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Neverland in Foreclosure?

11/6/2007 10:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rumors have been rampant for months that Michael Jackson's Neverland estate was about to be foreclosed upon, but now comes the first concrete evidence that Jacko's home is about to go back to the bank. Who's bad?

The Implode-O-meter has obtained the foreclosure and Notice of Default report for Santa Barbara County -- and Neverland is listed. According to that report, Jackson is, as of October 12, delinquent $23,212,963 on a $23,000,000 loan.

Notice of Defaults in the state of California typically go out when a homeowner misses their third payment. After another 30 days, the homeowner is issued a foreclosure notice. According to this document, it appears that the King of Pop is $212,963 delinquent on the loan's principal of $23 mil.

A rep for Jackson did not immediately return our call for comment.


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Carolyn A-B    

Paul McCartney already had a chance to buy the Beatles catalogue and he was outbid. He's had his share of drama recently, what with the alleged drinking and wife-abusing. The whole MACCA mess is looking pretty sordid, and neither he nor the ex, Heather Mills, will emerge smelling like a rose. Like it or not, Michael Jackson was acquitted. It was the earlier accusations, back in the 1990's, that should have been the career-ender. But the dentist's kid, his accuser, accepted a payment and agreed to keep quiet. A choice I bet he really regrets now. MJ was at one time an outstanding performer. Now he's a sad, middle-aged man who's still grappling with obvious gender identification issues. I don't revel in his decline, but I don't wish to see a comeback either. Peter Pan must grow up, whether he likes it or not. It's time to let go of Neverland.

2546 days ago

double standards    

Good - What a real time loser. His career is zip, zero, nada - and I am glad to see that justice does prevail one way or the other. He is getting what he deserves and hopefully there is more to come. Those who want to believe in him - is a sick denial and immaturity.

2546 days ago


Britney should buy the place get away from the city have a wonderful place for her kids to

2546 days ago

Bill W    

Really !! Who friggin cares? Give the land to the homeless, a gift from the HOMO PEDI.....

2546 days ago

george vieto    

Bye bye Michael's casa.

2545 days ago

george vieto    

Bye bye Michael's casa.

2545 days ago


#12, you are truly a fool. If he didn't like the home, he could try to sell it and make some money back. he wouldn't let it go into foreclosure. This guy just keeps getting worse and worse.

2545 days ago


This guy made Neverland and the whole children of the world thing so he could molest them.

He chooses kids from dysfunctional families because the parents are not believable in court.

I wonder what his kids are going through and what spin he will come up with once they have a chance to speak for themselves?

2545 days ago


Seriously SLOEMO-are you for real?!!! Who cares if you're black/white/anything in between-what matters is that there are stupid ass people like you trying to tur everything into a "race card" issue (hello Johhny C)! LeeAnn is right-he is what he is no mayyer what color skin he has-and you need to accept that regardless of what color skin you may have. Welcome to the 21st century!

2545 days ago


wow...those were the days. nonstop fun at the neverland ranch. the big pink tent where michael would give us permission to run around naked so we wouldn't get sunburned outside. the jesus juice stand in the far corner. the big twister game in the middle. searching for candy in michael's pants pockets. the oversized hot tub where you weren't allowed to get your swim trunks wet. playing michael's favorite game, 'blindfold'. and of course, the best part, the sleepovers (even though i don't remember much after our shower and bedtime snack of jesus juice and neverland brownies.)

2545 days ago


He can have one of his rich friends like la la Liz Taylor help him. If I were him I'd SUE California for trying to lynch him they had no case at all. I am glad I dont live in california!!!!!!!!

2545 days ago


Michael and Luka Magnotta are so similar, they both also say "ignorant" alot.

2545 days ago


Who cares leave this guy alone already

2545 days ago


The house in the picture has canvas over it. It's probably being fumigated. hmmmm

2545 days ago

without speech    

This msg is for #15 (so long) that English you are trying to speak? What grade did you drop out of school because obviously you do have a wire or 2 crossed as your English skills leave much to be desired. Do yourself a favor, don't embarASS yourself by posting.
And as for #27 (slomoe)...what a joke! When all else fails, pull the race card. Can't you come up with anything original? Or perhaps see things for what they really are? MJ is just plain crazy and I feel terribly sorry for his children. And you make a silly comment ~ "that we wish we were (Jerko), oops, I meant Jacko. He's dreamy". OMG, please do the world a favor and do not procreate. We have enough problems! For either one of you, especially ~so long~ you may need a dictionary to help you thru this message.

2545 days ago
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