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Britney Invades German Car Dealership

11/8/2007 7:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears got herself a shiny new toy last night -- a brand new white Mercedes-Benz, y'all!

One day after chandelier shopping in the Valley, Britz decided to upgrade from the Pumpkinmobile to a Mercedes SL65. It's a 604 horsepower V-12! Los Angelenos: Consider this a warning!

It was chaos outside the dealership as paps tried to snap Brit's pic -- cops were even called in to help her test drive the vehicle!


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Hey, our tax dollars at work...escourting Britney on her test drives. Meanwhile, across town someone unknown dies because they could not get the help they needed.

This woman should just invest in a driver. Although that would mean she really doesn't like the attention and we know the answer to that one!

Stupid bitch. Needs to be abducted by aliens and anally probed.

2539 days ago


Spend it all on yourself Brit. Go deep in debt and have fun with the money. In the end it will be great to see K-Fed try to get a lifetime free ride or his money grubbing lawyer trying to get any if you spend it all on yourself. Buy a yacht, but a coupla more houses, piss it all away on youyrself and laugh at the fools trying to get a free ride.

2539 days ago


It is not enough that she recently made the statement of 'people and the world can be so cruel'---but she is buying this new Mercedes just to thumb her nose at us and her fans as if to say ___ you. She should be so proud of herself for spending such quality time with her two toddler boys the day before having them sit in the car while she shopped for chandeliers and then went tanning while she had them for a days visitation. NARCISSUS--
AIR HEAD --wonder if she ever opened a savings account for her boys or if she even has life insurance for herself--because of the way she drives and her addiction problems?

2539 days ago

J Doe    

That new car does NOT have driver & passenger side tinted windows, like the other car did.
a mercedes SUV would of been the far better choice when you have kids.


2539 days ago


I can't imagine anything worse than losing your children because you were declared an unfit mother. How can she even go out in public after such a humiliation? She has her priorities completely messed up. Instead of indulging her every whim she should work on her relationship with her children and perhaps realizing all the "toys" she buys herself will not fill that empty hole in her heart. It might also be nice if she donated a bit to less, unfortunate families who can't afford food on the table never mind a new car every month.

2539 days ago

Go Away    

What a bunch of haters!! The girl is fricken loaded and you cant stand it!! Suck it up you jealous rats!!!!

2539 days ago


Gee, and where is she gonna drive it? I mean drive it like you should be driving this? I just feel so sorry for all the Americans that purchase our nice German cars and then head out to the highway with speedlimits like we have in our residential areas. You guys should really think about starting a revolution. I mean, are you to stupid to drive fast? I don't think so. It's just for the police to make money. Revolution people!

2539 days ago


Looks to me like the po-po were trying to pull her over........I'm pretty sure she did'nt stop when she merged into traffic.......a big no-no!!Oh well this vehicle will be more family oriented for her kids and alot safer.

2539 days ago


Kevin's go-away present? Any room for the baby boys in the SL65? $187,000 car still won't make you beautiful, Brit

That's too much car for her to handle, V-12

2539 days ago


Send her ot prison for what?........buying a car...................she has the right to buy what she wants people. Most losers that are critics are just jealous that they are not in her shoes........She has accomplished in her lifetime what most of us can only dream about......encourage her and wish her the best, don't criticize her for accomplishing the American Dream.

2539 days ago


I thought the little girl has lost her drivers license? And she gets a police escort for her $350,000 test drive? Did they even protect the public by giving her a roadside anebriation test?

What a country! 2,000 dead american soldiers in Iraq, and you want news about this bimbo!

2539 days ago

Old School    

Must be nice to be Wealthy and I wonder whats up with me having to pay taxes and seeing cops escort her fat ass around on a test drive I don't think this wound not happen in NYC but in La-La land it happens all the time.

2539 days ago


I don't understand why everyone is so jealous because this girl buys things. She has the money, and the right, as we all do to buy what we want. What is she suppose to do stay home all day, watch TV? It's stupid for other people to try and tell her what to do. She wants her kids, so give her encouragement and help her out, don''t run her down. At least she has the ability and desire to make money, something GayFed can't do.

2539 days ago


I pity the next foot that gets run over!!!

2539 days ago

OC Fiend    

Did she ever get her California drivers license?

2539 days ago
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