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Judge to Rita Cosby -- Something Fishy

11/6/2007 9:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A judge has ruled that there's a lot of evidence that former MSNBC anchor turned author Rita Cosby crossed the line in writing her tell-all book about Anna Nicole Smith.

Howard K. Stern is suing Cosby, claiming she defamed him in the book by saying there are witnesses -- two nannies -- who say Anna Nicole had a video of Stern and Larry Birkhead having sex.

A federal judge in the Southern District of New York issued an order today in the wake of Stern's allegation that Cosby "sought to tamper with two witnesses by offering to pay them thousands of dollars for their testimony." The judge allowed Stern to probe the allegation, concluding he has "presented substantial -- indeed troubling -- evidence that Cosby has sought to improperly influence witnesses..."

In a statement to TMZ, Rita Cosby said <"I am pleased that the Court will get to the bottom of these unfounded allegations. I trust that when all the facts come out that a very different picture will be shown."


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Steven Segall PIMP # 1    

Hey, Isn't the point of this TMZ story that Rita Cosby printed in her book that there was a sex tape between Larry and HKS?

She should have checked her facts firsthand. Let's see the video. It most likely does not exist. Rita got caught up in the frenzy surrounding this story that continues to be EXPLOITED by all involved.

ALL The Players in this story STINK. It's all about the money.

Poor Dannielynn, She's the only innocent one in this fiasco.

Larry, stop pimping out your child.

End of story.

2512 days ago


has anyone ever heard what the estimated med levels would have been in anna's system if she had not been sick & vomitting the last few days of her life?????? all those meds in her system....yet she was reportedly too sick to keep meds down (vomit was found in the bathroom sink)...most meds were not injectables...those med levels had to be much lower than her USUAL state of being. does anyone know if the authorities researched this especially in relationship to dr.kris' and stern's involvement in administration of drugs???????????

howie...what do you call someone who secures prescription meds in their name for an addict????? A CONVICT

2512 days ago


Only two pages of Rita book refered to sex . the rest of the book was an interesting assessment of Annas life and her Death and Daniels. After reading it and following this story since Daniel died I felt it was a very good assessment. It pictured the Enabler and drug pusher in the proper light. The book gave credience to what most people thought happen. That is 86 percent of the people that have followed this sordid mess. I enjoyed her book. A lot of what was in it, I already knew. Bains had said very early on that he knew Howie was Homosexual. This was before Cosby wrote her book. There was a show with the Nannies and several News Agencys wittnesses this event with Bains talking about it.

2512 days ago


Howie and Bonnie have no control over INDEPENDENT Thinking. Thats why Bonnie has a PR Frim to put Howie in a good light. Now that is not possible, but they will continue to pay to have it happen.

2512 days ago



LARRY LIVES NEXT TO DOCTOR DEATH'S HOUSE IN CALIFORNIA and criminal Stern wants us to believe he was picking up his dog at 6am. FROM DOCTOR DEATH'S HOUSE? hahahahaha. I SAW Stern saying on T.V. that Anna's DOGS live in Bahamas and are doing ok. WHAT IS THE TRUTH HOWIE BOY? IS YOUR LEGAL HIGHNES IS BEGINNING TO SLIP INTO THE CRAP PIT?


2512 days ago


THE GAY TAPE EXISTS!- The nannies said that loud repeatedly and another well known attorney heard it 5 times.

The problem was that THE NANIES AND MR CONTROVERSY got upset because Rita didn't interviewed the nannies first and paid them big for the story. It was obvious Mr controversy was surprise when Rita offered to pay only $1,000 for the interview, he didn't like one bit!. If Rita offer more money it would have turned out different with freaky looking mrcontroversy. SPOKESMAN for the nannies.


PAYING for stories is nothing new it happens all the time. Rita just put the carriage before the horse instead of the other way around. WITH TAPE OR NO TAPE Stern is a murderer and a queer freak!..

2512 days ago

I am just remember    

------------The judge allowed Stern to probe the allegation---------------------

What the heck does this mean?

2512 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

To Virgie's People ARE mean !

