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Shia's Mugshot: More Than Meets the Glassy Eyes

11/5/2007 1:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shia LaBeouf was busted for trespassing at a Walgreens in Chicago early Sunday morning, and the website has obtained his mugshot.
Shia LaBeouf
Chicago police tell TMZ that Shia was arrested around 2:30 AM on Sunday after a security guard repeatedly told LaBeouf to leave -- because the 21-year-old appeared drunk, police said. He was charged with misdemeanor criminal trespassing and released a few hours later.

He's due back in court on November 28.


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Van Zant Rocks    

If this is the worst thing that ever happens in Shia's life, then he has had a really quality life. The great thing is, he wasn't hanging out in the mens room tapping his feet....! Shia rocks. Also This was going to be the 1st time he's ever shaved & he was hanging out trying to figure out what kinda razor to buy. (too many choices & matching the coupons to the razors on sale)...!

2521 days ago


The part that is omitted is why didn't he want to leave. Did he walk in the door and the guard said don't come in? Was he in the store knocking things over? If you consider this news, which it is not, at least give the entire story. Another case of selective reporting to sensationalize something trivial to the public.

2521 days ago

Sean D.    

So what the guy was "I wouldn't say drunk" but buzzin, at least he wasn't driving a car. The security guard was probably jeaslous because of the money, OR maybe the security guards wife has a thing for Shila lol you never know........

2521 days ago


I was expecting this ugly beat up mug shot like everyone elses, but this boy took a good one!!! He looks a little goofy but Shia is sooooo hot!!!! He grew up nicely from his Louis Stevens phase......I hope he stays outta trouble though...

2521 days ago

Oh James    

Shia is so hot! I don't care that he got arrested, but didn't he already get thrown in the slammer for a bit? For like, beating up his neighbor? I think the guy like hit his mom and Shia THREW DOWN! I like that he's kinda badass now, I wanna bang him more than EVAR!!!

2521 days ago


It seems to me that there is a rash of celebrities being arrested in the last year. Last week Gary Collins and this week this young actor. Don't the "lawmen" have another way of getting into the paper? Try arresting a thief or a drug dealer. There are plenty of child molesters out there with their hands in the cookie jar so to speak. Oh, wait---they aren't news makers. They're 100 times worse then a kid with glassy eyes but lets arrest him. He'll make the news and so will the cop.

2521 days ago


The whole thing seems like much ado about nothing....a security guard trying to show he's a tough guy, basically. As to whether he was drunk...the police didn't say he was, the security guard did--likely he is well-trained in detecting and analyzing the characteristics of someone who has been drinking, considering he's guarding a Walgreens. Also amazing is that the news media--like dogs humping a leg, as usual--are right there to make a big deal out of this. My guess is this will get pled down to nothing on Shia's behalf by a capable attorney. And, as for the mug shot, from one guy to another, Shia is definitely a handsome dude! :-)

2521 days ago


He's probably high as hell.

2521 days ago


#14 renee he does look hot in this mug shot he is sooooo cute

2521 days ago


Who cares? I have no idea who this guy is.
And I can't say that I would care if it were someone I had heard of.
TMZ - Get a life!

2521 days ago


Well Shia has admited in interviews that he is from a hippie family and that his dad grows some prime weed. He admited that it would be stupid of him not to say he doesnt smoke and looking at those eyes - he must have had some big bong hits that nigt!

2521 days ago


A "Walgreens Cop"?? Security guard most are people who couldn't make it as a cop so they get over zealous with their "power" hence this incident. Oh well, I guess that's why he appears to be smiling it is pretty much of a joke.

2521 days ago

Always Right    

I recall reading an interview with him where he said he has an alcoholic parent/parents (I forget whether it was one or both) and that he doesn't drink. So much for that.

2521 days ago


For those that don't know, he was the star (besides the Autobots and Decepticons, of course) in Transformers.

2521 days ago

peanut eeter    

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, Shia's mug shot beats all the other celebrity mugshots hands down.

2521 days ago
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