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Dog Barks Back -- I'd Kill Myself for Forgiveness!

11/7/2007 10:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Dog has only one excuse for dropping the N-word in a leaked phone message -- "I thought I was cool enough to be able to use" it.

Duane "Dog" Chapman was on "Hannity & Colmes" last night for his first interview since his son sold tapes of an N-word littered rant to the National Enquirer, and tried his best to defend himself against and apologize for the hate-filled tirade.

Chapman will continue his tour of contrition tonight, in an interview with Larry King.


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Dawn B    

never have even tried pot but I am sure that is not something beth and dog can say... Hmmm Beth hope dog sniffing get to your x&x on your next flight. they might something that you dont want them to find.,

2479 days ago


Why would any educated person ever believe a drug dealer, a spiteful ex-wife or anyone else Dog hurt in his past??????Most of the crap they're slinging happened years ago. And no one can seem to get their facts straight on any of this. One says Chris is 35yrs and living in Colorado, another that he's 37 and in jail. If he's in jail--how could he be interviewed recently with Dog????And this tape is supposed to 8 minutes long--so why is only 1.25 minutes of it being played????Let's hear the whole tape from the greeting to the goodbye, then keep our opinions to ourselves anyway.
I don't think he said anything that others wouldn't have said if our families were threatened like his was. I know I said a lot of colorful words the night a group of black teens jumped by son from behind and beat the hell out of him, for no other reason than he was there. I suppose I should thank the coward punks who did this, because we never would have found the cyst the CAT scan he needed revealed, or for the brain surgery that followed. One of my best friends, who is black was mad as hell too. She's ashamed of blacks that behave like that. They give their whole race a bad name. We should all listen to Garth Brooke's song "We shall be free"; it says--" when there's only one race--and that's mankind--then we shall be free." ; or "Ebony and Ivory"--there is good and bad in everyone--and we learn to live when we learn to give each other what we need to survive, together, alive.

2473 days ago


National Enquirer
by: John Blosser and John South
November 20, 2006
Pg. 40-41
'Bounty Hunter' spends up to $2,000 a month. Instead of walking the
straight and narrow, eyewitnesses claim Duane Chapman is breaking the
"Ive seen him so messed up that he couldn't get to his office to film
his TV show".
Duane Dog Chapman is a crackhead, several eyewitness sources have
exclusively told The ENQUIRER!
The mullet-haired felon chaser has been smoking crack cocaine since
at least 1995, say the eyewitnesses-and spent up to $2,000 a month on
drugs, a blockbuster ENQUIRER investigation reveals.
And in one of the most blatant examples of celebrity hypocrisy ever,
Dog urges the lawbreakers he collars on his hit A&E show, "Dog the
Bounty Hunter" to go straight and kick drugs-while he gets higher
than a kite, according to those close to him.

"Duane Chapman is a phony! I know-because I'm his crack dealer!"
tatooed blonde Linda Heigle, who's been selling drugs to Chapman
since March 2005, to The ENQUIRER.

"I've sold crack to him, smoked crack with him more than 100 times
and seen him so messed up that he couldn't get to his office to film
his TV show!
Chapman's former girlfriend DaLana Duncan also claims she smoked
crack with him in 1995 and again in 2005 in Denver. "Dog is a
cokehead. He snorts it, smokes it and eats it," DaLana told The

"He WAY overdoses it-and he can't get enough. Once, I refused to give
him any more drugs because I thought he was going to die!"

Sympathy poured out for Chapman-whose top-rated show is in its third
season-after federal agents recently arrested him for extradition to

But the night before his Sept. 14 arrest, Linda says he bought $200
worth of crack from her-and he bought another $100 worth of crack
from her before authorities hauled him off to jail the next day!

The extradition case is now on hold-but in the months leading to his
arrest, Chapman blew thousands of dollars on a wild drug spree.

"Dog bought about $2,000 worth of crack a month from me for about a
year and a half," said Linda, who passed a polygraph test.

"He'd usually buy crack from me twice a week, for hundreds of dollars
at a time. He'd pay in cash so his wife Beth wouldn't find out.

