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She's Coming Baaack! Rosie to MSNBC?

11/5/2007 7:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'DonnellControversial talk show hostess Rosie O'Donnell is set to return to television, this time with her own show on MSNBC, sources on both sides of the talks tell the New York Times.

According to the Times, one idea being thrown around has the former "View" babe filling the 9:00 PM slot -- directly against "Larry King Live" on CNN and "Hannity & Colmes" on FOX News. Dan Abrams currently has that slot for MSNBC, but his ratings have been less than spectacular.

NBC execs were quick to caution that no deal was in place at this time. Calls to Rosie's rep were not immediately returned.


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Sad commentary on the intelligence of our society in general. Why do so many people feel the need to hear the opinions of freaks, idiots, perverts and wannabe politicians? TV execs who give shows to people like Rosie, Bill O'Lielly, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, etc. should be locked in padded rooms with huge tv screens on every wall with those programs running eternally until they start bleeding from their eyes and beg forgiveness. Of course thats just my opinion, I could be wrong.

2542 days ago


Yep, gotta love TMZ's 'creative editing" of the posts!

Spurs, you noticed that too?

It's been fun yanking yer chain, but I'm done.

2542 days ago


Christy K.

And maybe by the time you get to Junior High, you will have learned to spell. Thank God you don't, or can't vote.

2542 days ago

Bob. My name is the same forwards and backwards    

Why would MSNBC even flirt with the idea of giving her a show? I don't get it. Our troops are defending our country and she mocks them. I wouldn't let this woman baby sit my dog and someone thinks it's a good idea for her to have her own show? She's a complete mental case and it's obvious on this thread, that so are her followers. Is she going to hang upside down every night, blabbing out her little conspiracy theories that she can't back up? I personally don't see this happening, as it would be a HUGE embarrassment for NBC.

2542 days ago

Voice of Reason    

Although I support a variety of viewpoints on all the issues, giving Rosie O'Donnell a show is akin to giving a 6 year old a bottle of whiskey and the keys to your car... nothing good can come from it.

I thought the aim of MSNBC was to be a viable news and information source, not an outlet for the mentally unstable to spew their unfounded and dangerous concoctions. By this action they are lowering viewers perceptions of the integrity of ALL of their programs.

Of course she has a right to say anything she wants, that's the beauty of America. But, by giving her a platform, their giving her credibility. I also have the right to say anything I like - but, I don't see anyone offering me a television show.

2542 days ago


Hannity & Colmes will slaughter the pig.

2542 days ago

Bob. My name is the same forwards and backwards    

this is for 284...spurs...

for your infornation...i am not in junoir high school. i dont vote because i am not 21...i dont vote because i dont have time. i am 32...jackazz. but if RO would ever decide to run for presidant..i would vote just to sho ignoreant people like you that RO is the bEST!!!!1 And for your informatoin..i can spell just find. IDIOT!!!!@!!!!!!

2542 days ago


To Voice of Reason,

If you ever watched Keith Obermann spew his opinions on MSNBC you would realize that MSNBC is not a viable news and information source. Rosie fits right in.

2542 days ago


Why would they give her another show...she is crazier than Britney Spears and Ann Caulter mixed together. Rosie needs a lot of help and she make what ppl believe what ppl have being saying for years gay people are mentally unfit.

2542 days ago


Only in America can someone still have a fan base after stupidly claiming that fire has never melted steel.

2541 days ago


An embarrassment to nbc? How can a rat embarrass garbage?

2537 days ago
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