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Britney's "Blackout" Not a Wipeout

11/6/2007 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

And now for some Britney Spears news that doesn't involve a trampled foot, a trampy weave, or lost children.

FOX News' Roger Friedman
reports that Brit's album, "Blackout," will actually finish at the top of the album charts in its first week, with about 325,000 units sold. A modicum of good news, yes, but not quite as good as her last disc, "In the Zone," which did 609,000 out of the gate. Just to compare, "American Idol" also-ran Chris Daughtry did about 309,000 in his first week.

Though "Gimme More" has inexplicably been getting pretty good radio play, it's unclear what single will come next -- and whether it can generate any ensuing buzz for the album.

Rosie – Keeping the Channel Open?

Rosie O'Donnell supposedly spilled the beans about her new MSNBC talk show recently -- but she's been uncharacteristically cagey on her favorite soapbox -- her blog -- about the news.

Last night, after the story broke wide, Rosie had little to say on, and took no questions from fans about the rumors. But she did post a quote from dance legend Martha Graham, which included such koans as, "You have to keep open and aware directly to the urges that motivate you. Keep the channel open ... There is no satisfaction whatever at any time."

The New York Post reports that the network and Rosie are far away from a deal. Wonder how Donald Trump will feel about being part of the same TV family as Ro?

Stella's Shocking One-Legged Pendant

Stella McCartney -- daughter of Paul, former step-daughter of Heather Mills -- is making her stance on her dad's divorce battle pretty clear.

Page Six says that fashion designer Stella has come out with a new jewelry line, and one of her first pieces is a "single-leg pendant." (Heather, of course, has one prosthetic lower leg.) This is in response, perhaps, to Mills telling whomever would listen that Stella did "evil, evil things" to her.

Party Favors: "Top Chef's" Ilan Gets Some Revenge? ... Posh Has to Bulk Up for Tour

TMZ spotted "Top Chef" winner Ilan Hall getting to turn the tables last night on Craftsteak's Tom Colicchio and WD-50's Wylie Dufresne -- superchefs who critiqued his culinary skills on the show -- at New York magazine's Taste of New York, where he and others sampled their smoked sirloin and popcorn soup, among a profusion of culinary delights. No word on whether he suffered any Quickfire Challenge flashbacks. ... Victoria Beckham has been ordered, say the London tabs, to bulk up on brown rice and spinach for the new tour. Organizers are worried that Skeletal Spice might not be able to handle the rigors of a tour.


No Avatar


I'm sorry to feel this way but when I see that tongue of Britney's stuck out like that I can only think of one thing.................

2546 days ago


Actually (according to Perez) The Eagles outsold Britney big time - but because their CD is only available at Walmart, it's not allowed to be included in the Billboard charts - which causes Britney to win by default.

2546 days ago

Lenn K.    

I heard the entire CD and it sucked. She can't really sing and there is just alot music to cover up her voice. But to each his or her own. Rosie is and always will be a liberal pig!!

2546 days ago


Amen, Lenn K! I don't understand the 325,000 people who bought this CD. Why support an unfit mother who can't sing? People really confuse the hell outta me!

2546 days ago

just saying...    

I don't understand how she was able to sell that many. I think it's crap. The voice distortion on all the songs just shows that she really CAN'T sing - which is why she LIPSYNCS everywhere she goes....
Gimme More is catchy for about 5 seconds - the average American attention span I guess.

2546 days ago


With all the news, magazine, and website trash Britney. And most of the response in all of the "Britney thread" negative. I wonder who the hell are the one who buy her cd? It's a #3 on Amazon. This is just doesn't make any sense. I guess no matter what people said they hate Britney, they still buy her cd and make her rich.

2546 days ago

Fly on The Wall    

Brit is awsome!

2546 days ago


They showed a rerun of Saturday Night Live the other day on E!, and it was hosted by Britney when she was still dating Justin..... she sat on stage and sang that song "not a girl, not quite a woman" or whatever it's called and she actually did a really good job. There was no band playing or anything, just her sitting on a stool singing it. She was far from a GREAT singer, but she did good. It was really sad to watch though.

2546 days ago


To buy Britney's CD is to support her $720.000 mad money monthly allowance. I don't think so. I will agree with Donald Trump .Rosie is a big fat Pig and a loser. She will stay for less than a year on this show before she is fired. Her mouth will get her in trouble on this gig too.
And when she is fired and can't find another job to kept her waistline expanded. You will find a kindler and gentle Rosie, who needs to humble herself, to pay her bills.

2546 days ago

uh oh    

#1 is completely correct, and before the Perez Haters get on here. Google the news and you will see, it's not just him saying this. The Eagle's are #1 in the UK and they would be here too, if Walmart sales counted towards Billboard. Jive did their part and her die hard fantards bought multiple copies, but the truth is, she was beat out by The Eagle's. They have the REAL talent.Her album being #1 is a farce, as is she.

2546 days ago


Brit is a blanched brain fool. She is not awesome! She can't walk on water or in a pair of cowgirl boots without drowning in her own nonsense.

2546 days ago


britney is the best!!!

2546 days ago


Why does what Britney do, matter to people who hate her. Why do you care about her life with her children?! Why do you care that OTHER people are buying her album?! Wouldn't your time be better spent reading about, and commenting on, someone you care about. I find it disturbing that people get pleasure from insulting someone they only see a few pictures of now and them, or only hear speak now and then, for a few seconds.

2546 days ago

Movie Ticket Buyer    

Hummm, "one leg pendant"? Seems possible Heather is telling the truth

2546 days ago


"Blackout" IS an enjoyable album. For Britney fans that liked "In The Zone" and those that liked the "Gimme More" single, chances are you'll like the new album. And good for her having another #1 album.

"Break The Ice" is said to be the next single.

2546 days ago
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