Grow up you big baby. Why do you think 'Virgie's People" are mean ? BEcause we won't take you STERNOIDS BULL*HIT and we are NOT being tricked into thinking that HKS IS WHITE AS SNOW.


ANd ANYONE WHO SAYS otherwise is completley deluded or


NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE CAN SAY THEY BELIEVE HKS made a . MISTAKE when he was drugging all who stood in the way of ANNA's MONEY !

2512 days ago

Elaine 27    

This judge is definately apart of the gay alliance. Keep the faith Rita, we know that these gay guys including the gay judges hate women. We saw how they conspired to bury Anna carcas in the currupt Bahamas and total gave disregard for her maternal mother and Anna was not even married to murderer HKS. We saw how in Florida how they say that Danniellynn can have two daddies. This a stinking gay thing and the gay lawers are protecting HKS murderous ass. The judge has not even heard the case and he said that he smell somthing fishy. IMO, the only this that is fishy is HKS and company and how these judges are siding with him. Press on Rita we have figured out the pattern already concerning how the judges rip the women to shreads but constantly rule in favour of these gay boys. The gay alliance is very strong and most of them are lawyers.

I hope that TMZ will allow my post to go through. I do not know what the heck going on with sensoring my post.

2512 days ago


...anna killed anna. it doesn't matter who stern or birkhead were/are doing, that has absolutely no bearing on any legal issue at hand.

everyone skips the posts that are typed in screaming caps, it looks idiotic and it's annoying.

ahem, "any questions," i'm sure the flying-spaghetti-monster will reap revenge on everyone who disagrees with you, and i'm sure that this same omnipresent being will also set things straight for poor anna and daniel. btw, i'm glad you only posted once, under that nic anyway, right? ;-) ...

2512 days ago

Here We Go Again    

#56 John J. Nazarian, why don't you go back to Art Harris sight, they love you over there. You are so educated and such a wise person, why would you lower yourself to come over here and spew your stupidity. Rita, give Howard a $1.00 so he can shut up and go on with his so called life of using and abusing other people for their money. And oh Rita, you will prevail.

2511 days ago

blast from the past.....    

Posted at 9:32PM on Nov 6th 2007 by John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator


Big, scary, no neck, hairy bear!

2511 days ago

lollygag X    

this was an EYE OPENER and wow wee a doosie... this will take several posts to get the entire story out there...some will be surprised, others will just laugh because they already knew the TRUTH behind the INTERNET CRAZIES. They just didn't know it was also going on at several different sites, with almost the same endings. Although having details on a couple of those others and now Knowing what this little tidbit has proven That internet fight was by far the best one out there, the rest were just laughable.

read closey to catch KEY players names, you see them here all the time, only under alias names.

these are the aftermath blogs~~
~~just as Jane's site was soaring, the first batch of internet crazies hit. In some convoluted multi-site drama that would leave Einstein shaking his head, Jane was sent a copy of an email, written by a lady named Rose, and copied to Stern's attorneys, that called her a media whore, a "wannabe", and accused her of plagiarism. Jane had no prior dealings with Rose; they were only both occasional contributors to another site, www.annanicoleandhowardkstern com, which is run by a lady named QV. The accusations were wild and untrue, and anybody that read Jane's site would have known that.

Rose, it turns out, was leaving one site and starting her own. She wanted to be, and with Bonnie Stern's (Howard's sister) blessing was (it was later learned), the online "legal liason" for Howard. She and partner Havana collected research from QV's posters and put it together for Stern's attorneys. When Havana, Rose, and QV had a falling out, Rose and Havana started their own site, called Rose Speaks / Havana's Home. (Weird title, really. It makes me think of a woman at a podium, and a little girl kneeling at her feet, finally "home" when Mama talks).

However, it wasn't enough to go on an email campaign to destroy QV, their new enemy, they also decided to try to destroy Jane through their blog. Rose & Havana wrote a post that repeated their accusations. And Jane, who'd been silent on her own site about the issue, apparently trying to handle it through email, eventually blogged right back, denying the accusations and, in typical Jane fashion, pointed out how illogical they were. Rose then posted a whole bunch of things about the law of the internet, and in one of those posts intimated legal action was forthcoming:

Posting "annoying or harassing posts" using an alias, pen name, nick name or
pseudonyms is now illegal! Rest assure we are taking these threats very
seriously and are dealing with them in the right order and
venues. . .
stay tuned or more of this story

2511 days ago

lollygag X    


Jane got blasted all over again, but she didn't respond and eventually things seemed to die down. Until Bonnie Stern lied to her.

