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Britney's "Blackout" Not a Wipeout

11/6/2007 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

And now for some Britney Spears news that doesn't involve a trampled foot, a trampy weave, or lost children.

FOX News' Roger Friedman
reports that Brit's album, "Blackout," will actually finish at the top of the album charts in its first week, with about 325,000 units sold. A modicum of good news, yes, but not quite as good as her last disc, "In the Zone," which did 609,000 out of the gate. Just to compare, "American Idol" also-ran Chris Daughtry did about 309,000 in his first week.

Though "Gimme More" has inexplicably been getting pretty good radio play, it's unclear what single will come next -- and whether it can generate any ensuing buzz for the album.

Rosie – Keeping the Channel Open?

Rosie O'Donnell supposedly spilled the beans about her new MSNBC talk show recently -- but she's been uncharacteristically cagey on her favorite soapbox -- her blog -- about the news.

Last night, after the story broke wide, Rosie had little to say on, and took no questions from fans about the rumors. But she did post a quote from dance legend Martha Graham, which included such koans as, "You have to keep open and aware directly to the urges that motivate you. Keep the channel open ... There is no satisfaction whatever at any time."

The New York Post reports that the network and Rosie are far away from a deal. Wonder how Donald Trump will feel about being part of the same TV family as Ro?

Stella's Shocking One-Legged Pendant

Stella McCartney -- daughter of Paul, former step-daughter of Heather Mills -- is making her stance on her dad's divorce battle pretty clear.

Page Six says that fashion designer Stella has come out with a new jewelry line, and one of her first pieces is a "single-leg pendant." (Heather, of course, has one prosthetic lower leg.) This is in response, perhaps, to Mills telling whomever would listen that Stella did "evil, evil things" to her.

Party Favors: "Top Chef's" Ilan Gets Some Revenge? ... Posh Has to Bulk Up for Tour

TMZ spotted "Top Chef" winner Ilan Hall getting to turn the tables last night on Craftsteak's Tom Colicchio and WD-50's Wylie Dufresne -- superchefs who critiqued his culinary skills on the show -- at New York magazine's Taste of New York, where he and others sampled their smoked sirloin and popcorn soup, among a profusion of culinary delights. No word on whether he suffered any Quickfire Challenge flashbacks. ... Victoria Beckham has been ordered, say the London tabs, to bulk up on brown rice and spinach for the new tour. Organizers are worried that Skeletal Spice might not be able to handle the rigors of a tour.


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I just want to remind everyone that albums are selling as well as they used to. Even really popular CD's like Carrie Underwood's cannot compare to the sales from 5 years ago. Britney Spears is one of those people who continue to outperform other whiney-crap singers and STD Commercial singers, and singers who can't sing that well. Also, she's definately exceed expectations so thank you all for saying crap about her because its obvious that shes better than what you all say.

2545 days ago

pink lady    

she sucks her music sucks she sucks as a mother.....i dont understand why dumb as* people would buy her music and support her after all the wrong she is doing.....

as for rosie i love her she is the best and she is not afraid to speak up for what she believes in, i hope to see her on MSNBC sometime in the near furture.....

2545 days ago


Harvey fix this site,these damn videos and crap are blocking the posts,or is that the point of having them here.

2545 days ago


#32 Vena Sera: People buy blackout in the first place because they like it and because of the very good reviews in reputable magazines like Roling Stone, but also a bit because they feel sorry for her because of the negative press and all those hateful remarks on sites like this. Your negativism and your hate makes that TMZ keeps publishing about Britney because all the hits and all the response makes them believe people are interested in following Britney. For Britney and her record company it doesn't matter if this interest is hate or love inspired, as long as it keeps the buzz alive and hence record sales strong.

2545 days ago


cj* I agree with you, that is a horrible thing to say because "anyone" can become disabled and have a disability in seconds.

2545 days ago

George Clooney is a Pu$$y    

Just goes to show there are approximately 325,000 morons in the world in the first week of Britney's CD release. Are there more to come?

2545 days ago

kim suck    

brit SUCKS COC*~!

2545 days ago

uh oh    

I've read 3 bad reviews just today. A review is just some idiot's opinion anyway. Many of Britney's sales are pity sales. That's a fact. Her die hard fans would buy an album of Britney blowing her nose. That, too is a fact. As for the album sales, they are way down because of file sharing sites. It is not 5 years ago. It is now, and Britney's or should I say Britney's producers work is sad compared to what she once was. They could have made the album without her even in it. Her voice is whiny, breathy, baby talk robotic over synthesized rubbish. She is getting publicity, but it is not good publicity. Brintey doesn't care because she is addicted to attention. She will hit #1, but she will slide, just like her Gimme More single. This is not the comeback she wanted and frankly after this, I doubt you will ever see another Britney album. She is over. She just doesn't have what it takes to pull if off anymore. The popstar her fans loved has now checked into the looney bin.

2545 days ago


I don't know who Britney is screwing to be at the top of a list at this time...We are the only damn country that will pay someone to screw up...Its really messed up...

2545 days ago


#37: She is the executive producer of this album. She did it. There is no denying it. I agree that she has issues, but since we don't know her personally, only from what we read on gossip sites that make half of their stories up, it is impossible to say she will remain for the rest of her life in the 'looney bin'. Maybe she resurrects. There have been more miraculous resurrections than hers in the history of humanity.

2545 days ago


Does anyone out there truly know how much education Britney and Rosie have? Seem like everytime they open their mouth something ridiculous and absurd comes out. I am sincere in asking about their education. But then again my father only went to the 8th grade and he seems like a college professor compaired two these two. Makes you wonder why we put so much time and money into folks as these. What do they really have to offer? HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND, PLEASE.

2545 days ago


"38. I don't know who Britney is screwing to be at the top of a list at this time...We are the only damn country that will pay someone to screw up...Its really messed up..."

People all over the world are buying her album, not just Americans. She is number one or in the top ten all over the globe, just check itunes. Her single gimme more is the international no.3 based on sales at this moment.

2545 days ago


Go Brit!! Love your new CD!

2545 days ago


Britney's new album has sold well because --unfortunately she has so many young fans.
What a disaster of an example for our youth to be influenced by. Such childlike lyrics, muffled over teched processed sound and voice and raunchy trashy clothes and behavior. If Rosie gets her own talk show on MSNBC--I will never watch that network again--her loud mouthed sociopath behavior and her statements about 9/11 and many more examples have tuned me out and off. I can't believe this network would hire her.

2545 days ago

Sick of people calling her the victim    

My son said her CD was selling for $10. Plus I think the fantards were buying multiple copies, probably she did, too.

It is disgusting/amazing, though, how peeps support her financially even though she is a hopeless mother.

2545 days ago
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