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Mary-Louise Parker

Trapped by Snappers

11/5/2007 3:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mary-Louise Parker and her two children arrived at JFK over the weekend and were greeted by an out-of-control snapstorm that frightened the bejesus out of her, and the kids.

The "Weeds" star was with son Will and daughter Ash when they got into an elevator, while hyper-aggressive paps went over the line, holding the door open to try to get their shot and frightening the boy -- drawing what sounded like a sharp rebuke from him.

It's the latest instance of photogs getting uncomfortably close to stars' kids; just last week, Jennifer Garner and Liv Tyler had to fend off paps who couldn't keep a reasonable distance.


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But of course TMZ's paps never cross that line, do they?

2508 days ago


If you go into the entertainment biz - the paps come with it. But I do think that when a celebrity is with their children, ESPECIALLY small children, they need to back the f*#$ off. These kids can't help it they their parents are famous and shouldn't be tortured and scared every time they go out of their house. Shame on you paps!

2508 days ago


Can you guys just not post that crap? Those photogs are idiots and their material should hit the cutting room floor.

2508 days ago


Something's gotta be done concerning these paps.

They're getting more and more agrressive each day.

2508 days ago

Baby Countdown    

Wow, if this isn't the criminal ratting out the other criminal.

I love how you tried to report this like your people would NEVER...what about the flash storm you subject Britney's kids to all the time?

2508 days ago


Alright! These are the best stories!! Love when attention starved actors get all
indignant over the paps...they chose the career so now deal with it!!! wahwahwah.

2508 days ago


Leave the children alone, guys. It's one thing if a celeb is alone in public or out with another adult, but what the hell is wrong with you getting up in the kids' faces! That's low.

2508 days ago



2508 days ago


Paparazzi are getting worse. They've always hounded celebrities and their families, but one of the biggest problems is how far they will go to get a shot. And in a number of cases they will deliberately get as close and act as aggressive as possible, to cause a reaction from the celebrity and their children, then film it for profit.

The paps need to back-pff, esp. around children. They can still get shots at a distance w/o being jerks about it -- unless the paparazzi are too stupid to know how to use their own equipment. Some paparazzi insist they're just doing their jobs and being professionals about it....then act like professionals. Celebrities and their children don't owe you a living. When the paps pull stunts like this one with Mary-Louise Parker and her children, you wonder why celebrities start getting angry in return.

2508 days ago


The photogs "went over the line"....and you posted their work! Do you, TMZ, not see how you are directly part of that problem? There was a time when celebrities felt their children were safe from this insanity unless they (the celeb) placed them into the spotlight. Leave the children alone. There's plenty of crazy celebrity headlines out there without having to exploit their children!

2508 days ago


Attention-starved actors? It seems to me the lady was just getting off of the plane with her kids. She wasn't out showing her drunken ass like Britney and then whining that it was all over the headlines.

2508 days ago


How is that not harrassment?

2508 days ago

Fake People Suck    

WOW, they are getting out of hand. That was so uncomfortable to watch!!!

2508 days ago


Who is this woman and why would anyone want to take photos of her and her children?
Geez, you papparazi (including TMZ) need to get a life.

2508 days ago


There should be a distance requirement for these idiots. If they want the shot so badly, they can use their telephoto lenses and stop frightening children. The women were politely trying to shake them, they should carry mace.

2508 days ago
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