547 days ago


This flaming has- been is lucky anyone cares about his momma's-boy ass. His creepy face lift and whinning are boring and tiring.

2547 days ago
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