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Nobody to Michael Rapaport: Who Are You Again?

11/7/2007 3:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

As if his career weren't embarrassing enough, "War at Home" star Michael Rapaport was dissed outside of the House of Blues last night when one lady had no idea who the hell he was.

The worst part -- she asked who he was after he'd already introduced himself!


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Bob. My name is the same forwards and backwards    

OH' NO! Some cheese ball, walkin' the streets doesn't know who he is. Who was she? Mike is awesome and funny as hell. The War at Home was very funny and extremely well written.

Keep rockin' it, Mike! Hope to see some more great work soon!

2541 days ago


he is awesome and the war at home is funny as hell,TMZ sometimes you all are real asses!!!!!

2541 days ago


I thought war at home was hilarious so maybe those two ladies are a bunch of club hopping ho's who don't ever stay home and watch alittle t.v. or maybe they're not but either way it's not nice make fun of people for not being recognized. Prime example I know a lot of people who have no idea who Harvey Levin (sorry if sp wrong) is and also sorry to say it Harvey because I really do think your court show and tmz are mostly funny but I'm mean if you really want to talk about an embarassing career (only if your comparing) what kind of creds is TMZ and People's Court ( sorry if that's the wrong court show but I know it's one of them)

2540 days ago


omg i think that michael is just the cutest!

2540 days ago


Two Words: Pop Copy.

"...hey lady...I gotta take a s**t...." Classic!!!!

2540 days ago

Oh Fer Sure    

Don't be crazy TMZ! Michael is an awesome actor!!!!!!! ACTOR!!! Not like the shi**y "stars" you promote on your website!

2540 days ago

Mary Worth    

These things will happen; cuz, there's a billion-and-one celebs on this planet!

2540 days ago


I have never heard of him, or the TV shows or movies mentioned in the posts. Still, at least he apparently didn't pull a "Do You Know Who I Am?" It is likley that he may be a lot more talented than the schmucks we see incessantly on the gossip shows.

2540 days ago


I think he is great. His comedy show is pretty funny.

2540 days ago


Gee, TMZ, cranky today, or what?

"Embarrassing career"? Ummm... okay. He's just a decently-talented, working actor who has, actually, a very respectable resume.

Why would you refer to his career as "embarrassing"? What crawled up your craw today and made you such a bastion of jerkiness?

Have a day, TMZ.

2540 days ago


That broad was geeked up on colt 45 and superglu.

2540 days ago


Why is a woman completely out of touch with the media the word on who is famous? She probably can only name a few stars anyway, Tom Cruise, ah duhhhhhhhh. What is really lame is I'm sure she's seen a few movies he's done and she is too stupid to remember. She should of just left. Some people have no business in LA, go back to Iowa!

2540 days ago

Click HERE please.    

the darker the berry the sweeter the juice

2540 days ago


wow, my first time here at TMZ, and it's pretty trashy. Calling his career "embarrassing"? Pot, Kettle, Black.

2540 days ago


michael rapaport is an AMAZING actor. i'd spot him in a crowd anywhere. the people who didn't recognize him probably watch crappy movies anyhow.

2539 days ago
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