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Britney Invades German Car Dealership

11/8/2007 7:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears got herself a shiny new toy last night -- a brand new white Mercedes-Benz, y'all!

One day after chandelier shopping in the Valley, Britz decided to upgrade from the Pumpkinmobile to a Mercedes SL65. It's a 604 horsepower V-12! Los Angelenos: Consider this a warning!

It was chaos outside the dealership as paps tried to snap Brit's pic -- cops were even called in to help her test drive the vehicle!


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isnt that like the one lindsay lohan is trying to sell on ebay? copy cat?

2541 days ago


It is obvious she is trying to replace what is missing in life with material objects because that is what she thinks will make her happy. Too bad she won't realize until it is too late that she needs is to be a mother to the 2 boys she brought into this world. They would bring her so much happiness if she would just focus on them instead of herself all the time. Maybe for Thanksgiving she should help feed the homeless and get her priorities straight. I doubt that will ever happen though. She is really messed up. I for one would love to tell her that, because I would stick her excuses where the sun doesn't shine.

2541 days ago

rock I.Q    

Clearly this is not a woman that wants her kids.
Frankly, with all her money and a court date pending, any mother who wants 50/50 custody restored, would go above and beyond the Judges orders. she knows how much media attention she is getting. She knows that this will be on the news. Why does she constantly paint a really shallow picture of herself. She could simply stay indoors and shop online for new cars, chandeliers, or whatever. She could buy an Espresso machine and tanning bed. Which clearly should not even be a thought in her stupid mind, because when you are losing custody of your children, nothing in this whole world matters. You think judges orders, children and parenting 24/7. All her Fans can comment back, with she has the right to go out, she can do what she wants, maybe she needs shopping therapy. But thats a crock of S**T, because Iv been there and you know what...Your wrong, no Mother would act as she does at this point in the game. Every time she is seen out in public for nonessential shopping trip she loses respect of a mother and credibility with the Judge and visitation monitor.

2541 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

I wonder if they'll be able to get that nasty smelly stain off of the driver's seat in the old car? I'm sure it smells like Fish Chalupas from Taco Hell.

2541 days ago


She has the right, as she does the money, to buy whatever she wants. The only problem GayFed is probably now wanting one....that 2 bit loser

2541 days ago


First off, why did the state of California and Lousianna give her a drivers lisense. Secondly, why do they keep letting her drive when she has proven herself to be a human crash test dummy? Thirdly, why the fig should we care? Why can't she just leave us ALONE and do us a favor and GO AWAY!! She's clearly a no-talent waste of space but we keep fueling her to do more stupid things so she stays in the news so she sells more cd's. Please America if you know what's good for us, boycott buying any thing Brittney!! BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT BRITTNEY!! BOYCOTT!! LET'S DO IT NOW! EVERYONE BOYCOTT BRITTNEY!!!

2541 days ago

who cares    

to # 4 Spear Chucker
dont use the race card in this one,,, Like there are no rich spoiled black????? give me a friggin break------------OJ, Naiomi Campbell, all the black rappers, so dont even go there
,,, whether she is black white or multicolored she is nuts and the world knows it,,, so keep your racist remarks to yourself
but then again I am sure you will side with OJ and the other blacks that have gotten in trouble RIGHT????????????????????????????????????

2541 days ago


and this is news because?

2541 days ago

Thorazine&Fava Beans    

Too bad she is not interested in a vehicle that the children may fit into easier and they might be more comfortable in. Of course everybody knows by now that this total id does not even consider her children's existence when she goes about her daily business. It is all ME,,ME, ME. It is pretty amazing at how apathetic she is towards any attempt at being a "mother". She could at least get a second car to tote the kids around in....but wait!!!....she likes to look "flashy" (and trashy by mere fact that she is herself) when she has her child "accessories" with her, and heaven forbid she be seen in a dowdy van or SUV.

2541 days ago

Lenn K.    

Of course she doesn't want her kids, but if she came out and said it she'd know the world would condemn and hate her. So act like you're crazy and people will say that the kids are better off with K-Fed.

2541 days ago


I'm not sure why any of these people drive. All the DUI's they get, etc, could easily be avoided if they would just use a car service. I think, that most of them could afford it. And it would be cheaper. I realize cash is not the issue, but everyone knows she can afford any car she wants, and thus, from the Veblin perspective, the conspicuous consumption factor is for naught, as everyone knows she is wealthly, so she could get by talking a limo or whatever.

I would much rather ride in the back of a limo with a bottle and let people do lines off my chest than try and negotiate peoples feet if I were her, but crazy people do crazy things.

2541 days ago


RollingStone: Eagle's CD's Being Illegally Sold In Other Stores, Stolen CD's Were Counted Twice

2541 days ago



2541 days ago

Fly on The Wall    

#4 YES you are, and as for DOG, Since Al or Jessee would forgive you. I will forgive you. too. No big deal - Just like Jessee doing the dirty deed and making a baby - we forgive all.

2541 days ago


Someone or everybody must be out of their minds at TMZ. Brit did NOT invade a German car dealership. She merely went there to view the autos. ON THE OTHER HAND, THE UNITED STATES IS CURRENTLY BEING INVADED BY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. The people at TMZ better soak their heads and get real, get a life, and quit bragging about destroying the lives of people much superior to themselves.

2541 days ago
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