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Will Not Be Institutionalized

11/5/2007 5:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Winsome crooner Barry Manilow isn't known for his sparkling wit -- and it was proven recently when his mild crack was smashed by the Smithsonian Institution. Nobody f**ks with the Smithsonian Institution!

Barry Manilow
OK! magazine reports that by request of the museum, Manilow donated the hyper-hideous jacket he wore for his Copacabana routine. When he was asked about it, he said, "I always knew the jacket would wind up in an institution." The staid Smithsonian was not amused -- and returned the jacket to Barry, saying, "You can't make fun of the Smithsonian." Well!

The jacket's now hanging at the Copacabana Bar at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas. Guess the Smithsonian doesn't know a national treasure when it sees one.


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If the Smithsonian really gave the thing back over that joke, then they're just morons, cause that's actually pretty funny.

Also, that monstrosity is actually hanging over one of the registers in the Manilow store at the Las Vegas Hilton, (where they have even less of a sense of humor than the Smithsonian). My friends and I were in Vegas in August and went into the store where one friend proceeded to make fun of just about everything in the place. The suntan lotion: "Look it's Manilotion!" The wine: "Look Manimerlot!" The hand sanitizer: "Look, it's Manilotizer!"

While the rest of us were laughing pretty hard, the employees didn't find it so funny. Perhaps they employ Smithsonian rejects.

2480 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

The Smithsonian displays lots of wacky stuff--surprised they are hung up over Barry's jacket.

2480 days ago


You, who is a washed up ass, has nerve to put down someone who is young and working every day.
No one wanted to see you on the view.
How much did you pay someone to start this story to act like you still matter.

2480 days ago

You Wait And See    

He just got bitch slapped. LMFAO!

2479 days ago

Bob's "skinny microphone"    

Barry Manilow has a "mild crack"?

Who at TMZ tasted it? I've always heard it was rather spicy.

2479 days ago

DJ Europe    

WTF? Sounds like the folks at the Smithsonian have absolutely no sense of humor. F*** them. They don't deserve the shirt.

2479 days ago


two overly-pretentious, impotent, preening institutions meet. does anyone notice? does anyone care?

2479 days ago


Oh..... COME ON Smithsonian! Give me a break. Are you THAT unprofessional that a stupid little comment that I'm sure he didn't mean the way you thought he meant it (and even if he did- so what) is going to keep you from adding something interesting to your collection? I'm disappointed.

Very unprofessional. I think they need to find a new Director/Curator for the Smithsonian who is older than 12 and who doesn't have such a big corn cobb up their rear.

2479 days ago

Robin Jeanne    

I saw Barry on Craig Ferguson the other night and I thought the comment was funny. It shows Barry's great sense of humor! Besides that happend so long ago!! I can't believe people are still so upset about it!! The people at the Smithsonian need to get thicker skin. Geeze people!!! Get a life!

2479 days ago


If Barry Manilow is a "Has Been" it's news to most of the world. he had a number one and a number 2 CD on the Billboard charts last year and a number 4 CD this year and sells out in Vegas and around the country. his career has lasted for over 30 years and he's still going strong. where are all the people that started when he did? lets see...the bay city rollers? the partirdge family? not many people last 30 years in his business. besides this smithsonian things didn't just happened YEARS's OLD news people.

2479 days ago

sweet melissa    

Some of you people need to lighten up. Barry said this as a JOKE, he's a very funny guy. Besides this happened years ago and was only brought up because Craig Ferguson mentioned it. He has more talent in his little finger than those of you making fun of him. This man has had a running career for 30+ years and sells out his show in Vegas most of the time. I've seen him in concert many times and for being 64 years old he could run circles around performers half his age. Give him a break, if you opened your minds more than your mouths you'd see what an awesome performer that he is. For those of you talking about his "sexual orientation", has he invited you into his bedroom? You know he's gay because?

2479 days ago


Yup Barry Manilow is burning up the charts. I fact this Smithsonian thing has given him some free publicity for a album that I didnt know was coming out. Just in time for the Holiday season. Infact Barry should thank the SMithsonian for the free publicity because it probably helped his sales. Having said this I'm so glad the Smithsonian is NOT gonna have that thing on display because it deosnt belong there. Its a las vegas thing and its a cheap thrill item. Well as Barrys album is burning up the charts (cough) I'm sure the people at the SMithsonian are probaby not going to be losing any sleep over that feather duster. It may only be the Smithsonian buteven they have their standards

2479 days ago

I Love Rock n' Roll    

Flaming Homosexual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2479 days ago


the smithsonian fails for not having a sense of humor

2479 days ago

kt jonas    

Hey Barry, You can come and hang your jacket in my closet....Love you,Kt

2479 days ago
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