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A&E Still Making Money Off The Dog

11/7/2007 1:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A&E pulled Dog Chapman's show off the air, but that's not stopping the network from continuing to make a buck off the scandalized bounty hunter.
Ultimate Dog The Bounty Hunter DVD Collection
One can still visit the A&E web store and buy such delights as "Ultimate Dog The Bounty Hunter DVD Collection" -- for a mere $35.95. Arf. The collection includes such gems as the Dog's book, "You Can Run But You Can't Hide" and the Dog's favorite episodes, plus his charming wedding video.

The question is, who wants this stuff?


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Also, to the person who said dogisabitch couldn't be a good mother because of her name on here, it's a play on words. Dog is a bitch - as in female dog, NOT as in what your mama raised you to be. The male dog is a bitch. It's clever, and I'm sure she's a great mom. You guys are just picking on her because she's black. I can't imagine even Christ forgiving someone for that.

2551 days ago


You really have nothing else to do, TMZ? Lets treat a man, that helps our society by sending back junkies in jail so your friggin child doesn't step on infected needle, and then he still treats the junkie like a human, not a piece of crap, but you guys decide he is the bad guy. Come and tell me the person who wrote this article never called someone names? Such an hypocrite society. Do you even know why Tucker did it? Because his dad decided to be a real dad and said Tucker had to stay in jail with no bonds to him, and guess what now Tucker is out and wants money so he decided to ruin his dad's life for what? For money to buy a truck, and TV screen. Relating the events is fine, even adding Tmz's opinion is ok, but saying nobody wanna buy the DVD??? Uncalled for, he surely helped more our society THAN YOU GUYS DID.

2551 days ago


Two words for A & E: Gutless wonders.

2550 days ago


I think black people can say the N word all they want and anyone other than a black person should NEVER say it. At some point in American history black people took this hateful slur, the N word, and made it their word. So they in fact took ownership of this word and gained some power and pride by doing so. I'm not black but I get it. I think its awesome black people were able to turn this word around and use it as they see fit. It's a weak excuse for whites to say it's ok to use the word if black people do. It's not a matter of it being a double standard, it's a matter of understanding black culture.
Dog used this word as most whites have used it, with hate. You can spin it any way you like, not perfect, made a mistake, didn't mean it, etc... but that tape was clear, he IS a racist. A&E is right to fire him. I sure wouldn't want someone like that working for me or representing my company.

2550 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Just as it's B.S. to generalize or imply that all blacks are on welfare, use the 'n' word, and are all raised by single moms while the dad's are deadbeat serial impregnators, it's just as much B.S. to lump all whites with Don Imus's or Michael Richards or Dog types. Black commentors keep referring to 'you whites' while trying to appear educated and above it all. Perhaps you are, but IF you are, please extend 'whites' the same courtesy. With all of the white personalities on the tube and elsewhere, these three listed above and their racist gaffes numbers wise are what, 3 out of one million tube appearances by white guys? Look at all the famous white guys who don't slam blacks compared to what, the handful that did? What about that? Why focus on these three negatives when there are millions upon millions who respect all humans without question? Focus on these, and ignore the morons. I could go off on how Chris Rock's past 'comedy' slammed whites in so many ways, and while laughing made me feel badly about who I was, even though I have and would not do anything to him, have the same struggle he does but with far less resources. I could say all blacks were vindictive against whites like that, and lump you all in, but I know better. It works both ways.

2550 days ago

Dontae Williams    

#75 and everyone else u keep saying that she's a lowlife but did u know she'e a teacher!!?? she has a more respectable career then the dog and a cleaner rap sheet, and as far as her using Tucker your telling u would choose a racist like the Dog over the guy thats actually with her and knows her personally!? thats comical

2550 days ago


Dog is a bitch.......... You are working on a neuronal deficit. But it could be that you arejust deaf. Listen to the tape again, without twisting it to suit your needs. ..Don't pride yourself on your education. Education does not equate with intelligence. You have confirmed that. You say that you don't use the "n" word. But you are racist.. So what are you proud of.?

2550 days ago

Bring Back Dog    

I'd buy it if I had the cash! I miss the Dog!

2549 days ago


Leave "The Dog" ALONE!! He has apologized and learned his lesson.
If A&E doesn't want him anymore I hope a new channel will as I will tune in every week.
Bless "The Dog" and his family.

2548 days ago


Whats the big deal? It was a private conversation he had with his son like 8 months ago. I don't agree with the N word but just turn on to the Boonedocks on Cartoon networks Adult Swim and you hear it every 5 seconds. I think it's ridiculas to pull his show off for that!The Dog despite his tongue slippage is a role model for people of all races. Even Don Imus was given his show back after being such an idiot! I think a funny thing for me is given Chapmans Native American background people think of this as a black - white thing. Personally I don't blame the Dog for not going on Dr. Phil, I think 'dr.' Phil is a quack and Dog could find other ways to contact the African American community.

2546 days ago



2545 days ago
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