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Brit Back in Court Over Drug Testing

11/7/2007 8:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned that K-Fed is going back to court tomorrow, arguing that Brit is violating the Commissioner's drug testing order.

Sources say K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, will go before L.A. County Commissioner Scott Gordon tomorrow morning, arguing that Britney has failed to respond in a timely manner when she is called for random drug testing. We're told Kaplan will ask to modify the existing custody order, giving Britney limited visitation rights.

We're told neither Britney nor K-Fed will be present. And, we're told, this could be a real dogfight.


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Perfect that K Fed rules - shows the radical liberal Dem fems out there how easy it is to outsmart them & take the money that is righfully MALE - so get to work & scrub the floor.

2550 days ago


What does Britney have to do with democrats? I doubt she even knows the words democrat and republican.

2550 days ago


honestly.....he may be gold-digging and all but.....who the hell leaves their kids with their COURT APPOINTED MONITOR to shop for a freakin' light? its already gonna take YEARS of therapy to fix these kids.....let's let him have them so they don't need more because Mommy didn't get her Starbucks fix and kills herself in front of them.....becaue we all can see that coming.....the woman needs help and having those kids around her isn't helping

2550 days ago


awww, Kfed is fighting tooth and nail for his money.....woops I meant kids.

2550 days ago

Good for her    

Dear Judge,
Kevin and his lawyer are just trying to drive up his fees again so that you can be an idiot again and make her pay for it. (I wouldn't be surprised that you're not getting brides for all these "decisions.") I swear it's like the "boys club" against her.
As far as these random tests done EVERY week and passed, there is NO way in this day of advanced lab tests that is she is doing drugs; otherwise, there would have already been positive test.
Her "behavior" alone is not proof.
THE ONE that needs testing is KEVIN.

2550 days ago


The kids? What is the big deal on kids - where I come from we lock them in the attic.

2550 days ago


same here..why are they letting him milk her dry...get a job why dont ya..he's a healthy YOUNG MAN..and im sure i would run of a couple of foots everytime i drive off and theres 50 people around...also parents arent perfect we make sure you could catch any parent making a mistake if you video 24/7.....

2550 days ago


K-fed and his lawyer can't lie about whether Britney shows up for drug testing when she is supposed to.... the lab reports to the court directly, even if Kaplan has access to the records.

2550 days ago


K-Dumb has a snake for a lawyer alright, he should be disbarred as he is he knows he can get his fees paid for by Britney any time he wants to take her for court...."timely manner" is vague. The commissioner is a fool for playing right into Kaplans hand....they must be golfing buddies or closet boyfriends. I say ask for another judge, this is getting ridiculous. Kevin needs a job and a life. Brit needs her kids and some private time. What a mess is caused but K-Fed being so desparate and greedy....Hold on Brit a day of reckoning will be coming for those two...bless you.

2550 days ago


I've known a number of poor fathers who got custody of their kids, but in general, the mother is still the first choice as primary care giver, and any time visitation is monitored with either parent, it's a serious scene.

2550 days ago


Ding dang, y'all....this gal needs to stop taking the hillbilly heroin!

2550 days ago


the boys need kfed 2 show them how to pick up women like brit.

2550 days ago

brainless britt    

The spiraling down of a Pop Star.
What a pathetic loser. You all defending her
are missing critical thinking skills. He is protecting his kids and if you don't get that you're idiots. What do you expect him to do if you see the mother out of control? You're all a bunch morons. Think about those kids not you're Brit Twit. And if he needs money to help raise those kids that's just too bad, get over it! You would think it was you're money.
You and Brit deserve each other.

2550 days ago


Why all the stupid comments about liberal dems?! Wake up, Bush is better????? Do you realize what shape this country is in? wake up STUPID.

2550 days ago


can't britt and kfed get back 2gether. i hate 2 c 2 people who love each other not be together.

2550 days ago
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