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Kim K Autographs Her Own Ass

11/7/2007 2:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Along with such accomplishments as "Friend of Paris," "reality star" and "sex tape auteur," bootyful Kim Kardashian can now add "Playmate" to her growing list of appellations. Build that resume, girl!

Kim signed copies of her December Playboy cover at a party in NYC on Tuesday. The writing's on the wall-like badonkadonk!


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L.A. Douchenozzle, Esq.    

Hey, fat diseased whores have to get attention somehow.

2449 days ago

get naked    

she is a drop dead gorgeous raven- haired jessica rabbitt.
nevermind what she has done, she LOOKS amazing in playboy.
think about this you ugly little anorexics, would you look like that in playboy? no.
and men that don't think she looks good are gay, period.

hour glass fantasy body for hetero males, check
gorgeous dazzling eyes, check
pretty pouty lips, check
smooth skin, check
pretty smile, check

she is hot unlike your plain jane wrinkled idols like jen aniston, sjp, or cameron diaz. or who ever you boring uglies like.

2449 days ago


she looks like she's taking a DUMP on the cover.

2449 days ago


She is still the sluttiest of the sluts out there. She can have all of that. Doesnt make her anymore classier than your basic call-girl/stripper/prostitute/streetwalker. Theyre all in the same category sweetheart. Dont matter what she looks like on the outside, she still a whore on the inside.

2449 days ago


to #37

I'd take my chances with a thai transsexual prostitute over KK...s/he would be more of a real woman than KK

2449 days ago


How are these whores checked for diseases?

2449 days ago

Always Curious    

I hope she reads this or one of her friends tells her about this. (and no this isn't written by an ice cream eating fat ass spreading no one- actually a runway model that looks better than you in the morning without make-up than you do after you have had professional make-up done, and runs two of her own businesses) No matter how it is cut, she is what is called "thick" a polite word for being on the edge of heavy. She has an ass that is out of size with the rest of her body - so much so it looks as if she has a slight birth defect. She wears so much make-up that she really looks like a hooker from Asia. But this is the part I hope she reads. It is very obvious that she has spent many years looking in the mirror at her face and watching which angle is the best for what camera and lighting. If you all will notice whenever there is a little bit of a close-up she ALWAYS has her head straight foreward , tilted slightly down with her black soot covered eyes looking slightly up. She never moves her head from side to side, she NEVER makes any kind of facial expression at all when speaking. Why you may ask, because that is done by a person who in reality is very very very average in looks. If anyone had photographed her au-natural with normal facial expressions and actually moving her head about while speaking not holding it still as a rock while speaking then the world will see she is NO different than the average thick set college aged girl who is talked about on campus and only taken out for the guys to tag when they are drunk. BTW - your house is very very ugly, I was flipping the channels one evening and saw a clip for the time-wasting show while the little sisters were following in big sisters footsteps....dancing on the home stripper pole while being video taped by a man. Girl your life is a joke and the world is laughing at you behind your back. - SNAP -

2449 days ago


You guys are really mean! Lol!

2449 days ago


She needs to go back to her on country. And are you fools blind---You would like to think only ugly women are on the Internet. Sorry, we all aren't trolls. Some people might actually not like her, that doesn't mean we are all jealous, and ugly. Not everyone is likable, idiot. Go back to your cave.

2449 days ago


Is this all, that she want to be known for? Or is she just ass crazy.

2449 days ago


Ok so i know everyone on here hates her but come on peeps, when you put her next to STD infested Paris Herpes Hilton there is no denying Kim is waaayyy hotter! I'm talking about looks.

2449 days ago


If she wasn't so PLASTIC I would giver her props. BUT SHE"S FAKE from head to toe. So she gets none.

2449 days ago

Rocco and David    

I wonder how many copies of December's Playboy TMZ will be purchasing. Probably all that are sold. ha ha

2449 days ago

get naked    

im gonna be honest.
sure she prob isn't classy but,
i don't she how she is ugly at all
i don't see how she could even be average, or just a little above average.
shes alil thick for my tastes, but i don't understand what people are looking at if they don't think her face is exotic and gorgeous.
i can't think of too many celebs that are as pretty as she is.

2449 days ago


She makes Paris and Britney look like Albert Einstein.

2449 days ago
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