"The first time we did business was in March 2005. Duane said he'd
pay me $2,000 for a girl and drugs. I sold him five grams of crack,
but he wasn't capable of having sex after we smoked it."

Shockingly, Chapman smoked crack inside his Oahu, Hawaii, home while
his children were sleeping, according to Linda.

"If the kids were getting up, he'd go into the bathroom," she said.
"When his wife was sleeping, we smoked outside in his car or the

Smoking crack also triggered severe paranoia in Chapman, says Linda,
who adds that he once spent two years in a Texas prison on murder

"Duane would think someone was filming him or recording him," said
Linda. "He would run around the house, checking the windows and doors
to make sure they were locked."

What's more, Chapman-who claims to be a born-again Christian-even got
high before taping his show, according to Linda!

"He'd smoke all night before filming his TV show. Then he'd be too
high to go do the show," said Linda, 41, who's moved from Hawaii to
California to escape her druggie past.

"Beth would be calling, cursing and saying,'I've got 20 producers
here waiting for Duane.' But Duane wouldn't leave. He wanted to stay
and keep smoking crack.

"I'd have to shove him into the shower, pour coffee down his throat
and then get him to take a Valium to bring him down."

Tawny Chapman, who was married to Dog in the early 90's, also says
she witnessed his crack use firsthand.

"Two years after we separated, I went to his house and the kids were
all home. When Dog opened his door, he was smoking a hit of crack,"
Tawny told The ENQUIRER. "The pipe was in his hand.

He said, 'Mind your own business!' and physically threw me down six
steps into the yard.

"Dog is always talking about rehabilitating people on TV, but I know
him for the phony he is. I can't stand his hypocrisy anymore."

Chapman even smoked crack with his son Christopher, according to
those close to the family. Now 37, Christopher is in a Colorado ja

2488 days ago


Oh PLEEEEZ!!!! Will this man just go away!!!! A & E is neither ARTS nor ENTERTAINMENT with this fool and his wench on TV!!!!

2488 days ago


Dog, dont kill yourself!

2488 days ago


Leave dog alone. He's not a bad guy. noone is perfect.

2488 days ago


From the National Enquirer
September 21, 2006

Shocking Claims: Bounty Hunter's ex-lover reveals WHAT A REAL "DOG"
By: John Blosser

They dont call "Bounty Hunter" Duane Chapman "Dog" for nothing!
In a shocking tell-all interview, Delana Duncan-a woman who claims to
be Dog's ex-lover and drug buddy-says she can blow the lid off th A&E
star's carefully crafted born-again, anti-drug image.
Dalana's chargees come on the heels of Chapman's arrest in connection
with his capture of convicted rapist Andrew Luster in Mexico three
years ago. Chapman has been released from jail on $300,000 bail.
According to DeLana, Dog got legal custody of her when she was 16 by
falsely claiming he was her natural father. Seven years later she
says the married ex-con seduced her with cocaine. What's more, she
claims, the two shared a cocaine-fueled sex party in October
2005-just months before Dog married his longtime girlfriend Beth!
"Dog" Chapman stole my childhood and ruined my life," DaLana, now 36,
told THE ENQUIRER. "I needed a father-all he wanted was sex."
They met in 1987 when DaLana was 16 and Dog, then 34, was a bail
bondsman in Denver, Colo. She'd violated probation and he tracked her
"He told me:"I'm your dad and I'll help you,' but it was a lie," said
DaLana, who passed polygraph test administered at the ENQUIRER'S
request. "He went to court with me and got custody, claiming he was
my natural father. I lived in an unheated camper in his front yard,
with Dog telling everyone I was his daughter," she claims. "One
night, we went to a drive-n movie. Dog was drunk. He grabbed my
breast and said: "I've always loved you. You know I'm not your real
father.' I was shocked and pushed him away. The next day, he said he
was drunk and didn't mean what he said."
DaLana says their affair started after Chapman brought her to Hawaii,
where she lived with his then-wife Tawny.
"One night, when I was about 24, Dog came over and had another woman
bring cocain," she asserts.
"He kept rubbing himself against me, saying: 'Come on, baby, let's
get it on." I kept saying: No!' But he wouldn't listen. I finally
said: 'If I have sex with you, will you leave me alone?" I was so
stoned I didn't know what I was doing."
"That night, we had sex for the first time. We became lovers,' she
"Dog took me to the Big Island with him and told his kids that I
wasn't his daughter-I was going to be their new stepmom!
"I stayed with Dog from late 1994 to August of 1995, and then I went
back to Denver."
Duane Chapman had DaLana's name tatooed on his arm.
DaLan Duncan has pictures of her with Duane Chapman in her apartment
and out by the pool.
In October 2005, she claims Dog visited her and they used drugs and
had sex.
"Here he is on TV praying for druggies to get clean and he's using.
He's such a hypocrite," she said.
When contacted by The ENQUIRER, Dog said:"I just feel very sorry for
this woman-someone I had a relationship with years ago, and whom I
have tried to help since then. I have been, and will always remain,
faithful to my wife, Beth.
"We will not dignify her false accusations with any further comment."
DaLana added: "Now that Duane's facing extradition to Mexico, people
think he's a big hero. I want everyone to realize what a liar he
really is."

