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Trey Songz to Cops: Don't You Know Who I Am?

11/5/2007 4:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

R&B singer Trey Songz was arrested in Springfield, Mass. late Saturday night, when he and several members of his posse got "combative" with police officers. Can't help but wait!
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Cops booked Songz, whose real name is Tremaine Neverson, for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Springfield PD tells TMZ that officers were investigating a shot fired in the parking lot after the Songz show, when the singer tried to insert himself into the crime scene investigation. When asked by police to butt out, he responded with, "Don't you know who I am?!" Obviously not.

Trey is scheduled to be arraigned today on the double charge.


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L Dogg    

Famous people of all races are equally stupid, so stop with all the racist comments from whites AND blacks. no, not all black people are thugs. no, not all white people's hair smells (not sure where that one came from. i use strawberry shampoo and it smells HELLA good), nor are we all rednecks who listen to twang-@ss country music.
All you making racist comments toward blacks, whites, or striped people on here just show that DUMBNESS KNOWS NO COLOR!

2546 days ago

Fly on The Wall    

LMFAO - article says " inserted himself into the crime scene" - looks more like he inserted himself into the empty jail cell. LMFAO

2546 days ago


His aunt raised him to be a decent boy. He can't help it that the record business blinded his eyes to his religious upbringing. Trey is going to be a bigger star. Why it is every time there is a Black I mean African-American, you people pretend ignorance to their stature. Why? Why?

2546 days ago


The article clearly states Trey is an R&B singer yet people label him as a rapper. Stop reading TMZ. Read a book.
p.s. TREY DAY IN STORES NOW!!!!! It's a great album, you should get it right after you purchase that book.

2546 days ago


Don't mess with Springfield PD.

2546 days ago


Why do people assume that all rappers behave like goons. I think that enough of them have proven that they can be respectful towards themselves and others. Plus Trey Songs isn't one. Second of all, yes he's behaviour was stupid, but that doesn't make him or his means of getting money stupid. People never get over it when a brother is successful. You guys act like he was out there selling drugs or something.

And for whoever said that all they do is scream in a mic, get your facts straight. What about to ghotic fools called Marylin manson and Osborn and wackos in their genre? I don't think they're saying anything better. Why don't you pop in a Nas, Jay, Public Enemy???? Diversify homey.

2546 days ago

why do they associate every black male as being a rapper?    

Why is it that every African American male that makes the news, has to be a rapper? That`s not the case , African Americans can do more than rap. Now, I`m not condoning the fact that he resisted arrest, that`s not what I`m saying. I actually have heard of Trey Songz numerous times before . . . he`s an extremely talented R&B artist that makes REAL music, but made a BAD decision. People act as if a person of Caucasian decent can`t make the same bad decisions .

2546 days ago


First off, HE'S BLACK!! Charleze Theron is an African American!! So let's stop with the labels!! None of us were there so how can we know what context the question was raised? And as for the racist comments, well, racist do what racist do!! But I have seen plenty of white, black and latino ask questions of the cops and get locked up for it?? YOU CAN ASK THE POLICE QUESTION'S!!! THIS IS NOT A POLICE STATE!!

2546 days ago


I don't know who he is either.

2546 days ago


Never heard of him and he has assured himself a future as a nobody.
A person of talent does not make a jerk out of himself.

2546 days ago


I don't know why they even allow us to put comments on here all this does is promote racist comments. I think they should do away with this forum that they have on here seems like there's nothing but racist people out here. When we're all the same.

2546 days ago

Uh, scary    


2546 days ago


To the person who wrote the first comment, he's not a rapper dumn ass!!!

2546 days ago


Like most people on this site, I don't know who you are either. Why does this site insist on making celebrities out of nobodies?

2546 days ago


hey, does anyone here know this guy???????because i think he has amnesia, HE DOESN'T KNOW WHO HE IS...............LOL

2546 days ago
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