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Nick Hogan Crash:

A Tale of the Tape

11/8/2007 6:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan's camp is trying to turn the tide of public opinion by offering up exclusive new video shot just a few hundred feet from the sensational August 26 crash that left his former Marine buddy in a vegetative state.

The images, captured by a nearby security camera, appear to show Hogan's yellow Toyota Supra and another silver Dodge Viper, driven by pal Daniel Jacobs, stopped at a red light mere seconds before the smash-up. Then, they contend, Jacobs' ride momentarily got stuck behind a stalled car. That could contradict eyewitness reports that the Hogster and his buddy were drag racing.

Nick's attorney, Kevin Hayslett, spoke exclusively to TMZ and told us exactly what he thinks the video proves.

"This video is so important," Hayslett says, "because there are people that law enforcement relied upon who said that Nick was driving a particular way on this particular stretch of road. They are claiming that he was speeding during that time period, driving recklessly, losing control of his car. One witness even claims he got to the intersection on Missouri Avenue and Court Street and had to slam on his brakes and nearly went into oncoming traffic.

The allegation of street racing is totally inconsistent with the video. If there is any race going on, even if the Viper was in a race, Nick wouldn't know he was in it because he was so far ahead. That videotape is a complete 180 from what people claim happened and if they are wrong on that, how can we be sure they are right on other things?

I think eyewitness testimony is the least reliable. That's why we have instant replay in football."


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t jam    

,,who in their right mind would give him a sponsorship for racing if their was not another motive ( brooke maybe ?) ,,,,the schmuck cant drive to save his life ,, how often does he want to prove that ,,how many more cars does he need to wreck ,,or better yet kill someone ,,( oh i my mistake he almost did that ) i guess daddy will bail him out ,,,well i hope hes got a good attorney ,, maybe they should take his permit away ,, JAIL ?,,let him do community service ,,like a real man ,,pay his own dues ,,for once ,, unfortunally i think we will seee more of this ass hole ,,IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER

2539 days ago


"Spurs", actually the report they released said the majority of the damage from the impact was to the rear of the driver side. So all things equal Nick should have suffered the worst of the injuries. Obviously wearing the seatbelt was huge, and the Graziano's are going to have a real difficult time proving the seatbelt wasn't a huge factor. Not sure how that plays into the criminal case, which judging by this video, doesn't seem to be too strong. When you're witness says they revved their engines next to each other and the silver car drove off to a big lead, when they actually weren't even next to one another when the light turned green and the yellow car would be several seconds ahead (keeping in mind the entire distance from light to wreck couldn't have been more than 15 seconds giving very little time for the Silver viper to even pull even, let alone play "cat and mouse" several times), I don't think it's even possible they were racing.

2538 days ago
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