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Hogan Pal Graziano

Moved to Vets Hospital

11/9/2007 2:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Graziano, the former Marine who has been in a coma since being critically injured in the Aug. 26 crash of Nick Hogan's Supra, is being moved from his current hospital -- and his lawyer says his condition is improving.

The St. Petersburg Times reports that Graziano has been moved to the James A. Haley VA Hospital in Tampa, after spending more than two months at Bayfront Medical Center. George Tragos, John's mother's lawyer, tells the Times that he was moved "at the request" of the Veterans Administration for cost reasons. Tragos also adds that Graziano is "improving or else they wouldn't have moved him."

Two days ago, his pal Nick got arrested and charged with felony reckless driving and underage drinking -- and suggested in a statement that John should've been wearing a seatbelt.


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The VA Hospital is not a military hospital. Graziano is obviously in the VA system, but combat action does not guarantee that. Due to budget problems, being a vet does not automatically grant one access to the VA hospital system. The doctors at the VA hospital are rarely military doctors. In many cities, like Ann Arbor, or Miami, for example, they are physicians affiliated with the major university system. UM and UM in the above cities. Excellent care. I doubt that the VA can recoup money from Hulk Hogan. The federal government can recoup monies from individuals who commit crimes or civil infractions against the government. Nick, if convicted, committed a crime against the state of Florida, with civil liabilities towards his victim, not the federal government.

2509 days ago

The Groomers    

Whats up with that.The hogans and the hogans insurance company should foot the bill.Get the hogans a cardboard box to live in on the streets.Sell all assets to pay for your sons stupid mistakes. Enjoy the real life.

2508 days ago


I just watched Hogan Knows Best online, the episodes where Hulk seems almost hung up on his daughter. Doesn't anyone think that his obsession with his daughter goes beyond the day to day worries of a father. I had to stop watching it because I thought it boardered on incestuous. What is his problem with a 17 year old girl being interested in guys? Is that unusual or something?
Nevertheless, the idea that an oversized man is grinding up pop cans and lurking around his daughter and her friends from a speed boat (with another moron on board to help him) is creepy. This doesn't look like a case of a father looking out for his daughter, it looks more like a father in love with his daughter...and Brooke step up and stop getting your male friends in trouble with your dad. Your setting them up and then standing back like there is nothing you can do...again, am I the only one that finds the dynamics of this family strange.

2508 days ago


To #113 ronnie, you are so right on! If it were my kid, the same car, no license and walk or take the bus. And I agree with you too #116 gwen0...I too felt really creepy watching terry's actions concerning Brooke. Way over the top and his friends he enlists to help him keep an eye on his daughter? Awful....something is really not right with the whole family. Now with a 17 year old responsible for putting his friend in a vegetative state, what comes next? Brooke announces that Terry has been molesting her? Who knows? Hopefully VH 1 will come to their senses and contracts or not pull the plug on "Hogan Knows Best". Although I rarely watched, what little I did see was really silly or plain sick. And that they are still on after all has been said and done is just plain disgusting.

2508 days ago


Hulk and Terry,

If I raised a child that was half as immature and irresposible as your Nick, I'd shoot myself. Then again, your daughter is no prize (whore-ish outfits and no talent plus minute brain power= loser in "real life"), either. Maybe you were meant to be "childless" and you just didn't heed mother nature's advice. Either way, this is your ONE chance to make it right. Make that snot-nosed brat of yours act like he's got some sense of decency and take responsibility for his actions! Stop blaming the victim and make him grow up, already! You've done enough damage-- it's time for consequences. Hell, any of my kids (10 years, 11 years, and 13 years old) would ALL know to behave better than your 17 year old on any given day of the week. It's called MORALS, VALUES, ETHICS and good old plain RESPONSIBILITY! Get a dictionary or thesaurus if those words are foreign to you. I don't know what the hell was in your water in LA or down there in Florida but brain-empowering, it wasn't! Get a clue!!!!!!!!!!!! Do the right thing and make your son take the heat for his own mess!!!!!!!!!!!

2507 days ago
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