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Gordon Ramsay

Doesn't Give Kitchen Hell

11/9/2007 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rabid chef Gordon Ramsay and his family ate at Osteria Mozza in L.A. last night, and the mad white hatter didn't even diss their dishes! Hells kitchen has frozen over!

Also in L.A: Legendary actors Al Pacino and Jon Voight grabbed a bite at Ago's, Babyface checked out some plastic roadside bling, and Brittany Murphy signed backseat autographs.

In NYC: Our cameras spotted hotties Christina Ricci, Ali Larter, and Adriana Lima.

All this and more in today's "Food for Thought" edition of Star Catcher.


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1ST B I T C H E S!!!!!

2510 days ago


Gordon is the MAN! Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares are GREAT!!!!

2510 days ago

Lenn K.    

Gordon is what this country was all about before PC and people were straight shooter. The guy is great!!

2510 days ago


Gordo is the best, yes?

2510 days ago


Gee celeb834, do you really think people are still falling for your spam posts anymore?

2510 days ago


That millionaires dating bs is getting old, on top of that Ramsey is married with kids, I don't think you're going to find him on a dating site.

PS. Gordon is great, I love his shows

2510 days ago

TrimSpa Baby    

I watch "Hells Kitchen" and I realize the whole thing is scripted, BUT I think he is portrayed as an A**! Very arrogant. I don't think you have to be that cruel to people in order to help them with their restuarant business. Sensationalism at its best.

2510 days ago


Gordon is the best!, yes! ...and a RUNNER! sweet.

2510 days ago


Gorden rocks. I wish I could cook like that guy. Not to mention, have the right to tear people a new one becuase you can back yourself up with your food. He is only an ass when he needs to be.

2510 days ago


Gordon Ramsay is the hottest thing to EVER come out of a kitchen!!! The American version of Kitchen Nightmares is nothing compared to the British version (where it's all about the food and not the arrogant owners so much) and there's always a scene where he's taking his shirt off to change into his chef's whites! GUH!!!

Plus - the man can COOK and he knows his stuff. I will never understand these people whose restaurants are failing so they bring Gordon in, but then don't listen to a word he says!


2510 days ago


This week's episode of Kitchen Nightmares was great. Too bad the owner of Sebastian's Rest. was more worried about his pride then the fact that he serves re-heated frozen food that he gets from suppliers. Glad Gordon exposed him for a fraud!

2510 days ago


I believe Gordon Ramsey is winning hearts of haters of Americans by:

bad mouthing
on TV ............

Americans - and like Simon Cowel his success ifsbased on that !!!!!

To me - people who LOVE to see Americans PUT DOWN - Love a bully from another country coming to USA and doing that publically !

2510 days ago


Gordon Ramsay is the best. He may be loud-mouthed, crude, rude and inconsiderate, but he is successful and helps others become successful in return. A little tough love never hurt anyone. RAMSAY ROCKS!

2510 days ago

Lady Ki    

I think Chef Gordon Ramsey is great!!!! We really need to put resturant's on notice that we, as patron's, need to feel that we can have a great dinning experience and not worry about the after affect's from poorly cared for and poorly prepared food.
Go get em Chef!!!!

2510 days ago


'To me - people who LOVE to see Americans PUT DOWN - Love a bully from another country coming to USA and doing that publically !'

Hey Sam, might I make a suggestion?
Perhaps you should change the station on your TV from Cartoon Network to BBCA.
If you watched BBCA you'd see that Gordon has spent far more time insulting Europeans on his show Kitchen Nightmares (U.K version - pre U.S version!) than he has on either the U.S version of the show or Hell's Kitchen.

It's not about Gordon being mean to poor little helpless Americans that makes him who he is...It's that he doesn't take sh1t from anyone - regardless of their country of origin that makes him who he is.

Seems to me that you might have a bit of a persecution complex.

Chef Ramsay kicks ass.

2510 days ago
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