Jane was in email contact with Bonnie, and Bonnie knew about the accusations Rose & Havana had made. She even knew that Rose had misrepresented a letter of appreciation that was sent to her by Bonnie. In that letter, Bonnie said she was sorry that "so much greed had to come to this." She was talking about the greed of O'Quinn and Vergie. Rose, trying to obliterate Jane, said that Bonnie was talking about Jane's greed. Jane, the unpaid writer, who wrote dozens of articles about Howard's unfair treatment by the media? It was outrageous.

Anyway, Jane did not want to have anything to do with Rose & Havana or their site. She dealt, instead, with Bonnie. One day, she wrote Bonnie an email and said she had some research to forward. . .who should she send it to?

Bonnie wrote back and said, and told Jane this was the email address of "the legal liasons" for Howard K. Stern. Jane thought it was odd that legal professionals would have such an email address, so she researched it. She googled (as you can too) "stormdncr" and found the email address was attached to Rose and her husband's D/s (Dominant/submissive) lifestyle. She also received a letter from that address, sent to an online researcher, that was signed "Howard K. Stern's Legal Liason Team."

Jane was not happy that Bonnie was dishonest with her, but more she was amazed at the short-sightedness of those involved in defending Howard. Jane basically said (again through emails) Look, I don't care what kind of lifestyle people have, but don't you think signing letters "Howard K. Stern's Legal Liason Team" from an account linked with BDSM is just a bad idea?

Most people would have gotten that without further explanation. Most people, but not Bonnie. Not Rose, or Havana, and apparently not Ben Erwin from Lin Wood's office.

And Jane, in trying to defend logic and propriety, ended up taking it in the jaw again. This time because others, who were also researching the connection between the email address, found evidence of several "lifestyle" sites owned by Rose and hubby, and posted them on Jane's board. Jane removed those links and the info, but not in time to prevent another attack.

It's been a few months now, but I was one of the ones who looked at the registrations for the four sites, all hosted at the time on one server, and all registered with Domains by Proxy, and I have to say that it definitely appeared at the time that they were all owned by the self-same people. (Some registrations have since been changed, so who knows?) Rose, however, denied owning the two that contained pornography. The other sites she does claim are a non-porn "fantasy-type" D/s site, and one that aims to support victims of abuse in the BDSM lifestyle.

In any case, Rose once again blogged about something that should have been kept to email, and her defense was really off the mark. Instead of addressing the issue of why a D/s email addy was being linked to "Howard K. Stern's Legal Liasons", she went on about civil rights and freedom and lifestyle, conveniently turning the matter into one of prudishness vs. sexual freedom.

But it didn't end there. Nope. Rose then blogged about how she had won the support of Ben Erwin against Jane.

The same Jane who once received a letter of support from Howard's mother. The professional writer who helped rally logical troops to fight the media that was convicting Stern in the press. Yep, this is the one who dug up the stepbrother of Anna's no one else could find, and who painstakingly researched every article she wrote.

And who are Rose & Havana?

Well Rose is a lady from Texas, who once said she worked for a telecommunications company, but who has been too sick to work for several years.

Her side-kick, Havana, from Canada, also has no career.

It was sickening to watch, and it was soon after this that Jane decided she'd had enough. She would wrap up her Stern coverage and move on to other topics.

Yet even more fresh hell awaited.

2511 days ago

lollygag X    

More fresh hell

the internet world is buzzing with rumors (almost all of them due to what was being said on other sites, because Jane mostly tried to stay away from that stuff on her blog), she decides to address the rumors head-on.

You would have thought that the world caved in for many in the Stern fan club.
Far from being happy that the rumors were addressed, there were people who were outraged that Jane would speak the truth.
How dare she, some seemed to ask, defend herself?
How dare she turn on Stern like that?

2511 days ago
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