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Dog Barks Back -- I'd Kill Myself for Forgiveness!

11/7/2007 10:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Dog has only one excuse for dropping the N-word in a leaked phone message -- "I thought I was cool enough to be able to use" it.

Duane "Dog" Chapman was on "Hannity & Colmes" last night for his first interview since his son sold tapes of an N-word littered rant to the National Enquirer, and tried his best to defend himself against and apologize for the hate-filled tirade.

Chapman will continue his tour of contrition tonight, in an interview with Larry King.


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College Grad    

Clearly, you have misread MJC post, because where did it say anything about her not being able to get an education. She already said she was educated which would imply that she has already been to college. And the UNCF will not just pay for your college because you are black. Their are very strict guidelines all the way down to the school you choose. But there are organizations that do that for all races: white, indian, mexican, chinese, native american. So obviously if you had to pay FULL tuition that means you can afford it. So did I, and I'm black so what was your point again?

2512 days ago

Every Dog has it's day!    

# 38 Retired Parole Agent & I'm Black

You are a serious Joke.

Listen I have no reason to go to jail to visit the Black population as I don't need to be a statistic like you probably were. I have no need to mix with thieves, drug addicts, murderers and drug dealers like you and Dog.

I have an education, a life, taxes to pay, and society rules to abide to, so Rap music doesn't interest me either and I won't support what they say or how they live their life (by buying their items) simply because I am black. I have no use for Rap music so why support it by listening to it?

What bothers me is when American Blacks Toms (like supposedly you) and Whites (like Dog) make sweeping generalizations that all blacks say the “N' word, well last time I looked (according to your American slave master 1 drop rule definition) I am black, but don't use the word.

You really need to stop listening to Rap music, hanging out in jails and low income areas, because there is a whole world full of blacks outside America that don't behave like the degenerates you associate with. You need to get an education and travel the world to see that the toilet bowel you swim in is custom designed for you and you ilk.

Also Dog is promoting himself as a role model and KNOWS THE WORD IS WRONG THAT”S WHY HE DIDN'T WANT THE GIRL AROUND, he wants to keep his show and if you see nothing wrong with racial discrimination (and DOG IS SAYING HE DOES and ALWAYS DID.... LISTEN TO THE TAPE) then there is a server identity problem and lack of self esteem on YOUR PART.

See, I have no reason to hate whites as I am married to one and have a father who is white. They both have a problem with Dog's behavior. I have a black mother who educated me and loved me and showed me to love people of all races. And if Dog was a black man who behaved like this, damn right I would be the first to say get him off the air. The word is wrong all around. Dog think what he wants but I have the right not to see a racists conning people into believing they are good Christians on tv when they are not.

If you really are black (which I doubt) then you surly need to get a life Uncle Tom and stop adding to the problem Judas by making up excuses that the “N” word is okay and acceptable. And as far as I'm concerned next time someone (who is white) discriminates against you, you remember this Dog incident fool. Now get back the the toilet you swim in and stop wasting space in society.

2512 days ago

LI princess    

I can't believe that people are on here defending this man. Granted he did seem like he was a lil sorry, and he was actually crying during his interview with Sean, the man is a mullet sporting redneck racist!!!! And he had the GALL to think that he was cool enough to say the "N" word? What gave him that idea? It wasn't cool when Kramer said it, and even AFRICAN AMERICANS are trying to banish the word from their music...I'm sorry, the man is a racist drug addict. Good luck on Larry King Live Dog LOL!!!

2512 days ago


2512 days ago


what a act. thats all it was. but it seems to be okay for the black race to call each other n-----.

2512 days ago


I wish people wouldn't be so hypocritical of this man. Yes he said negro, but in a private conversation not directly towards a black person. Oj murders two innocent white people, and MJ molest innocent children but the black population rally for them. One white guy says negro and they want to hang him. hmmmm kinda makes me sick, when in reality they say it all the time. White people need to stand up for our freedom of speech as the blacks do.