2488 days ago

Lenn K.    

Saw the interview felt bad for Dog, I know alot of this is damage control. Listen to that tape and all he care about was the 30 years of money he made. I forgive Dog, and I hope he learns from this. This was worse than Imus to me!!

2488 days ago


He thought it was cool to say the 'N' work, huh? It's not so much that he said it, it's the context in which he said it. He hated his son's girlfriend because she was black, and proceeded to call her the 'N' word over and over again... Come on, Dog... you have been exposed.

2488 days ago


I think this is ridiculous to see him groveling on TV over a private conversation with his son....I will be so disappointed in A&E if they cancel his show over this....I am sick of living in this Gestapo state of mind....I don't use that word...never have and I never will just as I don't use any kind of profanity....however I will defend to the death his right to say whatever he wants in a private conversation to his son...shame on his son.....I also don't watch his show....but I would hate to see it taken off the air just because of his son's total betrayal.....

2488 days ago


I watched this interview last night and I do believe that DOG is sincere in his apology. What a rotten son Tucker is for selling the tape. You never betray family like that. Just remember Tucker.....PAY BACKS ARE A BITCH!!!!!!!! So much for any inheritence from the Chapman family. Enjoy your 15K as long as it last cause that is all you are gonna get. Dog and the Chapman family hold your heads high!!!!!!!!!!

2488 days ago


Look at this Ass. If he isn't the epitome of a redneck I don't know what is. All you people who defend him are fools. The " private conversation" defense doesn't work! True no one deserves to have their private conversations released, but ultimately it doesnt matter. The genie is out of the bottle. Because he said it in private doesnt make him any less of a Redneck racist. " cool enough, This guy's grasping at straws

2488 days ago


It may not be o.k. for Dog to use the word but I can only ask the question that's been asked a million times and no black person can answer...Why is it acceptable for blacks to use the word and even go as far as to use it in music? I hear them use it every day and no one is bothered by it. Listen to some of the hip-hop music that's out right now. Really, blacks would be in an uproar if the "N" word was that offensive. Someone explain, please.

2488 days ago


my thoughts about the crack thing is...anyone can pass a lie detector test. Just take some 282 mep and that will keep you calm enought to pass. Untl it is proven dog does crack and that will be with a drug test..that is the only think I will believe. As for the N word..shake it off dog. It's not that big a deal but sadly others seem to want to make it look like you killed someone...get over people. I could think of other names that are horrible and are still being used and Dog certainly has mainly lables by others that should maybe also be struck from the dictionary

2488 days ago

just wondering have to give a man credit when he accepts responsibility and apologizes, I feel bad for him....I hope as a human he will be ok...he seems likt the kind of guy who be lost now without his show...guess time will tell, I'm sure he has a army of people trying to help him with damage control, I hope he will be ok, however this plays out.

2488 days ago
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