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Brit in Deep S**t -- Runs Red Light with Kids in Car

11/9/2007 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears blew a red light at a notoriously dangerous intersection last night, with her kids in the back and a court-appointed monitor crouched down in the front. Paging K-Fed's attorney!

The Popwreck approached the light slowly on Coldwater Canyon in Los Angeles. You then see Britney raise her cellphone to her face. It is unclear if she's texting or making a call. She then drives into the intersection as someone outside the car screams, "Red light, red light!" Britney then turns left onto Mulholland Drive, managing to miss oncoming traffic.

The judge has made it clear that he has issues with Britney's driving. L.A. County Commish Scott Gordon temporarily revoked her visitation rights because she was driving without a valid California license.

Yesterday, Kaplan asked the Commish to forbid Brit from driving when the kids are in the car. The judge said he'd ponder that and rule on November 26. The bets are on -- Mark Vincent Kaplan, K-Fed's lawyer, will be back in court long before the 26th after eying the new video.


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This is the second attempt i have made to express my opinion of TMZ...which is NOT good.
You are vultures preying on these celebrities who cannot makle a move without having your cameras in their faces every time they are out in public. Think about are probably causing these accidents and running red light incidents. You are the danger, not them. To think I had respect for Harvey Levin at one time in his career, but what he is doing now just shows that in the end it's the "filthy lucre" that wins out. I know you're crying all the way to the bank, Harvey!

2500 days ago


I'm no fan of britts,But I think I would of done the same thing! I mean did you see all the people standing around her car snaping pictures! damn one of them is standing right in front of her car you ever think from the flash she couldn't see that the light was red!why don't you put your self in her shoes.See how you like people doing that to you all the time!!

2500 days ago


Does she ever stay home and just play with her kids? Nearly every photo shows her in the car with them and they are usually asleep in their carseats. Evidently she did not have a good mother herself, so she does not have a good role model. Those poor children do not have a decent chance at a normal childhood.

2500 days ago


She shouldn't be allowed to drive. Granted, the paparazzi probably don't help by harassing and photobugging her, but she let her drivers license expire, never got one when she moved to Cali, and doesn't listen to the Judge about the precariousness of her situation. Take the kids away from her, get her to wake the hell up, and then, after she gets her $&%* straight, give her another chance.

2500 days ago


Someone please tell me why they did not try to take Michael Jackson's kids away when he was hanging them over a balcony??? Talk about bad parenting............

2500 days ago


HAS SHE EVER HEARD OF GETTING A DRIVER????? If I had that much money I would never drive again.

2500 days ago


If i had a million people around me snapping a billion photos i probably end up running a red light to... actually i did this morning the only difference is that it wasnt posted on national news

2500 days ago


All I have to say is that the stupid papparazzi are a-holes. They were blocking the street, flashing their camera in her eyes, so why aren't they charged with impeding traffic? Brit is a nut case but come one , I think the real damage on this one is the papparzzi idiots. If someone did that to them, they would be pi$$ed. I would have run the light too , just to get the hell away from those idiots. I probably would have run one or two of them over too.

2500 days ago


There is no way human nature can be interested in her too much longer, does she really think 1 year from now anyone will care about anything she does? Remembe JLo and Ben, Jen Anniston & Brad, the coverage of Anna Nicole Smiths Death, the whole Britney is crazy story (and she is insane) will naturally go just go away, all the people I know that we used to soak up this stuff, we really just arent interested anymore.

2500 days ago

I don't agree with her driving.....BUT you can see when she is driving up the person taking the photos is standing on the street in front of the car so she can't go. I think we need to hold some of the newspapers responsible for stalking others when they put them in danger.

2499 days ago


look all u idiots who keep defending her......she is RICH.....she can have a cook cook dinner 4 her and the kids...she can pay someone to go and run her errands,get food,etc. SHE CHOOSES TO ALWAYS BE OUT AND ABOUT........DRIVING ROUND AIMLESSLY. LOOKS LIKE SHE LUVS THE ATTENTION....dont you all agree????

2499 days ago


Oh Please..... Its not that serious..... Looks to me like she was trying to get away from the a holes with the cameras.... Why are they sitting on the streets taking pictures of the girl when she is sitting at a red light... She may have a numerous amount of problems, but damn it looks like even the court appointed person is hidding from the damn cameras... Stop stalking the girl.... I would have ran a red light too with those a holes.... She should have run over another camera mans foot..... Its ridiculous....

2499 days ago


You all are so over the top. Leave the poor girl alone. Who's to say that the flashes from all the camera's didn't block her view???

We have all made mistakes, Brits are done in the lime light for everyone to harp at!

This whole thing is a joke!

2499 days ago


Someone PLEASE hire this girl a driver!

2499 days ago


i used to think that everyone was giving her a hard time! but not anymore! i am from louisiana not far from where she grew up and even as a Louisianan we don't even harm our children! Brittany has no excuses except that she either isn't willing to do what it takes or either she just doesn't give a crap! and to say that she is a birth mother to two little boys and she could careless about their safety . . . thats sad! yeah she probably cares about them but she must not realize that just b/c she is brittany spears doesn't mean she can't lose her kids forever . . . just like anyone else! she is a sad a very sad example of a mom!

2498 days ago
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