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Bridget Moynahan:

What Baby Weight?!

11/7/2007 3:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bridget MoynahanCan you believe Bridget Moynahan gave birth to her son just ten weeks ago?! Mamma mia!

The glowing single mom arrived to the L.A. premiere of her latest film, "Noise," on Tuesday, looking better than ever. Coyote gorgeous.

When you look this good, who needs a NFL baby daddy? Bye bye Brady, bye bye.


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KJ (#7)
You're a skank but you're probably not as big of a bit*h as Bridget. He tried to be there
and didn't even give the child his rightful last name. I smell a lawsuit. What a piece
of trash she is. She's still ugly and I am not talking Coyote Ugly either.

2540 days ago


She lost Tom and she is Bitter because she'll never do better than him. She's a dirty wh0re!!!

2540 days ago


she looks like an old lady!

2540 days ago


She's much more beautiful than Giselle.

2540 days ago


Bridget looks fantastic, a real American beauty and the reviews for the movie are all very positive.

2540 days ago


Giselle has a plain, homely face and the body of a boy! At least this woman has a beautiful, classic face and some curves. And, no man with integrity sleeps with and flaunts his slutty gf while his ex is pregnant with his child! Hands down, Bridget is the classier person out of all three.

2540 days ago


Old and skanky.

2540 days ago

The Truth    

1. Bridget told Tom she was pregnant on 12/10
2. She is not taking any child support from Brady,
3 Brady starting seeing GB in early Fall of 06, why do you have sex with some one you're dumping?
4. Let's see if TB is a man of his word or full of hot air, this is his BYE week and he has 4 days off let's see if he spends it in CA or MA

2540 days ago


Tom couldn't be trapped by anyone if he did a better job using protection or better yet, didn't have sex at all.

IMO, as for the Patriots proving they can win without supposedly cheating, how does anyone know that. How does anyone know if the Patriots gave all of the stuff that was requested to the NFL. Maybe they did give the NFL everything they requested, maybe they did not. Who knows. How did the NFL verify it?

I was hoping the NFL commissioner would show for all the world to see what the Patriots turned over to the NFL. He should have. IMO, it would have made the commissioners office look better. It could have made the Patriots look better or look worse. We will never know.

Nice to see all of the Patriot fans all of a sudden getting mouthy. Where were you fifteen or twenty years ago when the team IMO, stunk? Oh, yeah. It is easy to talk and jump on the bandwagon when a team is playing well. At some point in time the Patriots will be a sub 500 team and all anyone will hear are crickets chirping. The Patriot fans will have nothing to say then.

2540 days ago


I repeat from my previous post, being there for the kid starts during the pregnancy! I think it's too funny that this guy thought he could just waltz on in to the hospital room and expect the red carpet to be rolled out for him, and that just showing up for the birth makes him "Father Of The Year." He did not use the pregnancy period to establish a good co-parenting relationship with his child's mother because he was too busy having fun with a "super"model. That's what I call gross!

2540 days ago


It appears as if brady has a problem keeping his pants up. What a snake. I hope Bridget finds a real man to be the father of her baby. That baby deserves a real father, and poor Bridget didn't pick very well in the father department. Oh well!

2540 days ago


dont like the of the one boob is hanging over the fabric..and why would she need a daddy..lots of single moms out there...even if she did trick him

2540 days ago


She's a very very beautiful actress

2540 days ago

Got laid lately??    

Have you people heard that birth control does FAIL??? He took a chance on making his son and he knew it. When they had sex EVERY TIME he KNEW it was a chance HE took. If he didnt want to take the chance then he should have protected himself!!! Stop blaming her about the baby! It does take 2 to get pregnant. She didnt conceive all on her own. The ones bashing her are showing their childish, ignorant, immature, pathetic selves!! You have NO idea what was going through her mind. Have you also thought that they MIGHT have decided to have a child together??? NO ONE knows what happened between them, except them! Save your judgements for yourselves.. Coz it looks like your going to need them. BTW.. she does look great, esp. for a woman who gave birth to a child 10 weeks ago!!!!

2540 days ago



2540 days ago
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