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Kim K to Ray J

You're Disgusting and Desperate!

11/8/2007 2:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

An hour of new footage from a sex tape of Kim KardASShian and ex-boyfriend Ray-J is about to be released by Vivid Entertainment -- but Kim didn't, er, go down without a fight.
Kim Bitch
TMZ has obtained a voicemail left by booty beauty for her ex, when she realized there might be something going on with their homemade video. Check out how the screaming message ends!


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LOL!! Did she think broke assed Ray J was going to keep the sex tape "their little seret". Hell to the NO!! He knew she was stupid & whore enough to do it, like he knew he would get alot of profit from it-- so he unleashed it for everyone to see. It's all about the BENJAMINS.

She can say the tape was made out of "love" between the two of them all she wants to, but we all know why he was really with her stupid ass even before the tape was unleashed to the public.

2532 days ago

Ella :]    

Give her a break ok?!, she is jst a girl hu makes mistake there r other ppl in the world hu do the sme thing and ppl dnt go a round calling them a c*nt do they ..? eerr no. She is living her life, she pritty, smart and can do what she wants with her life and i think tht she is living good for any body like her in the public eye ..u should just hope she dosnt tunr into britney . :[ Also as for her mum, she is who she is and she is not your mum so dont complain about it, she can raise her children how ever she likes and i think tht she is doing fine. If not the Her 2 youngest Kendall and Kylie would be lyk Jamie Lynn by nw in re-hab and just think about it befor u comment it cnt b that easy having 3 girls who are in the public eye living in a L.A where Mags and PPl LIKE YOU go for evry, tiny thing tht they have done even tho sum of it is in there privite lives . :]

2484 days ago


Yeah this kim k girl is probably a little misunderstood. Maybe she is a innocent designer, model, and business woman. Unfortunately she was betrayed by her ex boyfriend, ray j, once before and yet again. The tape either got out by him or her. Even though I don't know either. My judgment for guilt is riding on Ray J. Ray J is just a red flag to women that he pursues. A lesson learned never to record private moments with him. Because he will use it later for his own advantage ($$). Ray J is a whore and he wants attention because his music career sucks. Even perez hilton said so. Ray J is a man whore. Since brandy cant help boost his career let alone her own. He is a manipulative guy that dates women in the spot light to make his star power shine a little again. Look at the women he dates Whitney houston, Lil kim, and kim kardashian. Every one of those women was in the spotlight after his star power fizzled. Kim K is not the only one to ridicule and blame. Yes, it is crazy to record having sex with your boyfriend or even your husband when your a girl. It will bite you in the ass when the two parties break up. The girl suffers as by being viewed as a whore. The guy as looked at as a player. The message of kim k speaking to ray j, was repetitious, of the same words desperate and disgusting. Maybe she should have called him an opportunist. A male version of a whore. : )-

2484 days ago


How could kim k call ray j the n word? Hunny if you think of black people that way, why date them. No wonder yall broke up. The only time you probably was nic e to him is when ya'll were making love. She must like black guys she dated nick cannon, and currently supposedly reggie bush. Please I hate hypocrites. You like it black penius when its convenient but hate to admit that your with or appreciate black people when your around whites. hyp.

2484 days ago


Porn stars call themselves "sluts" because it adds to their "image" and, supposedly, makes them more marketable. Kim Kardashian is offended by any suggestion that she has a connection to porn. She feels honorable and tasteful by not showing too much for Playboy, she says. Playboy, one of the classiest publications in existence, lowered their standards by devoting any ink at all to this pig. Well, saw clips from her sex tape at, and what she did on that tape, with one of the ugliest MF'ers on the planet, was as extreme and as nasty as the nastiest form of porn available anywhere. OK, so she's not a professional porn "slut", and somehow she's too dignified to go too far in a respected rag like Playboy. Guess that makes her an unclassified slut.

2522 days ago

Andrea Elias    

Good for her!! Who cares she has a sex video how many people critisizing her have one- you just don't live in Hollywood and everyone has sex- big deal. And I'm glad Kim is the one making tons of money off of her fame, Shes STUPID for doing that? Look how many doors have opened up for her.

2520 days ago


hahaha.... i seen the tape! ray j keep doin ya thing homie and that new mixtape is hot.. Km call me lol

2517 days ago


it seems like that mostly everyone who has commented about kim's message to raj j, really hates her. umm did anyone check to see that ray ray probably released it for his shamless self. did anyone notice that he was just looking to get revenge cuz she dumped him. um yea ray got issues that he cant deal with not being alone so he jumps on lil kim..whoa! also it makes sense that ray would release this movie..he is gonna need that money to help his sister in her legal issues.

and yea for the hater's of the kardashians, don't hate you guys are jealous that she was born in a rich family and has it going good for her and for her family. and if u want to comment to this message umm yea check ur self ur in denial!

2509 days ago


Ok, ya'll need to back off her, seriously. Apparently you care enough about her to leave ignorant comments, love her and support her or hate her and not say anything...You were probably the weird kid that got rejected all throughout school, so anytime you hear something bad about someone good, you get disgustingly excited Get a damn life and get out hers....~Smooches

2506 days ago

death on a cracker    

is it the part where he pees on her? i havent watched the video... i can see the same thing on the discovery channel .

2541 days ago


1ST B I T C H E S!!!!!


2541 days ago


BWAAH HA HA--she's a nutcase! Blah blah blah blah blah yak yak yak--I can see why he doesn't want to call her back.

2541 days ago


I think he should release the rest of the video for FREE on You Tube. That would teach her.

2541 days ago


Like you matter Robinn, loser

2541 days ago


Why is this c*nt famous??? Hasn't her unwatchable train wreck of a show on E been cancelled yet? She is a major STD carrying whore.

2541 days ago
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