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Week of 11/4

11/10/2007 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears spent her custody time wisely this week -- by leaving her kids in the car with a court monitor while she shopped for chandeliers. Them's sparkly y'all! Looky all them lil' rainbows!

Snoop Dogg was a real charmer at Heathrow Airport last year -- until he started exchanging blows with airport security!

The Spice Girls are lookin' "majaah" in their new music video, but TMZ TV uncovered unaltered pics of the gals -- and it isn't pretty.

Jet-setting Scientolotot Suri Cruise was spotted in New York City this week, rocking an Amish-chic ensemble outside her hotel.

Another week in the Thirty Mile Zone, another group of high society gals flashing their naughty bits all over the Les Deux parking lot.

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my god.. every time I hear this story, it gets more absurd. She is one crazy bitch.

2449 days ago


how can she just leave her kids in the car? whats wrong with her?

2449 days ago

what ?    

SIGHHHH ~~ LOOK HERE ___ no one should be surprised , it doesnt even phase me anymore .. I ve said it a million times ... she does not want those kids , she loves em but she doesnt want to take care of them ... she wants kevin to. she should really drop the games and just tell the judge .. look , I love the kids but I dont want to take care of them and if you give them to me I wont so don't /... it cant get anymore obvious than this right here.. come on people . DUH Y'ALL!

2449 days ago

matter of time    

A court appointed monitor is NOT a nanny.
Popwreck basically left the kids in the car alone.

2449 days ago

what ?    

it is a scream for help .. like please take these burdening kids away from me already ! what will it take ! ... honestly if this stupid judge doesnt take them away now ... who knows what else brit will do to show she doesnt care !!!! dam ! i am sure regular people dont get this many chances ! the judge must be influenced by her celebrity ..brit is playing games here with the court.. like y'all can do whatever .. i am not changing my style y'all.. ha haha~! really what will it take judge???how bad of a parent does she need to be before you revoke the children out of her custody !?

2449 days ago



2448 days ago


I agree with you #5. If that was anyone else they would not be allowed to leave their kids in the car with the court appointed monitor. The court appointed monitor is not a babysitter. I just don't get why she is getting away with it though? If it was anyone else besides a celebrity they would have gotten in trouble by now and this is not the first time she's done this.

2448 days ago


You paps make me sick on how intrusive you are to her private life.

Maybe the children where asleep by the time she got to the store. It is sometime best for the child to continue with their sleep. Afterall they were with a court approved monitor!

Then here you all are taking pictures of the car with just the children and the monitor in the car. I thought you were after the real star. You can count your lucky stars that was not my children as I would of stuck your cameras along with some other things were the sun don't shine.

Please Please Please leave her children alone, this is not fair to them. What one or two year old would not be frightened by a stranger peering through a window and taking pictures.

So what is the big deal about buying a chandeliar. Perhaps she will be having dinner at a dining room table and children do love shiny things. Having dinner as a family together is one thing America has forgotten. Maybe she will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Just leave it alone she's not a bar!!
Let this family have some peace

2448 days ago


Britney is beyond being gossip-worthy. She is so scattered, she makes me dizzy.

Hey! if you have an extra holiday card -- I just read about a 16 year old girl who was the victim of a shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Britney's home state) . Ordinarily I wouldn't post a story like this but Kayla Smith could really use some cheering up.

In the spirit of all we have to be thankful for in our own lives -- Let's send Kayla cards in care of Cpl. C. Castleberry at the Baton Rouge police department.

Here is her story:

2448 days ago


To all other whom feel the court appoited monitor is not a nanny. Well we are on the outside and know nothing on the inside. I do know that the monitor would not allow any harm to these children. She has been placed there in the interest of these children.

Of course none of you whom make negative comments would know about this. You are not her and therefore you should not make derogatory comments until you have walked a mile in her shoes.

I thought we lived in America were you should be presumed innocent unless found other wise in a court of law. You are not the judge or jury, a wise one would give her the benefit of doubt and not condemn her without substantial evidence (not opinions).

2448 days ago


To #11/Just a MOM
Some of us are not saying anything about anyone being guilty. We are (or maybe just me and my opinion, I can't speak for anyone else) just saying that ordinary/every day people would not be allowed to do or get away with some of the things that she is and has been doing. And that goes for a lot of other celebrities as well. And yes, the court appointed monitor is there of course to make sure nothing happens to those children but he/she is not suppose to give preferential treatment to anyone. And yes I do agree with you-we are on the outside looking in and know nothing about what goes on inside.

2448 days ago


she is my favorite celeb of all time. she is soooooooo freaking beautiful


2448 days ago


I am sure Britney's court ordered monitor offered to watch the boys for a few minutes and it will not be used against her, My god get off her ass.

I like that Katie lets her child Suri walk and does not carry her around everywhere like a security blanket.

2448 days ago


9-10 - get real. Brit maybe puts kids in the attic too.

PS - & the Eagles are by far the number 1 CD - not what's her name.

2448 days ago


Everyone can talk about Britney and her kids. But try to put yourself in her shoes. She lives in a fish bowl. Everything she does is under a microscope. If she was an every day person. Most of the issues wouldn't even be blinked at. I don't agree with her partying but how do we know that she doesn't have a good nanny with her kids? How do we know that this isn't really part of her job? I know quite a few CEO's and other executives whos children are only raised by nannies because the parents have to be out there to do thier job's. But you do not hear about that because they aren't "famous". I saw my Dad maybe once every 2 weeks because he was a log distance trucker and my Mom worked swing sift at the factory. Me and my siblings turned out ok and knew our parents loved us. My son's girl friend is a top sales person with a top radio station where she is on call at all times to hit the bars and clubs to promote bands and such. To the outsiders she looks like a lush but we know better. There are so many pictures of her looking sloshed but because of photogs she looks bad but we know better.

2448 days ago
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