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Father Crazazy to Conan -- I'm Your Most Dangerous Fan!

11/8/2007 3:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The creepy Catholic priest accused of harassing Conan O'Brien called himself "a stalker of a very different order" -- and judging from the seriously sinister evidence, that's the God's honest truth!
Conan and stalker
TMZ has obtained the disturbing series of letters cited in Father David Ajemian's arrest record, in which the collared priest says he's been "tracking" Conan even from when they were in college at Harvard.

And it gets crazier!

Calling himself "Padre," and writing on his church's letterhead, Ajemian hinted in letters from earlier this year that he might shoot Conan at his Manhattan high-rise and kidnap him like Robert DeNiro's character does to Jerry Lewis in "The King of Comedy." What's more, he demands "a public confession" or else "a spot on [Conan's] couch." Christ!

We're told that Ajemian even contacted the talk show host's parents, who live not far from where Ajemian went to high school in Massachusetts. The horrifying holy man also claims to have stalked John McEnroe, and even tells Conan where he's going to spy on Johnny Mac at a tennis tournament in Boston. Ajemian claims that McEnroe "assaulted" him in the seventh grade "when I wouldn't give up my seat to him." McEnroe's agent didn't return a call for comment.

Finally, at the time of his arrest late last week, Ajemian is alleged to have said, "I wanted to wake Conan up. I wanted to be famous."

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paris hilton    

glad i'm a jew

2504 days ago


He actually said:

"I'm your most dangerous fans!" There were three of us that went to the Conan O'Brien show together on 2/19/07, but they overbooked, or so they said, and we didn't get in.

"What's more, he demands "a public confession" or else "a spot on [Conan's] couch.'"

Lots of things that David said was tongue in cheek. He said that because he blew $250 to go to NYC, only to be turned away because they overbooked. David had written to Conan a few times prior to that. The mods that ran the NBC board where he had posted warned the studio that he was dangerous. The mods had drug/alcohol problems and were obsessed with Conan. They had gotten into a fight w/David and all went downhill from there...lots of vicious allegations! Anyway, it was their allegations/warnings that made security leery in the first place.

David was hinting for a confession of why we weren't allowed in.

What's wrong with the name Padre? He is a priest.

He was not hinting that he was going to shoot Conan. David lived at the Majestic in his younger years. The same apartment where Conan lived before he moved to California. There is a legend about a famous ganster that missed a bullet while being chased by other gansters. The hole in lobby wall is still there and makes for great conversations.

David's father use to call him Rupert Pupkin. It was a pet name. David made a lot of facial expressions that were similiar to Robert De Nero. I kidded one day that he was like the aspiring comic who wanted to become famous in showbiz, like the character in "The King of Comedy"

One of David's earlier assignments as parocial victor was at St. Mary's Parish. David was parish priest to the O'Brien's so David already knew them way back then.

I also went the to McEnro tennis match with David. It was basically uneventful. btw, McEnro really did assault him when he wouldn't give up his chair in the 7th grade. Just one of those things you look back on where you're older and think, "Geez, McEnro, the famous tennis player once beat me up!"

See how the media can stir up a frenzy. See how ignorant and quick you all are to jump to conclusions.

Have a nice day!

1198 days ago
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