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Mary-Louise Parker

Trapped by Snappers

11/5/2007 3:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mary-Louise Parker and her two children arrived at JFK over the weekend and were greeted by an out-of-control snapstorm that frightened the bejesus out of her, and the kids.

The "Weeds" star was with son Will and daughter Ash when they got into an elevator, while hyper-aggressive paps went over the line, holding the door open to try to get their shot and frightening the boy -- drawing what sounded like a sharp rebuke from him.

It's the latest instance of photogs getting uncomfortably close to stars' kids; just last week, Jennifer Garner and Liv Tyler had to fend off paps who couldn't keep a reasonable distance.


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pretty soon there will be 600 photographers or more, maybe a thousand photographers outside Cafe Roma waiting for Arnold , any stupid person can think he or she is a paparazzi with these digital cameras nowadays,grab your camera and make money stalking the celebrities ,its fun,,,,theres no regulation on how many people with cameras ,what if every illigal or out of work person gets a camera and stalks any personality from t.v. or movies, Arnold we need to Regulating this practice of stalking, look at britney ,they go to homes of the stars,trespass, run red lights,run stop signs,drive on sidewalks,cut competition off with the cars,jump out in traffic, shoot on private property, intimidate other photographers,use radios to follow and stalk,gang up on security guards in stores to trespass into a business to photograph a star,run onto the property of posh hotels in beverly hills in gangs to photograph guests that pay to stay at the hotels,theres about 20 photoraphers right not at coldwater canyon and moholand staking out britney

2508 days ago


Maybe you shouldn't post the video then? I'm not gonna watch it, i can't imagine who would!

2508 days ago


These parents need to tear gas those a$$hole papanazis. Jerks.

2508 days ago


Please stop. You are terrifying these children. STOP! Nobody is ASKING to see Mary Louise Parker's child, and even if they were, it's immoral to stalk her with her children. Leave them alone!

2508 days ago


How do you people sleep at night?

2508 days ago


Since you have the video werent your ashole employees present to terrorize the actress and her child........hello pot...this is kettle. You are all pathetic.

2508 days ago


She was going to rely on a COP = nice, since she has the liberal-screw any authority attitude. Why should a cop help her when you just KNOW she's the type to spit on them.

2508 days ago


Izzy - you've got the right idea. LOL And a little pepper spray should help as well. Give the paps one warning, then burn their lovely, little eyes.

2508 days ago


Doesn't seem like she was attentioned starved to me...Seems like a mom getting off an airplane and protecting her young child from a bunch of overzealous photogs who don't know BOUNDARIES...This kind of stuff is SCARY to children...Anyone with a small child that they'd like to subject them to this kind of terrifying situation? Any time some stranger in the grocery store even comes within 5 feet of my son, he starts to freak out...Then add flashing bulbs and aggressive strange people---yeah, really considerate, respectful and professional...I think the paparazzi need to really reevaluate the way they conduct business, especially with young children involved....I also think they need to apologize for their behavior more often...Also, if you're getting your foot run over by these people's cars---your standing too close!!!

2508 days ago


Thats disgusting. It's the parents job to be photographed. The PARENTS people, when they are out with their kids leve them alone! JEEZ WHat kind of human being scares a small cjild who can't possibly understand what is happening and as therefore likely to be terrified. Seriously crossing the line.

2508 days ago


It's time the Paps get regulated. If you're going to assault people like this, and not get arrested, you need to have a LICENSE. Like press credentials. Get with the program NY and Cali! Make it mandatory for paps to have a license, or they get arrested for assault. Enough is enough.

2508 days ago


Holy cow!

You paps (including TMZ) have crossed all boundaries of decency!

I hope one (or all of them) sue your collective asses.

That was absolutely uncalled for and disgusting.

"Snapper" for dinner!

2507 days ago



2507 days ago


that was so not cool

2507 days ago

diahanna (my real name)    

I want to know why you "journalists"(i use the term loosely) feel the need to photograph actors in private moments with their children??! As much as I love Mary-
louise Parker (she's a wonderful person) I don't want to see her coming and going from an airport (something we all do) being harrassed like this with her children exposed to not only their mothers' fear and panic but also the rudeness and aggressiveness of the photographers. The kids don't comprehend this behavior yet and it's a shame that mom & dad have to explain this to them at such an early stage in their lives. MLP should not have had to cover her childrens' faces like that, it's just so wrong guys, please give respect to at least the kids, is that too much to ask?!

2507 days ago
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