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Hogan Pal Graziano

Moved to Vets Hospital

11/9/2007 2:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Graziano, the former Marine who has been in a coma since being critically injured in the Aug. 26 crash of Nick Hogan's Supra, is being moved from his current hospital -- and his lawyer says his condition is improving.

The St. Petersburg Times reports that Graziano has been moved to the James A. Haley VA Hospital in Tampa, after spending more than two months at Bayfront Medical Center. George Tragos, John's mother's lawyer, tells the Times that he was moved "at the request" of the Veterans Administration for cost reasons. Tragos also adds that Graziano is "improving or else they wouldn't have moved him."

Two days ago, his pal Nick got arrested and charged with felony reckless driving and underage drinking -- and suggested in a statement that John should've been wearing a seatbelt.


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As the Hogan's suggest Mr Graziano should have been wearing a seatbelt perhaps they should consider that a responsible driver would have made sure his passenger was wearing a seatbelt.

It may not be a law, but how about a little personal responsibility?

2483 days ago


"Improving" can mean so many things when you're that critically injured, it doesn't necessarily mean you're going to fully recover. Considering the extensive head trauma, that fact that he's still alive is an improvement. He had no kidney function for a while, so maybe that has resolved, but he's obviously still in a coma, and until he's out of that coma, I would say there is no substantial 'improvement'

2483 days ago


Take responsibility Hulk Hogan for what your son has done and pay for John's care.

This is ridiculous. What a stab in the back to John and his family.

2483 days ago


In all honesty he really should have had on his seatbelt! You people JUST conplained about Britney not wearing one! The idiot should have never got in the car with a 17 year old who was #1. drinking and #2. street racing!! At 23-years-old you need to be a little more responsible.

2483 days ago

ny chic    

Kelli, this is your you have me checking out this celeb stuff...i have been following this case for obvious reasons.........wasn't the hogan car insured.........let them pay.....God Bless US Marine, John Graziano.........may he make a speedy recovery.............he absolutely needs the best care possible, only the best with his injuries and i would think that the hogan family would step up to the plate and see to it...and to his parents, my prayers are with you...stay strong, God Bless

2483 days ago


I have never seen such cruel comments in my life. I wonder if any of you have children. They do stupid things, rich or poor. Yes, this boy should not have been racing or speeding, but the other boy who was much older, knew exactly what was going on, was in the car by his own decision, and was not wearing his seatbelt, also his decision. Nick was wearing his seatbelt. This is not blaming the boy that got hurt, but we all make choices in our lives. This was a really stupid accident and he should be punished, but you all act like he has no remorse. You don't know him or his family. As they say, let he without sin cast the first stone.

2483 days ago


Nick Hogan should pay for his buddies healthcare. The family should sue Nick and his parents since he was a minor.

2483 days ago


Nick, you are a worthless piece of s*** --stop trying to blame an innocent person for YOUR actions! It was ALL YOUR FAULT!

2483 days ago


Burn in h*ll HOGANS !!! All of you !!! Put this poor guy in a VA hospital and then blame HIM for the accident. You HOGANS are a bunch of uppity rich losers !!! I along with quite a few people I know will NO longer spend a second watching anything any of you or your sad excuses of children are a part of. NICK be a MAN and take responsiblity not only for the accident but for this mans life !!!

2483 days ago


What about Terry's assertion that he and Nick would 'walk John out of that hosptial'. That didn't happen. What about Terry saying he would foot the bill for the BEST doctors for John? Doesn't look like that's happening. I don't want to diss Florida or the VA hospital, but I would think if you were trying to get the best care for a person that you would send them to the Mayo Clinic or Stanford or some other hospital known for their proactivity in healing. Believe me, if it was my loved one, and cost was no barrier (as with the Hogans) I would have them transferred from a VA hospital to somewhere that was at least more noteworthy for their contributions to medicine. Isn't a VA hospital more like a nursing home for vets ina case like this?

2483 days ago

just wondering    

...I guess nursing home next ....once he doesn't " rehabilitate" anymore he will be transferred out of there too!!!!!!!!!..I just pray this young man doesn't have the cognitive funtion to know what happened to him!!!!!!!!

2483 days ago


Pass it on to the taxpayers, you LITTLE TURD.

2483 days ago


Is Nick still in jail or did they check him in for show and he was out an hour later? As much money as their family has or it appears their family has, it is horrible that the Bollea family is not doing more for this young man and his family. Or perhaps they are and we just don't know. But I think that if they were doing for him we would have heard. Nick was had been drinking and was driving carelessly and I find it totally shameful that they are quick to mention that this young man did not have on his seat beat. What if he had his seat belt on and the same injuries happened? Then what?

2483 days ago


I live in the Tampa area and from what I've seen he's a spoiled little brat without a care in the World. His parent should have did somehting about his driving issues before a innocent person was hurt. They are reversing the blame off him and blame it on a U.S. Marine that's terrible, money talks though?

2483 days ago


How do we know John wasn't wearing a seat belt? BECAUSE NICK SAID HE WASN'T! Why do we believe anything Nick says? NIck says he wasn't drinking and he was. Nick says he wasn't speeding and he was. Nick said he wasn't racing and witnesses say he was. So why do we believe him when he says John wasn't wearing a seat belt?

2483 days ago
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