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A&E Still Making Money Off The Dog

11/7/2007 1:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A&E pulled Dog Chapman's show off the air, but that's not stopping the network from continuing to make a buck off the scandalized bounty hunter.
Ultimate Dog The Bounty Hunter DVD Collection
One can still visit the A&E web store and buy such delights as "Ultimate Dog The Bounty Hunter DVD Collection" -- for a mere $35.95. Arf. The collection includes such gems as the Dog's book, "You Can Run But You Can't Hide" and the Dog's favorite episodes, plus his charming wedding video.

The question is, who wants this stuff?


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Paula princess    

I support the Dog and his family. I was a really big fan and I will not watch A& E anymore if they don't put Dog back on the air and let this thing go. And yes he is a good person who has helped alot of people. He is different than most bounty hunters. He cares and has compassion for these people that otherwise would not have anyone helping them. Put the Dog back on already.

2509 days ago


I do not support "Dog" (so fitting), and I won't watch A&E again until they stop making profits off this ignorant tard. And all these messages in support of the racist just shows the kind of people who watch his show. The dude's an ignorant moron; on his BEST day.

2509 days ago

Dontae Williams    

I love white people but Man after all this Michael Richards Don Imus and the Dog stuff and the way whites respond to it , i've come to the conclusion you guys really need Jesus!!!!

2509 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Well, that seems pretty hypocritical. They suspend his show but want to keep the profits coming in off of his name. Could Dog sic a lawyer on them for that? Personally, I think they just need to can the censorship, put his show back on and let the chips fall where they may. Viewers will choose whether or not to watch his show, and don't need A & E to think for them. His ratings are probably higher than ever. Hopefully they're just giving him a cooling off period for the benefit of their own reputation; he is sincerely contrite, and was set up.
Support your people. Forgiveness and all that good stuff. The ratings will out how people feel about Dog and his posse now.

2509 days ago

fed up    

Dontae, everyone should get together and see that you loose your job(if you have one), for the racist comments you just put on this blog. Let some blacks see how it feels to have to watch what you say to or about a black person because it offends them so bad. What a joke!!! It only offends you if a white person says it, right? I cant believe that white people don't see through all of this bullcrap and get us a REV al sharpton to see that he gets his job BACK!!!!If we continue to let this happen, you can be assured that there will be major problems. Blacks need to get a life and quit worring about words that offend them so badly(haha) since they enjoy using it so much themselves. They dopn't want equality, they want privilege.

2509 days ago

Yeah Yeah    

#29 I totally agree with your comment about (BET), if white people were to have (WET) , black people would claim that they were being singled out. I'm so sick of the double standards. I'm also sick of black people claiming that they have to work harder to prove themselves. Thats BS, I think what the problem is, is that a lot of the stereo types about black people are true, and that is why people do not want to hire or rent to them.

2509 days ago


My own opinion is that "Dog" is neither "Arts" nor "Entertainment".

His public apology seemed genuine.

Still, if you are supposedly "born again", using the "N" word does not seem very Christ Like.

2509 days ago


The reason why BET exists is because WET already exists ... but it's called "fox", among other things - where minorities are rarely seen, unless there's a crackhead, or gang banger, role available.

I am black, and I am offended by the N word. It's not even the word - it's the intent. And my problem with Dog isn't his limited vocabulary - that is not why he's racist. He's racist because the whole point of his conversation was to get his son to dump his girlfriend - BECAUSE SHE'S BLACK. That is why he's a racist, you ignotards. Is it because it's so obvious that you people have a problem seeing that?

If you can't come up with better alternatives, use whatever racial slurs you want - that's your limitation, not mine. But you can not tell your children to choose their lovers by race, and still expect to keep your show on a ONCE respectable channel.

America is doomed - you're all proof.

2509 days ago


Okay I dont get it....
People can call eachother that all day long but let a white person say it and all of a sudden it is wrong????
Is this a double standard????
I am with DOG!!!!!!!!!!
LONG LIVE THE DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2509 days ago


God Bless The Dog!!!! Screw A&E!!! And as far as TMZ goes, I would but that stuff and a matter of fact, I already have it!!!

2509 days ago


Donte Tucker's girlfriend is an oppourtunistic greedy slimeball. she is using Tucker & he is too stupid to realize it.Yhis relationship will not last. Dog, as a father read it properly. Her color is irrelevant..but her character is nasty. She smells of sleaze. And you, you are in denial. oh spare me the whining victimization of the blacks..ho hum ad nauseum There are enough of you that profit financially & emotionally from this., who really have a corner of the market spewing forth, & imposing their muck on the general population,,,,,,,,,,ie: your dense stupid comedians like Chris Rock, hip hop& rap artists ..they prostitute their self respect , dignity & human value, to make money. And guess what, they prostitute the integrity & worth of black people, as well & that includes you, fool.

2509 days ago

Matt Murray    

Why cant we look at all the good he's done.He's given many of people a second chance.Then the minite he make a mistake we want to judge him for it.The bible says thou shalt not judge unless thou be judge them self. Good luck Dog hope to meet you one day

2509 days ago

Yeah Yeah    

#73 You are totally wrong there are plenty of black people on TV, and they do not only play gang bangers or crack heads, they have played lawyers, doctors, and police officers etc.. There is no (WET) channel, It just so happens that the Maury show is on fox, and most of the people the show are black women trying to find their baby daddy for the 3rd time. There are also a lot of black actors on the fox, How many white actors are on (BET)?

2509 days ago


There shouldn't be ANY white actors on BET. Yes, there are black people on various channels, but in comparison to the amount of whites? Give me a break. Usually the black lawyers, and black doctors, on shows are the only ones among a cast of whites - unless they're married (because god forbid a black person be married to a white person on TV). I'm not buying the whole "racism doesn't exist, black people are paranoid" thing. I watch tv, I walk out of my house a black woman every day. You can't fool me. And it's so funny how everyone defending this guy has something horribly negative to say about black people. You're not even like "he made a mistake", or "he didn't really think it would offend anyone" ... what you're saying is black people are lowly and degrade themselves, so white people should be able to do it to. Doomed I tell ya ... dooomed.

2509 days ago


IF 'DOG' is really sorry, why not start with a makeover for the whole family and present themselves in a different light?
Dog, get a haircut, dress decently, and clean up your mouth.
Beth, buy clothes that actually FIT you and cover your self! Get a breast reduction - they aren't real anyway. Stop RUNNING!!!!!
'Baby Lisa' - stop whining, and it would not hurt you to get jeans a couple of sizes larger.
As for the rest of the guys - Posse - I would watch a show with just you guys WITHOUT Dog, Beth, and wa, wa baby Lisa!!!

My opinion!


2509 days ago
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