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Nick and Nessa -- Doing What They Do Best

11/5/2007 3:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Remember when Nick Lachey recorded music and Vanessa Minnillo hosted a TV show? Those were the days.

The professional vacationers spent this weekend in Puerto Rico. They partied the night away at the Brava Nightclub in San Juan, but still managed to look beautiful for this photo the next day.

But they can't vacay forever -- soon they'll have to get back to ... nevermind.


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Nick Lachey is still embarrassed and hurt by what she did to him publicly. Nick may be with Vanessa, but I believe he’s secretly jealous that Jessica has bad headlines about her movies, BUT he has bad headlines about being nasty with Vanessa. Nick’s girlfriend is a media-whore that will DO anybody that can help her to get her photo taken.

Jessica is still pretty, still free, has more money, and even though she’s not that great at everything she does, she still gets MORE opportunities handed down to her. Nick Lachey is being offered NOTHING.

2504 days ago


Jealousy is a bitch isn’t it Nick. Grow up dude. Jessica can be irritating sometimes. But she was smart enough to leave your ass and move on. She doesn’t write, sing, or mention ANYTHING about YOU. Jessica doesn’t try to defend herself or the men that she’s with, or her friends, or where she’s been--which for you Nick would be ‘going NOWHERE’ I mean how many flights to nowhere can one man take with his whore—

Again, it’s called MOVING ON Nick Lachey!! And Jessica is really doing it in life don’t you think. You go Jessica! And you know I can't stand her either, odd huh.

People like ^Tas 34^ on here need a reality check. We all can see the obvious. These two vacation and go to parties, and neither one of them work or do anything well deserving to get one mention in the media. But Nicks the cute boy bander that got dumped by Jessica Simpson, and Vanessa is known because she's his rebound chick. Everyone wants to know just how low these two can go, just for a good laugh. They should be embarrassed to have their photos taken. Instead of running towards the cameras. People see them as a joke for obvious reasons. And no amount of positive comments can change that. Majority rules when it comes to these two non working forever partying jokes.

2504 days ago



2522 days ago


Nick is too good for her, she just wants to be a star just like Jessica. I don' t like her.

2522 days ago


"Professional vacationers," I love it. Good grief, could just a few of these H'wood dimbulbs even attempt doing something of value just once in a while? As long as they aren't working at whatever their alleged craft may be (singing, hosting, acting, whatever), then at least go to a soup kitchen and help out.

2522 days ago

Marlb Man    

He's HOT!! She seems nice, leave her alone.

2522 days ago

Marlb Man    


How is it any of your concern what other's do? How do you know they dont donate time or money to causes?

2522 days ago


At least they have their clothes on this time. The paps should have sold those pictures to the highest bidders, maybe, then little Nickie would keep his dittie wraped and inside of a hotel room instead.

2522 days ago


Shame on you TMZ for cutting Pepa (from Salt-N-Pepa) out of the picture! You can only see her arm in this pic, but has the same picture and lists and shows all three!! Are we discriminating, TMZ????

2522 days ago


i think they make a beautiful couple... goood for them...
#3...LaReina... your jealously is showing...pull your claws in.

2522 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

has beens.

no wait - never have beens!

2522 days ago


Both a couple of dogs! I goes from Ugly (Simpson) to Uglier.

2522 days ago

Lola Lola    

Yikesa! Her implants are going downhill fast. Girl, gravity is not your friend. Get thee to a surgeon to fix those slinkys! Ick.

P.s. he is still cute as a bunny.

2522 days ago


They were invited because the hotel was celebrating their birthday, November 9th, with Pepa who also has the same birthday. It was the official unveiling of the hotel and casino after being remodeled. Yah, you cut out Pepa from the picture! It's not like they were looking for free drinks.

2522 days ago


Can you say bankruptcy?

2522 days ago
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