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Brit Back in Court Over Drug Testing

11/7/2007 8:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned that K-Fed is going back to court tomorrow, arguing that Brit is violating the Commissioner's drug testing order.

Sources say K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, will go before L.A. County Commissioner Scott Gordon tomorrow morning, arguing that Britney has failed to respond in a timely manner when she is called for random drug testing. We're told Kaplan will ask to modify the existing custody order, giving Britney limited visitation rights.

We're told neither Britney nor K-Fed will be present. And, we're told, this could be a real dogfight.


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This beggar isn't going to stop until he has all of her money. Be careful what you wish for K-Fed, being a single father with no job or education can be rough. I can't wait for Britney loses everything and the paps put the magnifying glass into his house.

2542 days ago

Go Away    

When is Child Services going to step in and prevent Kevin and his lawyer from exploiting these children? I am pretty sure child exploitation is illegal. Someone needs to report these bottom feeders.

2542 days ago


i hope britt pees in his mouth if he wants a drug test.

2542 days ago


KFed is trying to modify her behavior, and guarantee he gets custody forever.

2542 days ago

Go Away    

He really is a bottom feeder. It doesnt get any lower than exploiting your own children for profit.

2542 days ago


the kids are the only reason k-fed isn't selling his as* on a street corner.....what a loser!! poor kids.

2542 days ago


Hey y'all know I'm a Britney Spears fan except I just thought about it, she might not be responding in a timely manner because she needs to clear out the drugs first! If shes doing drugs.

2542 days ago

J Doe    

shes' lost her self respect, dignity,morals,values, kids,family,fans,#1 spot, looks,figure,sanity,self worth.

nope...she hasnt hit bottom yet..not yet..the one thing that would be the icing on the cake is


when she goes bankrupt.....thats when she will hit the bottom.

the THUD heard around the world !!!

2542 days ago


Why is everyone so upset with kevin? If she isn't smart enough to follow all the rules in a timely fashion then she gets what she gets. He's followed all his rules and he'll be damned if she thinks she doesn't have to. he doesn't need to be monitored or else brit's lawyers would have found evidence so he could get monitored. She deserves less time with the kids untill she gets her act together. The only times she ever listens is when you pull some custody away from her. If that's the only way she learns, so be it.

2542 days ago


KFED is just looking for that cash, he doesn't care about the children. The best interest of the children is to see both parents.

2542 days ago


all he wants those kids for is money he didnt want the kids when he was getting all the money now that it ran out hes doing all this why didnt he do this with his other kids he has with shar jackson why because she didnt have the money like britt what i read in the papers he never hardly seen his other kids shar called him a deadbeat dad

2542 days ago


That's right Victoria,

He indeed is doing a real number on her. And, you know what? He's probably going to get away with it. He knows what buttons to push in order to set her off. And she is just too stupid to do anything about it.

That being said, I don't think he should have permanent custody. Nor should her mom get it either. Those boys have to get out of that poor gene pool hillbilly mentality.

2542 days ago


Go are so hot and stable..she was and is..southern trailer park trash with a drunk ass dad and whorey mother...Kevin is the better parent...and, all of Brit's ass suckers have to really work hard to maintain that it's Kev's fault.......

2542 days ago

Susan B    

I wish Kevin would just die and get out of Britney's life permanently..... He is the reason she has all the problems she has. I am sick to death of this lowlife.

2542 days ago


Kevin should make sure those boys are safe ,regardless of how the media may portray him .Twitney is unworthy of being alone with those boys somebody said before she only wants the boys ,so Kevin wont have them .

2542 days ago
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