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Fabio to Clooney:

I Can't Believe

It's Your Finger

11/7/2007 7:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney and Fabio got into a little scuffle in a Los Angeles restaurant over the weekend, and TMZ has the blow-by-blow!

George Clooney, Fabio
TMZ obtained photos taken at Madeo's, where Clooney and Fabio later got into a shoving match. Sources inside tell us that several women who had won a dinner with Fabio were sitting at his table snapping photos of the "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" hunk, when Clooney apparently thought they were shooting pix of him -- and gave them the finger! When George questioned the group about shooting pics of him in a private restaurant, Fabio came to their defense -- and allegedly, it got a little physical.

Don't mess with Fabio!


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Niles Crane    

After hearing Fabio actually speak over the years, he's a decent guy. Guys didn't like him becuase he was a beefcake on the cover of every women's romance fantasy novel. For those of you who remember the late years of "The Facts Of Life" George Clooney played "George" as Mrs. Garett's sidekick in the candy shop. He had no career and there was no purpose for him to even be on a female only show. Whenever I think of Clooney, I remember his early years as a nobody. Check You Tube for his great performances on Facts of Life. It would definately be humbling for Georgie to look back on who he was before he became a superstar.

2509 days ago

Amy Silverman    

George please it's NOT always about your tired azz!!!!!!!!! You really have a high opinion of yourself loser. AND the world does NOT need to know your every thought-you are sooooooo overrated!!!!!!!!

2509 days ago


Oh Gee, hope no one broke a hip!

2509 days ago

dr tim    

This is just another media stunt.. We really do not know what happened....Didnt any of you pose with the F finger up and not really saying to anyone go F yourself? Fabio is just one of those closet queens liking to look so sexy in front of the camra and surrounded with women, when at night with the lights out he screams GIVE IT TO ME HARDER PAPI HARDER>>>>>>OH YES>>>>a nd probably George is the same way. Two ladys fighting it out.....COME OUT OF THE CLOSET LADIES>

2509 days ago


OMG Fabio is so hot,George Clooney isn't even Italian. I love you Fabio you are my ideal man. Drool!!!!!

2509 days ago

Go Away    

George has obviously fogotten that he makes a living off the backs of others and if those backs want a fricken picture, he better sit their and look pretty because thats all he is paid to do.

Now if George doesnt like that, he should find another job that doesnt require living in the public life.

Personally I am so sick of these seslf absorbed celebs that begg and beg and beg for fame and then once they get it carry on as if they are above everyone. And lets be honest, George Clooney is the worst offender!

2509 days ago

cows drinking beer    

george clooney is a asss wipe and a wannabe actor looking for poop in a back alley to eat in the gutter .

2509 days ago

dr tim    

I Bet they both are gay.....and then again, who cares.

2509 days ago


Clooney's clearly molded on this one...the Fabiotches probably weren't the least bit interested in him, if they actually entered a contest to win a dinner with Fabio.

I understand the argument for privacy, but really, fans make the stars, so stop overreacting and whining Clooney. I generally like Clooney, but in this case, it would have been HILARIOUS if Fabio beat his midget ass! lol

2509 days ago


Clooney is a conceited old man who just seems interested in harassing the public.

2509 days ago


They were taking pics of Clooney but TMZ decided to give them a pass. Oh sure they did not see old George siting back there while they were sitting with a certified D-lister. This crap most likely went on for a while ad that is why Clooney had the chance to put up the finger in the first place. Give us a break TMZ.

2509 days ago


it's not the same lame...give us better stuff..I love you George..all the way from Augusta...

2509 days ago


Hey George 3 words...

Don't flatter yourself.

Try not being the same guy in every movie - can you say "one note."

2509 days ago


They shouldnt have been takeing pictures in the restraunt! Sounds like they were acting like a bunch of idiots. I dont blame George a bit !

2509 days ago


Sheesh George, chill! Don't know how to act when all the attention is not focused on you? Give Fab his 15, dude! Man -

2509 days ago
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