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God Save the Bling

11/7/2007 1:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Move over, amateur rappers and poser hip hoppers -- you've got nothin' on Her Majesty! Ka-bling!
Queen Elizabeth II
The most fabulous of all queens trotted out some of her best bling for the opening of Parliament yesterday. The Crown Jewels, which are kept in the Tower of London, are only shlepped out for major events. Her Madge also has the largest private collection in the world; although there's no complete list of all the baubles -- it includes 14 tiaras, 98 brooches and 5 hefty pendants -- worth an estimated $750 million. Do say!

Her personal fortune was estimated to be worth $10 billion -- so it would appear that Elizabling is just rockin' a sample of her rocks, bro.


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Wouldn't those jewels actually belong to the "people"? I'm sure it's their tax money that paid for them.

2506 days ago


LONG LIVE THE QUEEN! Even if the Queen gave up all her possessions it isn't going to cure the world of hunger and diseases. How do you know for a fact that she has no charities? It's not her fault she was born to be rich and the rest of us are poor. Maybe if people stop playing victim and work harder and build their self esteem someday they could have the money to what they want. STOP HATING, FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELVES, AND BE THANKFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE instead of worrying about her.

2506 days ago


2506 days ago


14. We need a law that forces white people to give their wealth to non-whites. In all the non-white third world nations the non-white leaders refuse to live wealthy and well while their non-white populations starve and die from hiv, tb, illnesses.

Posted at 12:55PM on Nov 7th 2007 by jennifer2000

Jennifer, And once the white world gives their money to non-whites, how fast do you think all these problems will be solved? Geesh

2506 days ago


Like I said, a psychotic woman dressed in a clown outfit.............

Worshiped by 'sir' paul mcCartney.........................................

2506 days ago


QUOTE(14. We need a law that forces white people to give their wealth to non-whites. In all the non-white third world nations the non-white leaders refuse to live wealthy and well while their non-white populations starve and die from hiv, tb, illnesses. )

Posted at 12:55PM on Nov 7th 2007 by jennifer2000

Sorry for your lazy, welfare collecting comments and desires. My hard working Arian Brothers will not allow such laws to happen. Get a job, then you can give all of your money away and no one will give two beans!.....

2506 days ago


ACTUALLY, the Royal Family is VERY invovled in charity. Make sure you know where you're getting your facts from. The extended Royal Family is involved in thousands of them, many of which they've started up on their own and are continuous patrons of...and have existed a lot longer than something like the Britney Spears Foundation.

2506 days ago


Who gives a crap if she is involved in charity?! She has 75 mil in jewelry. Wasted money that could help others.

2506 days ago

Insert comical name here    

I feel sorry for the British royal family, to my eyes they are the human equilivant of animals in a zoo. Their power was stripped many years ago and they essentially 'belong' to the state. Tourism brings many dollars to England each year and the royals are the center of much of that. So yes, they do benefit their country. The jewels and palaces etc really don't benefit them, who needs all that? I very much doubt they even want it. I bet they would trade all that useless crap for a normal life any day of the week.

2506 days ago

Haha suckers...    

Long live the Queen!
Her entire life has been dedicated to her country. She didn't ask for it; it was her birthright.
And she's done a pretty good job of it, I'd say.
Charles, on the other hand...

2506 days ago


Sean--Go back in your hole, worthless piece of garbage.

2506 days ago

Uk Reader    

Thanks samiyam

I know all about the dentist shortage - being that I live in the UK. That is also how I know about the pain clinics & the cost of emergency treatments.
(I think that people have always done this as I remember people doing this 20 years ago where there was no perceiveable shortage).

The picture that Michael Moore's film "Sicko" paints of the NHS isn't true either - there are long waiting lists, if you can get referred for further treatment.

No system is perfect, eh?

2506 days ago

how dumb    

I admit I am not very familiar with the workings of the british government, but I have read many books on the royal family and base my information on this. I have NEVER heard of the Queen PERSONALLY performing any charity work, other than maybe to “make an appearance” at some event so that people can “admire” her. She actually seems to send out her “minions” to perform these functions on her behalf. From everything I have read, the Queen is actually heartless, rude and demanding. She forces people to treat her like the royalty she is…. People are not allowed to speak to her unless spoken to… not allowed to even LOOK AT HER DIRECTLY. She treated Princess Diana like crap, and everyone admits that. Based on everything I have read about the Queen and her previous royal family, the woman is a stuck-up snob who loves her “birthright” whether she asked for it or not.

2506 days ago


You're right, Sara. Look at what we have leading our country. Hopefully, we will do much better with our next election. I also wish to personally apologize to the world for Britney Spears.

2506 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

I don't like the way she treated Diana and okay the jury is still out but it is possible that she may have also had a hand in Heather Mills breakdown..Cate Blanchett is a much better Queen! hard to believe that Cate's Elizabeth is related to this nasty frump.

2506 days ago
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