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The Curse of Tom Bergeron?

11/6/2007 2:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Is there a "Dancing With the Stars" curse? Tragedy seems to have befallen several cast members recently.
Dancing composite
Just last week Marie Osmond infamously fainted during a live broadcast, and today word came that she sadly lost her father, George Osmond, patriarch of the singing Osmond clan. And Jane Seymour's mother passed away last month.

These unfortunate incidents are just a few of the woes faced by these women since joining the show, Jane also had to skip an episode due to food poisoning and very nearly lost her home in the Malibu fires last month.

Marie and Jane haven't been the only ones to endure The Curse: Sara Evans left the show during a painful divorce, Stacy Keibler suffered a seizure while promoting the show and -- worst of all -- the unfortunate bout of tanorexia suffered by "Dancing" staple Cheryl Burke.

Make it stop, Tom Bergeron! Jane Seymour


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You change the picture and re-edit the article. The dammage already been done. You show the world that you have poor taste, and disrespectfull. I hope when soneone in your family die, you will get the same treatment. Go ahead and remove my post.

2544 days ago


yes, it's a curse. Some of TMZ's family member will die in a month.

2544 days ago

Princess Ali Baba    

I love TMZ but this is really bad taste.. as a person that has an older parent, I dread the day they leave this earth.. my condolences to both Marie and Jane.. just feel blessed to have your parents for so many years though, they lived to see their children successful and rich in life and every other way.. peace...

2544 days ago


Changing the photo and rewriting the article still doesn't change the fact that you're making ligh of some very painful things in these peoples' lives and that's just not funny. A simple "We extend our condolences to the Osmond family on the passing of their father" would have been much more classy and humane. Doing what you're doing only shows that you're just as desperate as all the others out there; ie National Enquirer, Star, etc. You're pathetic and have just sunk to an all new low.

2544 days ago



2544 days ago

Michele in Ohio    

God bless you, George Osmond. You were a great man. Condolences to the entire Osmond famly.

2544 days ago


TMZ....I look at your site every day many times and I will no longer do so because of this story. How can you make fun of someones misfortunes??? Tom Bergeron MAKES that show. What a horrible horrible way to report the loss of someones parent. I hope your show gets cancelled and maybe the next time you will have a little more sympathy and class than to make fun of someone this way. You should pull this story from your website and for once do the decent thing. Now I know why the celebs are fed up with you. Shame shame shame on you

2544 days ago


Removing a cue card and devil horns from Tom in the picture and slightly modifiying the piece doesn't make this worth keeping online.

It's classless at best. What is next? Having your photogs chase down people at the funerals asking people what they think about Britney Spears, so that you can post the lucky 900th dumb story about her promoting that everyone is talking about Britney?

2544 days ago


My thoughts and prayers go out to the Osmond family and the Seymour family. It is always sad when you lose such a pivotal person in your life. Everyone needs to take the time and be nice. You never know when it will be to late to give a kind word to a loved on or a friend.

2544 days ago


To all those commenting- chillax

2544 days ago


TMZ - IS NO BETTER THAN THE PEOPLE THEY WRITE ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOPE THEIR show GETS DUMPED TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2544 days ago


You know I just lost my Mother this past Sat. she was also 90! No matter how you fee about your parents you WILL feel bad when they pass. It is in poor taste to every make fun of others misforture. REMEMBER KARMA!! What goes around, comes around.

2544 days ago


It's rather cruel of TMZ to treat the death of someone's parent in such a offensive fashion. Believe it or not I did expect better from you guys. We all know TMZ has some chips on their shoulder about certain people, but the death of a family member deserved better treatment than this. TMZ can be savagely entertaining, but there was nothing entertaining about the way they addressed the passing of someone's father. It was just savage, unfunny and rather heartless. Shame on you guys, you're supposed to be better than that.

2544 days ago


I wrote about this earlier and it upset me all day long when I'd think about it. I am so proud of the people that have posted and said what a crappy thing it was for TMZ to do. They have now editted the story and removed the devil horns and tried to tame the story down but people saw it. And it still has no place out there in this world. It's one thing to report on all these celebrities that crave fame and do stupid things to stay in that light. But to maliciously attack people that have just lost their parents and a host of a show that has done NOTHING to bring negative attention on's sick. Have a sense of responsibility on what you put out there. If you guys had any sense of respect, you'd have taken this story down completely. Until then, I hope karma catches up on all of you real soon.

2544 days ago

Admirer of Pictures    

I have more the TMZ link to the bottom in my favorties bookmarks and moved the ET online to the top now.

2544 days ago
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