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Spice Girls: Covering Up the Horror

11/6/2007 12:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Introducing the Spice Girls Hollywood Airbrush! It's amazing how magicians can turn a pimply faced Posh into a snake-worthy Britney circa 2001!

The Girl Power quintet looks absolutely "maaajah" in their new music video for "Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)," but TMZ TV has uncovered a few unaltered snaps of the gals ... and the results aren't so spicy.


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Can you say Photoshop TMZ?? Posh is photographed everyday by paps and those pics are not touched up and she looks alright.
Yes, if you freaking zoom 100 times in my face too you will see some bumps.

2512 days ago


These women are gorgeous in person!! why do people have to be so jealous?? These ladies work hard for their bodies...... let them flaunt them:-)...

Work out..... don't eat s**tty fast food, and maybe you too can have a great body. Trust me, it's really not that hard... you just have to be motivated!

2512 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

Posh has made herself famous not only by being married to Daviid Beckham but also by making herself dress like a cheap slut, people could not help noticing besides she is not that pretty. He crater face is so huge and those big cheek bones make her look like a manm hencet hsoe huge sunglasses, it is a given that it is in style but she wears it a night time also.
As for photo shops on magazines and in movies those light can make you look so good
specially with those high defintion make-up. It's amazing that not all of them are as beautiful as we may think they are. Posh does not want to be seen without make-up at all.

2512 days ago


tmz you are stupid..leave the spice girls alone!!!! u lost a viewer..back to perezhilton..he supports the spice there!

2512 days ago


The reak trick will be to get POSH's muffin implants from under her arm pits! They look like they are trying to blast off in opposite directions. All the money in the world and you still get BAD PLASTIC surgery.

2512 days ago


why did they come out with a video? do they really think people want to watch it/

2512 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    


2512 days ago


thank god i never bought on of their cd's.

2512 days ago


my favourite is slutty spice.

2512 days ago


I keep my fingers crossed for the Spice Girls. They where huge when my daughter was 10 and she loved them. I have rather kids love the Spice Girls then Pete Doherty and Cate Moss. There is only one concern I have and that is Viktorias eatingsdisorder. As a role model she has a responsibility for the young girls who admire the Spice Girls and her. Viktoria is underweight today and everyone who claimes otherwise is blind. She was even my childs rolemodel, by the age of 12 she got bulimia, then anorexia and when she was 14 she was dying. That is what can happen when young weman like the Spice Girls become adored role models for little girls. I still think the Spice Girls are wonderful but I pray they will wake up one day and refuse to play the game of our sick western rules of being pretty. THEN they would realy show GIRLPOWER.'

Posh would be much more beautyful and healthy with 10 pounds more on her figure. She would still be slim but in a healthy way. Now she is sick not healthy. When it comes to her acne. That is a result of her low BMI and her anorectic lifestyle with a so called "healthy diet. I do not just claim that I know it because that is what happened my dauther when she was 17. The specialists told her her system was influenced from years of having an eatingdisorder. Her hormones had gotten out of balance. It took a year to balance it and when she slowly gained some wait her skin recovered too.
So Viktoria, please gain wait and hold on to that. You will be even more beautyful as you already are. Inside and out.
Passionate Mum

2512 days ago

who dat    

These 5 women are no talent hags. A marketing snowjob, sold to the brain dead and deaf idiots of the world. Enjoy the concerts you F'n morons.

2512 days ago


i can't even jerk off tp them.

2512 days ago


# 20 - Go with the flow

"Posh has made herself famous not only by being married to Daviid Beckham but also by making herself dress like a cheap slut"

Yeah, right: her couture dresses (just to drive to the supermarket) cost more than you would spend in two decades on your crap.

Posh is a scrawny cow, but she never, ever, ever looks cheap nor slutty.

She has the best couture designers in the world on speed dial, and she sure knows a good frock when she sees one, not to mention killer shoes and handbags. (Not many "cheap sluts" have Kelly Bags in a dozen different colors.)

The biggest section in your cheap, tacky, tasteless wardrobe is obviously envy.

At least you made me laugh.

2512 days ago


To those who claim the Spice Girls are not talented. Well they made a whole world of young kids adrore them when the first started. They also made a fortune and they are about to earn their next billions. You can not be totally untalented if you are able to chose advisers, managers and a fantastic crew of coworkers that make you that rich in a heartbeat.
That alone is a talent and a tremendous instinct for business. How many of you can do that? As for their talent as artists. Well they do not have Whitney Houston voices, but they shure know how to entertain a crowd.
Oh and I have never met the Spice Girls in person and I am not payed by anyone to have this opinion. I am perfectly able to think all by myself.

2512 days ago


Old news, old girls... You better click here

2512 days ago
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