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Oprah Faces Press in School Scandal

11/5/2007 10:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey just told the press that the recent abuse charges at her South Africa school has been "one of the most devastating, if not the most devastating experience, of my life."

The talk show queen just gave a live press conference, apologizing for the alleged sexual abuse at The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, but O remained positive by saying, "No one can destroy the dream I have held, and each girl continues to hold, at the school."

A dorm matron at the Academy was suspended on October 17 and was later arrested on assault, indecent assault and soliciting under-age girls to perform indecent acts. The matron, Virginia Mokgobo, was released today on bail.


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Barbara you are a moron.

2547 days ago


Teachers have been abusing students for years. Nothing new. What burns me up is the media always looking for predators behind bushes and other places. Look in schools and homes. They'll catch some there!And the media swooning over what a great p r gal Oprah is. Get real. If she was,,she'd not be in this African school mess!Oprah is the new Jim Jones with the ladies lapping up her kool aid daily.

2547 days ago


I truly believe Oprah's heart is in the right place. But I guess it was always a possibility that abuse like this would happen there at the school. It sounds like the school is hiring local people there to fill the teaching and administrative jobs. Maybe Oprah and her people need to re-think the hiring process. It might be a good idea to hire people here to go over there to fill those roles and oversee things until they're sure they have qualified people with good character to lead those girls. I'm sure Oprah will take action and do what needs to be done. It's such a great thing she's doing for the young girls in there. I've always wondered though, what will happen to them when they older and graduate from that school. You'll have young, smart, intelligent and creative girls ready to move forward in their life, but they're stuck there in that country. I guess the idea is for them to help move their country forward, but you see how difficult that is going to be. That's probably why you don't see black people here in the United States moving there in droves. They like to call themselves African Americans, but god forbid if they had to actually live in Africa. Hopefully Oprah's good works will help in some way to improve the situation in that country.

2547 days ago

Watch The-0    

We have kids right here in the US who need just as much as kids in any other part of the world. There numbers might not be as great but giving and helping should start at home and when they are ALL taken care of then Oprah can look to other places out of the U.S.
I think Oprah wants to save the black world and then become the Queen of her new world.
She should give first to the land who gave her the chance to become RICH and have the power to give her money to kids, but only in the U.S. Oprah the place where you grew-up
still looks the same..... And it wasn't So. Africa............GET IT!

2547 days ago


I hope someone teaches these girls' families 2 little words:

LAW SUIT !!!!!!!

They're probably scared to death to even think about going up against "THE OPRAH",
but if you consider that THE OPRAH made such a huge egotistical deal about how fabulous and ground breaking her school was and that THE OPRAH hand picked the students and okayed the staff SHE SHOULD BE SUED !!! Do the words "BACKGROUND CHECK" MEAN ANYTHING, Oprah ? Or does that only get done when you're selecting a new gardener for your multi-million dollar english garden or a new personal chef??!!??

MADAME OPRAH has been knocked down a few rungs. This time, even with her portly figure, she bit off more that she could chew !

2547 days ago


Let's see. Oprah is going through another soul searching, and she will experience a transformation that will make her an even better person. psychospiritbabble is a great way to rationalize things.

2547 days ago


To all Oprah bashers. What have you ever done or givin to help the world? Please give your hate a rest and go out and try to do something good for the world today. Imagine if you re-directed your energy for good?

2547 days ago


She can be rather tiresome. I'm surprised she didn't have a special gown made to wear for this press conference.

2547 days ago


Oprah is a boring racist that has to have a lot of attention. There are so many problems here in America and she has to go to Africa to find more. That is okay because being Obama's best friend hurt her a lot here in the states. I'm just as sick of Oprah and all her drama as I am of Spears.

2547 days ago


Is she devastated that this happened to the girls or that her name is associated with this ugly situation? Bring on the lawsuits

sit back and watch

2547 days ago


White Power, what about your trailer parks and inbreds?

2547 days ago


White Power, you can't stereotype a whole race based on the actions of a few. If that were the case, I would think all whites were serial killers and child molesters.

2547 days ago


I smell a rat. No contact with your relatives ever, and cloistered from the world around you. This doesn't sound right. This was a golden opportunity for abuse. Oprah is very lucky that she didn't open a similar school in the USA. She would be fried from this in the press. There would be no way that she could control the flow of information. And when the accuse get her day in court she may present evidence to contradict what was claimed. There was no due process involved. What if these girls are lying? There are not angels better than any children in this world. Also, there may be people who will accuse Oprah of running a lesbian brothel, or worst a lesbian brothel cult. I afraid Oprah have purchase a headache that a billion dollars can't vanished.

2547 days ago


36. She can be rather tiresome. I'm surprised she didn't have a special gown made to wear for this press conference.

Posted at 10:43AM on Nov 5th 2007 by jean

LOL She won't be getting any haute couture for a while until her 'thyroid' condition is under control and she loses the weight she recently gained. Vera Wang will be back wielding her scissors

2547 days ago


It's been rectified. She apologized. Why does she have to go on and on and on about it? Move on lady-

2547 days ago
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