2512 days ago

Partially Pregnant    

Memo-To All Concerned Citizens Of The United States Of America

This country has been overun with a deadly disease called PC (political crap-er correctness) for the last 30 or so years, and it shows no signs of slowing down! If given a chance, it will be bigger than all of us! (And we will be "reaping" the benefits of PC for the next few decades!)

I'll get to the point-in an indirect way, the PC crowd feels ALL OF US are G.U.P.I.s! A G.U.P.I. stands for Guilty Until Proven Innocent!

So rather than hide and scream, be proud to proclaim that you are proud to be a G.U.P.I., and no one, not even the PC crowd can dampen your enthusiasm over that!

And what is the cure to get rid of PC FOR GOOD? In my opinion ,a second American Revolution, but that will never happen! Meanwhile, enjoy your apathy!

Just my two cents blue plate special!
That stands for Guilty Until Proven Innocent!

2512 days ago


I believe he did think he was cool enough to use that terrible. This is no way near what Michael Richard's said. Besides, he said it on a private phone conversation. Remember Alec Baldwin. Sometimes we say hurtful things to others and what is needed is forgiveness.

2512 days ago


I once worked in an upscale steakhouse in a predominantly white city.
One evening a well dressed party of 3 black couples were seated in the dining room.
After a full course meal and several bottles of liquor were consumed, the check was presented. One man from the table asked to speak to the manager. He complained that the food was terrible , the service sucked and vowed not to pay for the horrible meal. The manager asked why he wasn't called sooner if everything had been not to his expectations. That's when the man stood up and starting yelling that if he weren't black the manager would not expect payment for the horrible experience he had suffered.
Flash forward about three weeks. Same man with an even larger number of well dressed black couples walk in and are seated. Same scenario at the end of the meal (tab was exhorbitant) including the shouting tirade about being mistreated because he was black. This time the police were called and the man and his entourage were taken away.
Why do I share this? Because the race card no longer has relevance. It's the "boy who cried wolf" sydrome.
Too much hypocritical Sharpton and Jackson sideshows and not enough upstanding black role models being held up as examples.
The reason KKK freaks march wearing dirty laundry over their heads and the "N" word is being used so frequently is because it gets the desired reaction. People are getting bitter at being told what they are allowed to think in their own heads and it's causing even more intolerance.
Everybody has struggles in life. The first half of my own life was wrought with poverty and abuse. Who should I blame my lousy start in life on?
Just sayin'

2512 days ago

College Grad    

See your exactly the problem, its dumb people like you who will ensure that the Revs Al and Jesse (who i'm not too fond of) will have job security until they die!

2512 days ago


I think the dog put on his best performance ever last night on Hannity's show and he will do the same tonight on Larry King. There is no way that he thought his black friends wouldn't mind him using the "n" word like he did on that tape as he stated "I thought I was one of them". That tape clearly states how he was afraid that if black people heard him use the "n" word his career would be over. He totally contradicted himself. I believe he is remorseful, but for the wrong reasons.

2512 days ago

blah blah freakin' blah    

@61 College Grad

AGAIN. ITS CULTURE NOT RACE!! CULTURE CULTURE CULTURE!! Culture is not exclusive to one race. People of different colors can, and often do practice the same CULTURE.

And as far as getting to know a person of color.........I gave birth to and am raising a person of color. Funny thing is, when he gets a booboo, his blood is red? Go figure.

2512 days ago


#59 I totally agree with you!

2512 days ago


He always felt he was a black man? I'll remember that the next time I see a black man with a bleached blonde, thinning mullet,

2512 days ago


Hmm. I don't really know what to think. I hate that word and I definitely think he has some race issues to work out, but I'm not convinced he was after the girlfriend just because she is black. If you listened to the tape, at the very end before it cuts off, he mentions something about catching her in a parking lot trying to record him. So I'm thinking she is a shady character as well. It sounds like a bad situation all around. If she's trying to record conversations and use them against him then he has every right to not want his son involved with her. But that still doesn't excuse his behavior. I kind of believe that he doesn't believe he's a racist, but I also believe he's in a bit of denial over that. I really don't think he should lose his show over this, but he needs to get in therapy and work out some of that hate he has in his soul.

2512 days ago
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