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Pet Seller in Chyna's Doghouse

11/8/2007 1:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

ChynaA word of advice from Chyna: "Don't buy your dog on the Internet!"

The wresting reality star tells TMZ that last April, she paid $4,000 to a web-based Chihuahua co-op in Phoenix, hoping to find a tiny companion for her two pups, Honeysuckle Honeybunny and Bambi Roo. But by November, no four-legged friend arrived.

So rather than go all Ellen DeGeneres on the folks at, she took her gripe to Christina's Court -- and won! The episode airs November 19.

Now Catherine Knell, owner of the site -- which does not permit buyers to pick up dogs in person or inspect them before paying -- is pissed.

In an e-mail to TMZ, Knell says: "We have sold several other puppies to Chynna [sic] with no problem. Her most recent order was cancelled after our cobreeder wanted more for the puppy once he found out it was going to Chynna. Because we're a coop, each Breeder has an individual responsibility to provide delivery of their pups. Another problem arose when we found out that one or more of the pups previously shipped to her had died after escaping into the street. As Breeders and animal lovers, we are always concerned about alleged cases of animal negligence or abuse. We agreed to appear with her on Christina's Court to resolve this issue and believed that Chynna was a friend. That court episode turned out to be an ode to Chynna with video clips and photos from her various ventures shown during the kangaroo courtroom happening. We quickly found out that Christina merely wanted to turn the event into a lovefest for Chynna and had no intention of giving us a fair hearing. I guess she hoped that Chynna would boost her ratings (good luck on that). Judging from her lack of concern for us or the pets involved, the only thing Christina should be judging is Michael Vick dog fighting contests." Ouch!

Though Knell can't properly spell Chyna's name, her website continues to use the star's unauthorized "endorsement" to promote their business.


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she is actually very pretty. just bc of what u see on tv?? gimme a break ppl. she is a very pretty woman. annnd she can kick ur ass

2507 days ago


That’s what you get for buying a dog online Chyna!

Spend a day at the local animal shelter, and then see if you are able to buy a dog online.

The part in the breeder’s letter, where she says that she is an animal lover and is concerned about alleged animal abuse at Chyna’s home, is a lie. Breeders are not animal lovers. They will sell their merchandise to the highest bidder, just like any other business person. The breeder had to say something to make herself look good, after she was caught scamming Chyna for more money.


2507 days ago


Stop paying outrageous prices for puppy mill dogs!! It's crazy. Lots of loving cats and dogs in shelters and being cared for by rescue organizations. That's the only way to go!!

2507 days ago


Dogs, as companion animals, should be viewed personally, not bought "mail order." And, any dog breeder who bases his price for a puppy on the celebrity of the owner is close to being merely a puppy mill ... since Chihuahuas seem to be the new "arm candy du jour" the breeder and that coop will probably dump the dogs they currently have and go for the new fad dog.

2507 days ago


This woman is disgraceful!! Why didn't she get a dog from the pound, rescuing him/her from a sure death!!

2507 days ago


can you spell puppy mill?
why do these celebrities even bother calling themselves animal lovers.
and these people raise the price because of her being a celebrity?
that alone shows that they are in it for the money.
They should be investigated like michael vick

2507 days ago

Whippet Good    

It is totally possible to find a good, responsible breeder on the internet. Most of the responsible hobby breeders that I know have websites. HOWEVER- any breeder who will not allow you to pick up the dog in person is not someone I would do business with. This "breeder" says that she's always concerned about possible animal neglect, but declines to meet the people she's selling her dogs to? HUH? Red flags, folks. Also, $4000 for a dog is WAY too much for almost any breed. I don't know why anyone would pay that, except to brag that their dog cost $4000!

2507 days ago


I totally agree with #3. Why spend $4000 (or $400) on an animal when you can adopt a "society" animal for less than $100. They are wonderful pets. Provide a loving home to an animal who will be so grateful. Save a life!

2507 days ago


Arizonapups represents everything a dog breeder SHOULD NOT BE! The folks are nothing more than puppy mill who only care about the $$$. It is NOT that hard to find a responsible breeder whom you can visit and get a hands on experience with. $2K, $3K, $4K for these dogs are RIDICULOUS!

2507 days ago

death on a cracker    

FRIST you dumbies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL>>>>> people like this crack me up!!! um....sorry but your 5th butthole! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!

2507 days ago


I wish I was "FRIST", because then I would finally feel special and life would be complete. Ok, seriously. It's not a race, there is no prize and everyone has been "first" at one time or another. The thing is, most of us spend our time reading and commenting, not waiting for a new story to post and be "first". Being "first" is only 'cool' when you have something meaningful to say, otherwise it's pointless and therefore idiotic. Please, grow up now.

2507 days ago

hot snot    

another photo i have to compliment today...she looks like a LADY here!

2507 days ago

Whippet Good    

It's totally possible to find responsible breeders on the internet. Most responsible hobby breeders have a website. But most responsible breeders are also interested in meeting the person they are selling their precious puppy to. If you can't meet the dog before buying it, that totally screams puppy mill. Also, I don't think there are ANY purebred dogs that are actually priced correctly at $4000, that's totally a scam artist at work.

2507 days ago


"Responsible breeding" is an oxymoron when we are as a society killing beautiful, healthy dogs.


2507 days ago


CHYNA! CHYNA! CHYNA!!!! Good for her! I've loved her since WWE... she's awesome

2507 days ago
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