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Bridget Moynahan:

What Baby Weight?!

11/7/2007 3:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bridget MoynahanCan you believe Bridget Moynahan gave birth to her son just ten weeks ago?! Mamma mia!

The glowing single mom arrived to the L.A. premiere of her latest film, "Noise," on Tuesday, looking better than ever. Coyote gorgeous.

When you look this good, who needs a NFL baby daddy? Bye bye Brady, bye bye.


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the gap    

Tom is either blind or gay. Bridget looks so much better than Gisele--face and bod! "Tina" who thinks she looks like a granny, look at Gisele! She looks like a man, a malnourished man! I think Brady wants to do boys, based on his current choice, so Bridget better watch out for their kid. And so what if she got preggers without his knowledge. He didn't give a damn one way or another, so if she wanted to have his child, go for it. If he didn't want it to happen, he should have protected himself. Men, and some stupid women, always act like men don't have a choice in the matter. And how is she any more of a golddigger than all the cloned blondes in Hollywood? Get a brain, people!

2512 days ago

the DQ    

She's being squished out the top of that dress near her armpits and her hair looks like a drowned rat. Hmmmmm.............I guess you could say "Mamma, mia!", as in chunky frumpy Italian.

2512 days ago


YOU..Tommie should be glad...Bridget..doesn't want your man....she is doing just fine on her own...doubt she needs him for ANYTHING......She is beautiful..has her own earnings...and why don't you ..who thinks..Tommies A## doesn't stink..go camp on his doorstep..and see if he will pat you on the heads..or etc

2512 days ago


Everyone outside New England hates the Patriots and for good reason! Tom Brady is an overrated, stuck-up piece of crap on a team full of cheating losers. Bridget deserves better.

2512 days ago


You "trapper" people are just ridiculous, she doesn't strike me as being the trailer trash who obviously post on this board.

She looks great, going to be so much better off since dropping the dead weight that is Tom Brady.

2512 days ago


Team Tom!!!
She tried to trick him into marrying her, which he wouldn't do. He did absolutely nothing wrong, tried to be there for her and then she slapped him in the face and wouldn't even give that little boy his father's last name. She is a jealous bitter woman and she has done wrong by her son. When he gets older she can tell him how she was mad, that's why he is not a Brady!!!

i can' hardly stand to look at her. Eeeewww, she gives single moms a bad name.

2512 days ago


She's gorgeous! Love the shoes!

I still don't get Tom Brady's charisma. He's a great football player - but he's cheesy looking. Reminds me of Jack Nicholson's salesman character in Easy Rider.

2512 days ago


I think Coach Bill proved that we don't need to cheat. HAS ANYBODY SEEN THE SCORES OF THE GAMES SINCE THEN??? They have kicked A@@!!!

Also, beauty is only skin deep. I'm sure he didn't leave her because Giselle is "prettier".

You people are messed up!!!!


2512 days ago


she's most certainly getting PLENTY of child support $$$$$ from tom brady, so it's not like she's on 'her own' ... as far as looks, her & giselle look kinda similar to me, they are not what i'd call pretty, they are more like "handsome" women far as tom's looks, well he's kinda got a 'pretty boy' look to him, i don't see what all the fuss is about, i wouldn't look twice at him...

2512 days ago


Is this guy the catcher?

2512 days ago


Tom Brady and his family are like all Catholics....hypocrites!! He may be hot but he is a moron and so is Giselle. Hot but half retarded. I hope they mate, move to Brazil and half retarded children

2512 days ago


She looks like she rolled out of bed what's up with ill fitted dress. Who cares about this so called actress. Her plan to trap Tom Brady didn't work get over it and move on.
The only reason she is on TMZ is to mention how Tom Brady is the father of her child. I feel so bad for the kid being used by this woman to get back at her ex for not wanting her anymore. What a loser get on with your life………I'm sorry that's right her life was being Tom Brady's girlfriend………maybe it's time for you to seek professional help.

2512 days ago


Selita Eubanks, thank you for bringing some common sense to this blog. And you are one beautiful woman! Doesn't Bridget look just terrific? I love her dress!

What did Tom do to be there for Bridget? Was he taking her to doctor's appointments or helping her get her house ready for the baby? No, I don't think so. Instead he was out gallivanting with a disgusting model. Tom and Gisele both exhibited deplorable behavior. Fatherhood does not begin when the baby is born, it begins when the mom is pregnant and the dad helps her out, regardless of whether they're together or not and regardless of how they broke up.

2512 days ago


Absolutly gorgeous! Gisele SORRY!!!!...I mean Brady...your loss!!!

2512 days ago


Baby weight or not she's still ugly. She doesn't come close to Gisele or even Tom. She looks like she's 50.

Good job Brady for not falling for this fugs antics. She thought she was going to get you right back when she told you she was preggers after 3 months.

Can anyone say DNA TEST PLEASE!!!

2512 days ago
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