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Nick Hogan Crash:

A Tale of the Tape

11/8/2007 6:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan's camp is trying to turn the tide of public opinion by offering up exclusive new video shot just a few hundred feet from the sensational August 26 crash that left his former Marine buddy in a vegetative state.

The images, captured by a nearby security camera, appear to show Hogan's yellow Toyota Supra and another silver Dodge Viper, driven by pal Daniel Jacobs, stopped at a red light mere seconds before the smash-up. Then, they contend, Jacobs' ride momentarily got stuck behind a stalled car. That could contradict eyewitness reports that the Hogster and his buddy were drag racing.

Nick's attorney, Kevin Hayslett, spoke exclusively to TMZ and told us exactly what he thinks the video proves.

"This video is so important," Hayslett says, "because there are people that law enforcement relied upon who said that Nick was driving a particular way on this particular stretch of road. They are claiming that he was speeding during that time period, driving recklessly, losing control of his car. One witness even claims he got to the intersection on Missouri Avenue and Court Street and had to slam on his brakes and nearly went into oncoming traffic.

The allegation of street racing is totally inconsistent with the video. If there is any race going on, even if the Viper was in a race, Nick wouldn't know he was in it because he was so far ahead. That videotape is a complete 180 from what people claim happened and if they are wrong on that, how can we be sure they are right on other things?

I think eyewitness testimony is the least reliable. That's why we have instant replay in football."


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2539 days ago


Hulk must be so proud. His wife is an aging skank, his daughter is an untalented slam pig, and the son nick is functionally retarded. Family of the year........

2539 days ago


Reckless driving is reckless driving - there's no doubt about that. BOTH of them should have been wearing their seatbelts and Nick should NOT have driven unless his buddy was buckled in. Here's a point that others have failed to make: Nick is a 17-year-old, a teenager if you will, so you certainly can't expect much from the "good judgement" area. Yeah, he should have known better & not participated in the whole drinking & driving thing, BUT, how did he get that booze in the first place? Hanging around with a 22-year-old maybe? Do you really think the 22-year-old, former Marine wasn't drinking with him? Do you not think the 22-year-old, former Marine was probably the one who purchased the alcohold for underaged Nick? Would you think that a Marine who just returned from a tour-of-duty would know better than to buy booze for a 17-year-old then get into a car with him after they both had been drinking together?

Give me a break - yeah, it's sad this guy is in such bad shape now, but he lacked as much common sense, if not more, than Nick did in this situation. He should have known better & not saying he deserved this, but this former Marine is no angel either.

Can't argue this point people - it's factual and it rings true. Those who want to hate on Nick Bollea only do so because he's a celebrity and that's pretty damn sad.

2539 days ago

$get money$    

It's amazing, I can't believe there are so many PERFECT people in this world. Everybody on here bashing the Hogan family for what. So really people let's think logically for a minute, what do you think Jon would want? I can GUARANTEE he would not want Nick in jail. They were friends!! I have hopped in to cars with a many friends in my day and I know that if an ACCIDENT had ever occurred, regardless of the situation, I wouldn't have wanted to see my friend in trouble. They were FRIENDS into the same activities and were more than likely both enjoying themselves before this terrible accident occurred. The Hogan family has been there for their friends, Jon's family, since this accident that is obvious. They are doing what they should and can and the whole seatbelt thing, he should have been wearing one, but regardless that statement wasn't a bad thing. Every accident report you hear or read in the news always states rather or not they were wearing seat belts (IT IS A FACTOR).

Before you judge, think about it.... WHAT WOULD JON WANT?

2539 days ago


Hulk stop treating your son like a spoiled little prince and have him take responsibility for his actions. Yeah, it's really that poor guy's fault for not wearing a seat belt. Who the hell was driving? And he had the nerve to show up at that racing thing! My gawd these people are clueless!!!

2539 days ago

sassy one    

Okay.yes he did go 0 too 100 in to seconds.but he was in his drifting car,that he races theres that he is young and dumb.people make mistakes.forgive them.dont point fingers at people.when you have done bad things in your life ha ha.

2539 days ago

Just a thought    


2539 days ago


So what if the Marine wasn't wearing his seatbelt? Nick, should have been a RESPONSIBLE driver (and FRIEND) and told him that he wasn't going to start the car until he did put his seatbelt on. That's what I do with my friends.

2539 days ago


Hard to fathom that someone can be so dimwitted to ask "what would Jon want!" Jon would want his life back, nitwit. Jon has paid a high price for a small crime, so shouldn't Nick pay as well? My kid and I used to love Hulk, but this is just shameful behavior. Take your punches the time.....

2539 days ago


Does anyone know if Hulk has called Vince McMahon and asked for his old job back?

2539 days ago


Out of respect for the injured boy, the Hogan family should shut their mouths. Not only will they save face, they might lose weight too.

These are the most egotistical people on the planet. I have yet to hear any member of the family show sincere remorse. Neither have I seen or heard that their son has been reprimanded in any way. In fact, quite contrary...the boy has let the world know that he is working on getting his "racing career" back on track.

If this were my son, he would no longer have a car to drive. And he would certainly have to put any thoughts of car racing on a very long holding pattern. One boy gave up his life, the Hogan boy can give up a sport. I hope this kid gets booed out of every track he ever goes to. And Nick deserves to get his life back on the same day as his bedridden victim does.

The Hogan's are egotistical maniacs.

2539 days ago

Ya Think    

Yeah, I agree. The tape doesn't DISprove that Nick was racing. The end of that clip sure looked to me like he was setting up for a drag race when the light turned green.

Nick's still a 'tard. His father is still a clueless 'roid head. His mother is still a trashy tramp. And his sister is still a man.

2539 days ago


Uhhhhh Nooooo..... Not even a good attempt at spin . . . There is another light at the next block and the accident happens about a mile further down the road. Nick very possibly got caught at the next light and his buddy caught up to him. They were racing, Nick always races on public streets and has numerous tickets for excessive speed and reckless driving. This is another attempt at trying to buy justice. BE MAD, BE MAD THAT IF THIS WERE YOU OR ONE OF YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS, YOU WOULDN'T HAVE THE MONEY TO BUY JUSTICE LIKE THE HOGANS ARE TRYING TO DO. NICK HOGAN needs to rott his weak ass in jail.. make him stay in prison until his freind gets better. If he never gets better, Nick should never get out.... AN EYE FOR AN EYE HOGANS.... I HOPE YOU GET SUED FOR EVERY PENNY YOU HAVE... Your children are reckless, spoiled, irresponsible and it all falls back on you and your parenting of these two idiots....

2539 days ago


When this accident happened, like JUST after it happened, photos were taken of the accident scene. You TMZ yourself posted them. It was night time in the origianl photo's.

2539 days ago


What's really sad is that his friend survived Iraq to come home and be in a coma because of this dumbass kid. Not only was he reckless but under the influence as well. It's a shame that instead of making him pay for his extremely poor judgement they are trying to get him off. Unfortunately though I have been involved in a courthouse in Florida and if all the other cases I have seen are like this one he'll be able to plead to something less. In 1 day I saw 8 out of 10 DUI get to plead to lesser charges, some with injuries.

2539 days ago
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