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A Veteran Star

11/10/2007 10:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 70-year-old blond bombshell turned up at a charity event in L.A. on Thursday, looking better than ever.
Loretta Swit
Loretta is an accomplished watercolorist, has written a book on needlepoint and started her own line of fine baubles.


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She looks great for her age. Her top lip looks unnatural and a bit weird. It looks like she used lipstick to make her top lip look fuller and to give them a larger bow shape. Aside from that, her teeth are whiter than most older people's teeth usually are. She doesn't have on excessive amounts of makeup. And, her hair color looks natural. At least she's not wearing Tammy Faye makeup to hide the years and hasn't dyed her hair a fake shade of blonde like Gwen Stefani. She looks really good considering how old she is. So, cut the woman some slack. A lot of you probably are younger and don't look as good as she does.

2548 days ago


She has the "look" she had when she was on MASH, but its all contrived but thats ok with me. At least she is an star from the OTHER generation and still has the money to try and look good.

I still admire her tons!

2548 days ago


I see her from time to time and she looks even better in person! She's so friendly.

2548 days ago


Hey aunt acid - I see why you call yourself that. I'd LOVE to see what you'll look like at 70. You probably think all women who are over 40 should have men's haircuts and look masculine. Why don't you send us all a picure of yourself so we can comment on your bad looks? Oh, buy the way the word is "taut" as in firm and not "taught" as in to teach. Sounds like you have several short comings.

I sure hope that I look as good as Loretta when I reach my 70's. She has accomplished quite a lot in her life and her watercolors are beautiful. She sure is talented. Also, beauty comes from within and there are many other qualities to look at other then outward beauty. Many have beautiful and artificial faces and bodies - that doesn't matter as much as what's in your heart.

2548 days ago


I wonder how much embalming fluid they used on her.

2548 days ago

She Never Learns    

3. #, Lerch--- Frank Burns, Larry Linville, passed away. And you might want to consider getting a life.

Posted at 9:33AM on Nov 10th 2007 by John


John - The comment "Frank Burns Eats Worms" is from one of the episodes of M*A*S*H*. Hawkeye and B.J. (or was it Trapper John?) taught Koreans, who were learning english to say that............

If you watched the show, you would know where the reference came from.

2548 days ago


I don't care how old she is... the matter of the fact is that she doesn't look good for any age. She is seriously scary looking. Almost like she belongs underground, but for some odd reason, someone is trying to keep her looking alive. Horrifying...

2548 days ago


What I really think is sad is that we put so much focus on personal appearance. It sounds like she is a classy lady and using her creativity to stay vital and productive. That is what is admirable to me. Inner beauty and vitality seem to show through wrinkles and gray hair and some extra padding tomake a person attractive.

I believe the key is to do just as she appears to be doing -- stay active and take reasonable care of your health and tell the fashion industry that you are going to dress and wear your hair and use make-up to please yourself -- not be a puppet to their whims and sense of style.

2548 days ago


I was really scared to look at first, but you know what - she really doesn't look that bad at all. The only recommendation is maybe her hairstyle.

Sh doesn't look that much different than her Mash days.

2548 days ago


She looks like the joker, she went a tad too far with the plastic surgery!

2548 days ago


#5, so, um, 20 is the new 0?

2548 days ago


Hate the shirt but the mouth still looks do-able.

2548 days ago


Niki and someone are right on...too much plastic surgery!! She doesn't look natural!

2548 days ago


OMG! She looks HORRIBLE! Way too much plastic, and she looks like that freaky cousin of Jethro's that was a boxer on The Beverly Hillbillies.

2548 days ago


I love U TMZ for the Memba Her /Him updated photos of stars from the past. Keep up the good work!

2548 days ago
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