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Nick and Nessa -- Doing What They Do Best

11/5/2007 3:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Remember when Nick Lachey recorded music and Vanessa Minnillo hosted a TV show? Those were the days.

The professional vacationers spent this weekend in Puerto Rico. They partied the night away at the Brava Nightclub in San Juan, but still managed to look beautiful for this photo the next day.

But they can't vacay forever -- soon they'll have to get back to ... nevermind.


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Maybe lazy azz Nick has been laying up in bed all day, while he lives off his ex wife money, watching television, using Vanessa's breast, as though they were remote controls, pushing them in, and making them longer and flat. So, that's why Vanessa stuff seems much smaller than they used to be. It's just a theory, but the lazy azz part is definitely proven.

2546 days ago


The worst thing you can do for your career is hang around with Nick............move are too sweet and beautiful for someone like this................

2546 days ago

Go Away Paris......You are a SKANK    

Nicks so lazy I bet his new squeeze does all of the work while he lays there.
Has anybody noticed how the lazy jerk holds a microphone. Like its tea time in the castle! He is such a panzy that has to have a woman on his arm all the time to make up for all of his other inadequacies. Jessica was the star of the show. He was just a controlling jerk that lived off of her fame and fortune. Get a real job Nick, I hear your brother needs someone to carry his luggage and polish his dancing shoes. He has more talent in his little finger than you will ever have in 5 lifetimes. LOZER!

2546 days ago


I don't care what anyone says, Nick is disturbing looking.

2546 days ago


Two scorpios, I think they make good friends but life time lovers? I don't know.. It won't last at all. maybe in 6 more months, and then it all over..beleive me. This is not your psychic friends network..that's why you don't have to pay 4.99 per minute either..

2546 days ago

Go Away Paris......You are a SKANK    

One thing about Vanessa's sagging boobs is when she goes swimming, they float up under each arm and she can use them as water wings! Those two needs to be put in the one hit wonder hall of fame cause neither of them will amount to anything. They will probably live on Jessica's alimony money till there is only enough left to buy a fancy doublewide and put it in a Cincinnatti trailer park. Nick always looks so nasty with that unshaven face and dirty looking clothes. Go Reds! Go away Nick!

2546 days ago


He is soo lovely to look at..........

2546 days ago


Vanessa has been promoting Bongo jeans, and her makeup line for Kohls, and Nick is working on his new CD. Like #29 stated, they share the same B-day, and were invited to the resort for that reason. They have been lying low living their lives. They don't feel it necessary to be in the limelight 24-7 like Nicks ex, Jessica, who shows up at every and any event. Also, Vanessa has probably been wanting to keep a low profile after those Lindsay knife pics, and also her and Nicks nude hot tub pics.

2546 days ago


The people that post comments on TMZ just keep getting meaner and meaner.

What a bunch of losers you are. Get a life.

2546 days ago


WOW; she's got nice breasteses...

2546 days ago


How soon before the two of these Hollywood nitwits end up on Celebrity Couples Amazing Race!!!

2546 days ago


They were vacationing in Puerto Rico.... didn't know.... That's where I'm from.....lots of celebrities come here and no one seem to notice, haha is cause there aren't so many paps here.......Britney needs to come here....

2546 days ago


These two D-lister need to get a real job already. Jessica's money must be running out soon. Nick is turning into a coke head just like party girl Vanessa. This gold digger is bad for his career. It's all they have in common. I can't wait for him to dump her fat, pock mark face.

Another site had a full body photo of them in their bathing suits and her legs look like a spider web (covered in veins) and her wonky implants are hanging low.

2546 days ago


Nick's next album will flop. His last one only sold because it was all about Jessica. Nobody wants to hear him sing about Vanessa's hairy, smelly cooch.

2546 days ago

Bunny Pembridge    

What's that wierd bump on her boob??

2546 days ago
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