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Nick Hogan Crash:

A Tale of the Tape

11/8/2007 6:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan's camp is trying to turn the tide of public opinion by offering up exclusive new video shot just a few hundred feet from the sensational August 26 crash that left his former Marine buddy in a vegetative state.

The images, captured by a nearby security camera, appear to show Hogan's yellow Toyota Supra and another silver Dodge Viper, driven by pal Daniel Jacobs, stopped at a red light mere seconds before the smash-up. Then, they contend, Jacobs' ride momentarily got stuck behind a stalled car. That could contradict eyewitness reports that the Hogster and his buddy were drag racing.

Nick's attorney, Kevin Hayslett, spoke exclusively to TMZ and told us exactly what he thinks the video proves.

"This video is so important," Hayslett says, "because there are people that law enforcement relied upon who said that Nick was driving a particular way on this particular stretch of road. They are claiming that he was speeding during that time period, driving recklessly, losing control of his car. One witness even claims he got to the intersection on Missouri Avenue and Court Street and had to slam on his brakes and nearly went into oncoming traffic.

The allegation of street racing is totally inconsistent with the video. If there is any race going on, even if the Viper was in a race, Nick wouldn't know he was in it because he was so far ahead. That videotape is a complete 180 from what people claim happened and if they are wrong on that, how can we be sure they are right on other things?

I think eyewitness testimony is the least reliable. That's why we have instant replay in football."


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Dark Knight    

He was still under the influence of alcohol, doing 60 mph in a 40 mph zone and on a wet street. Sorry this does nothing for me or my opinion of the situation. Nice try, just like blaming a man in a coma for not wearing his seat belt. People start taking responsibility for your actions.

2519 days ago

Diego Chick    

Yeah, TMZ, I'm starting to think you're intending malice by continuing to refer to John as an "ex"-Marine. You've been corrected PLENTY. Show some respect!

I think the video shows a big NOTHING. The RED FLAG of Nick's attorney's statement is: "Jacobs' ride momentarily got stuck behind a stalled car." How would anyone notice and especially remember that, unless it was a significant annoyance (like, that it "stalled" the drag race,' or caused Nick and John to look back, contributing to swerving and reckless driving)????????

2519 days ago


he wasn't going 100 mph have you not read the other stories??????? obviously you have not. maybe you should and its pretty much impossible to go from 0-100 in 2 seconds come on people think a little here.

2519 days ago


I hear Nick wasn't you can bet Hulk is fighting for his life right now. I still think it Hulk Hogan was involved in the race somehow and if he wasn't in it..he witnessed it. Probably with a smile of pride as his kid is driving recklessly...Nevertheless, the Hogans need to get ready for a lawsuit because if it was my boy that some moronic idiot injured while showing can bet I would be suing the ass of of him...What does the mom of the guy in the hospital think as the Hogans spin this disaster...

2519 days ago


This video proves nothing. A war vet is in the hospital with life altering injuries and they expect for anyone to believe it was a "slow speed crash"? All this video proves is that who ever was driving the silver car accused of racing with Nick has no cupability in the crime, that nick was responsible for it all by himself. I for one thank his lawyer and family for being so dumb. We now all know it was indeed Nicks fault.

2519 days ago


It looks like at the end, they lined up and started racing....

2519 days ago


Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Sssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttt.......................................Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll SSSSHHHHHIIIIIIIITTTTT

2519 days ago


I think it's sad that the Hogan statement posted yesterday made sure to mention that Nick Hogan was wearing his seatbelt but that poor former Marine was not. At this point, why does it matter. Due to Nick's history of speeding citations, I don't feel bad for the kid. I have a whole different opinion of the Hogan family now.

2519 days ago


Wow - So how does this attorney determine that Graziano's injuries were caused by him not wearing a seatbelt? A lot of people don't wear seatbelts when they are passengers and don't wind up with fractured skulls. I think Nic's alcohol, speeding and lack of driving skills/good judgement had more to do with the injuries. From the looks of what's left of the vehicle, Nic just got REALLY LUCKY to escape injury even with the seatbelt. If he is so traumatized by the whole tragedy, why is he still drifting? Kevin Haslett, you are as slimy as your client.

2519 days ago


There is still no excuse for his attitude as well as his family's prior to this when they tried to shift the focus (blame) from him to the former Marine for not having a seat belt on plus the other things that were said.


2519 days ago


TMZ, pull your heads out of your asses. It is COMPLETELY inappropriate to refer to John Graziano as an ex-Marine. Anyone who has ever served in the USMC could tell you this: Once a Marine, Always a Marine.

2519 days ago


Dark Knight: "Nice try, just like blaming a man in a coma for not wearing his seat belt. People start taking responsibility for your actions. "

does personal responsibility also include wearing your seatbelt? does it also include continuing to ride around with you spolied rich kid buddy street racing? nobody forced him into the passenger seat just like no one forced him to NOT buckle up, which is against florida law. i think we can all agree that nick seems to be a spoiled arrogant prick. at the same time his friend knew what he was getting into, because you know its not the first time theyve been out doing this. so most of you should quit over-reacting as if his passenger was some helpless, innocent victim. yes, it sucks that his life is for all intents and purposes over. but taking responsibility for you actions and the situations you put yourself in is what personal repsonsibility is all about.

2519 days ago

Big Poppa Pump    

How aren't the Hogans not taking responsibility? As soon as Nick was charged he went & turned himself in.

Not to make light of a guy in a coma but shouldn't he have taken responsibility for buckling his seat belt?

Chances are he buckles up & he walks away like Hulk Jr. did..

2519 days ago


I live in Clearwater, and I can assure anyone that 40 mph is the REAL limit on how fast someone should be traveling on that road. Court street is not very big and there's not one part of it where I could imagine someone safely traveling at 60 mph, racing or not. Someone, who was probably a Hogan or friend of the family, made a post on another post about this topic that going 20 mph over the speed limit was "hardly speeding". Unless you live in a wealthy part of Pinellas County, the speed limits are, imho, certainly not made with pedestrians, school zones or safety in mind. I was sickened by the Hogan family statement, pretty much blaming the passenger for not wearing his seatbelt (which he SHOULD have been wearing) for the stupid actions of their spoiled son. I've watched their show before, and after they moved to Miami, I had to laugh at comments they would make about Bellair (the rich area in Clearwater where they lived), alluding that it was hicksville or somehow beneath them, when I cannot think of anyone I know who doesn't know what "Kosher" means, except for Terry and his wife. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. If the parents are upset that he's being charged with such serious charges even though he's a minor, then they should step in his place for allowing him to continue to drive. And why he still had a license in this state, well, as much as I like living here, Florida is one messed up state.

2519 days ago


The Hogans really need to shut their collective mouth. I feel like they are trying to sway the court of public opinion in there favor in case this ever does go to a jury. Just because the other car got stuck behind another car doesn't mean Nick didn't think he was drag racing. What a bunch of horse manure.

My prayers are with John and his family.

2519 days ago
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