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When Rappers Go Wild! Chris Brown's Party Trashers

11/7/2007 6:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Two rappers were denied entry to Chris Brown's album release party last night -- and so they did what any denied rapper would do -- tore the place up in protest!

TMZ caught Juelz Santana and Jim Jones (the singer, not the cult leader) trying to get into a party at Tenjune. No word on why they were shut out -- both artists have collaborated with Brown.

Cops soon arrived at the club's request and Tenjune shut itself down, leaving stars like Tyrese, Lil Mama, Sean Kingston -- and Brown himself -- with nowhere to celebrate temporarily, though the club resumed business a short time later, as it always does on Tuesday nights.


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I think they was stoopid for getting mad like that i mean its not that serious

2496 days ago


this is a damm shame this boy can`t even have a damm party

2495 days ago

princess of cleveland    


2450 days ago


Brown is a very sweet kid! I dont blame him for not wanting those two at his party

2511 days ago


juarez . those cats are 2 gump rappers.

2511 days ago


Score 2nd .... 1 closer to first...

2511 days ago

ms wonderland    

Jim Jones is a loser and he only did that to promote his lame mixtape entitled harlems american gangsta < lmao. He's trying to jump on the bandwagon with Jay Z, Denzel and Russell. It didnt work for Cam'ron sweetie and it wont work for you. You'll always be a B- list rapper. Get a platinum album ya bum

2511 days ago


hey #3 , i don't care about the damn #, i came on to be a hater, i suggest you do the same.

2511 days ago


Hey #4 , what's the name of that video were jim jones got knocked out?

2511 days ago

Brown is a very sweet kid! I dont blame him for not wanting those two at his party

2511 days ago

ms wonderland    

im not sure @ juarez.. I'm so over dipset, though.

p.s. anyone who thinks Dogs interview on H&C last night was sincere must be the most oblivious white person in the WORLD. He wants to be buried with black slaves? he's not good enough. Those slaves died after putting their blood sweat and tears into building this country all for nothing, to die nameless. He is a murderer, accessory i dont give a damn, deadbeat dad, crackhead racist and he's not good enough to lay in the presence of anything more than a pet semetary.

2511 days ago


Chris Brown is a good kid - he's a local for me and one of the few people my little corner of Virginia can be proud of right now!!

2511 days ago

how dumb    

Boy, I know this post will cause a hellfire of responses, but hey.

Call this racist if u want, but why do ghetto people like this have to start trouble? It never fails... at rap concerts, there are shootings. At African American fest in my town, there are always riots. At black-themed movies, there are riots, shootings and fights. Whether its just the rappers or the GHETTO black people (not black people.. just the ghetto ones), they seem to always throw violent little fits when they don't get their way. Sorry, but you don't often see white people or non-gangster black people act like that. I can't believe they actually had to shut down the place because of these antics.

Chris Brown is a great guy and a talented artist. He probably didn't want these ghetto idiots there either. Does anyone see why gangster rappers have a bad rep???

2511 days ago

ms wonderland    

to number 10, THIS HAPPENS AT ROCK CONCERTS AND "WHITE PARTIES' ALL ACROSS AMERICA. im so sick of you guys pretending like this stuff isnt going on in the white communities. always swept under the rug. sorry sweetie but in high school the white kids partied waaaaaaaaaaaaay harder than the black kids, im tlaking about coke, all the beer and alcohol u want and tons of sex. at the black parties maybe we had some weed but we definitely werent tooting crystal meth. Im so sick of you guys pretending like oh GOd another ghetto guy starting trouble. Look at the list of mugshots and daily stories about dumb celeb business on here, MOST OF THEM ARE WHITE. you guys are racist, oblivious and i feel sorry that you;'re taking the air away from a child who needs it. roll over and die.

2511 days ago


#10 do mean ghetto as in the way George Clooney and Fabio were acting at that resturant- or ghetto as in the way Kid Rock slaps Tommy lee around

2511 days ago
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