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The Curse of Tom Bergeron?

11/6/2007 2:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Is there a "Dancing With the Stars" curse? Tragedy seems to have befallen several cast members recently.
Dancing composite
Just last week Marie Osmond infamously fainted during a live broadcast, and today word came that she sadly lost her father, George Osmond, patriarch of the singing Osmond clan. And Jane Seymour's mother passed away last month.

These unfortunate incidents are just a few of the woes faced by these women since joining the show, Jane also had to skip an episode due to food poisoning and very nearly lost her home in the Malibu fires last month.

Marie and Jane haven't been the only ones to endure The Curse: Sara Evans left the show during a painful divorce, Stacy Keibler suffered a seizure while promoting the show and -- worst of all -- the unfortunate bout of tanorexia suffered by "Dancing" staple Cheryl Burke.

Make it stop, Tom Bergeron! Jane Seymour


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Admirer of Pictures    

Besides Tom Bergeron is a decent host. I like him on American Home Funniest Videoes.

2543 days ago

so sod    

I can't believe a "news" site would post such a terrible story. How can you, in good concience post that it is someones fault that these poor people have lost their parents and that others have become ill. Not to mention, the pathetic add of someone's "tanorexia"... I used to come to the site to read celeb. news, now all I see is Britney walking from her car to starbucks, play by play and stories like this garbage. I am no longer going to bother with TMZ, it's not worth my time.
You know, there is a thing called Karma, and you guys are in for a hell of a ride when it comes back to you.

2543 days ago


Because I come to for tasteful reporting. In fact, I was just clicked over to get the latest opera review. Get over it you sanctimonious idiots. When has TMZ been known for not pushing the envelope? If you want restraint, go to You may not like it, but it's freedom of speech. Instead of judging TMZ, look at yourselves for reading tabloids vs The New Yorker.

2542 days ago

TMZ critic    

TMZ sinks to a new low..!!! Worse than supermarket tabloids & getting worse..!!!
Fainting for 30 seconds is NOT A "TRAGEDY...!!!" Folks losing parents happen to all of us & happen daily - nothing to make fun of - blaming Bergeron is as low as you get..!!
He's warm, witty, friendly, and does a great job of keeping the show moving and light in some tense situations...!!! TMZ is the OPPOSITE...!!!

2542 days ago


Sorry for the loss of Marie and Jane's parent. But for people to blame the host for these losses is totally ridiculous, Marie's father was 90 years old. No one can be responsible for the death. It's sad that people stoop to such a low level make news.

2542 days ago


It's not that TMZ has sunk to a new's US as Americans that have sunk to a new low by reading this junk that TMZ prints...and we KEEP doing it! So let's put the blame where the blame goes - on US!! I mean, ghosts don't blog this stuff, ghosts don't buy all the tabloids. I don't post on this site but I couldn't resist commenting on this....which will be my first and last post. It's just another sign that this country is going downhill fast. God Bless us All.

2542 days ago


Saddened to hear about Marie's Father...My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

2542 days ago


gosh!! tom cruise looks awful with this new haircut!!! i think hes been going through a midlife crisis!!! katie holmes used to be so cute and down to earth now she sems like she is no longer from planet eart but sciebntology planet world

2541 days ago
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