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Osmond Army Invades Chicago

11/10/2007 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Various Osmonds assembled at a Chicago airport, where the nearly 100 of them took up most of a terminal. Security!

The grieving group is gathering for the funeral of Osmond family patriarch, George, who passed away Tuesday at the age of 90. Services were held Friday in Utah.


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what is wrong with you people......because they don't have baggy, underwear showing pants on....slinging their hands and fingers in the air. and doing , oh yeah, you call it "hip hop" or think they are freaks....Oh man, do you ever have it backwards.

2477 days ago


I think big, close-knit families are GREAT.

2477 days ago


Can't stand Oprah but caught some of the show out of curiosity. Mormons have a funny way of grieving. But I guess 'Dad' would have wanted it that way. Grab all the $$$$$ you can get while you're in the limelight.!!
Looks like Marie's DWTS appearance was planned perfectly for the big comeback. Hmmmmmm. Btw, the fainting spell?? Next time, don't move your leg after you're out like a light on the floor. Who cares if they can see your panties when you're going for the sympathy vote.!!

2477 days ago


What a wonderful show with the Osmonds on Oprah. I've watched Donny and Marie being a 'little bit country' and a 'little bit rock and roll'; and seeing the love they have for their father -- rest in peace Mr. Osmond - your children have made you very proud.

2477 days ago


Right on Roz. Don't you just get tired of this phony baloney? And of how much of it is perpetuated by the Queen of Baloney herself, Oprah Winfrey? Money, money, money! Like they don't have enough already.

2477 days ago


"Rarely mentioned is the fact they are Mormons"???

Have you been living under a rock? My goodness, I can hardly think of a group of entertainers whos faith background is mentioned more than the Osmonds.

CHRIS - You'd love our family. We have 11 children. Oh poor mother earth!

2477 days ago


it certainly seems like a sad, cynnical group of people who have chosen to attack
a loving, close family, who chose to celebrate their dad's life on the oprah show,
and to grieve privately in their chosen religious setting.

it seems that people who make sex tapes, drive drunk, party 24/7, are idolized,
and copied and revered...

what kind of cynical mind thinks everything done by the osmonds ...dwts, oprah,
fainting, etc. is soley for money.....what then is making sex tapes, etc. for, just
to get their faces in front of a camera, to eventually profit from exposure.

give me the osmonds and what they stand for any time, over the paperazzi darlings.

2477 days ago



People can and have made fun of them, but the truth is most people would give their right arm to have such a HUGH, LOVING, SUPPORTIVE FAMILY. Watching their Oprah show adventure made me want to be a member of the Osmond clan.

My, gosh they are all stunning ! Brothers, wives, sisters, cousins, children and babies ... they are all beautiful !!!

Can you just imagine their holiday get togethers? They must be a blast !!!

They are able to smile in the face of adversity because they are consumate performers and putting on the best show possible EVERY time is in their blood. That is commendable !!!

I'm happy for their "comeback" (although they've always been around .) They deserve it. Over the years they have made millions smile. They have and will always represent a more innocent and carefree time. For that, I thank them ..................

2477 days ago


simon...the Jackson family is definetely the more wacked out family of the two...HANDS DOWN! No comparison!

2477 days ago


These has beens will do anything for money and fame.

2477 days ago


When I read all the negative, hurtful comments on this story, it reminds me why we all need more loving, positive, families like the Osmonds. I saw them on Oprah, and felt uplifted immediately. And these harsh comments against a grieving, loving family remind me why. The world has become too angry and cynical. I LOVED seeing them on Oprah, and their beautiful families.

2477 days ago


I am really surprised with the posts on this blog. What happened to, "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all."? I am not Mormon, I don't have 10 children, but I have lost both Parents and even though I cried, I celebrated both my parents lifes like the Osmonds did. My Sister and I laughed and joked, remembering all the great, wonderful funny times we had together. When all the people who judge them for going on Oprah as to making a buck, not really mourning, etc. OMG! Are you telling me you want all your relatives when you pass to be misrable, take days off of work crying over you being gone, lose money, etc.? The Osmonds were about family, always has been. You don't see them in the tabloids on a daily basis, drinking, showing their crotch to the world, etc. Sure they have had their ups and downs as any family does, but they are more an example of a good close knit family than the ones who stab each other in the back to make a buck. I have never seen so many absolutely nasty, vindicitive people as I do on all these blogs. I am ashamed at all of you who have nothing nice to say because you just want to be a butthead and if it is truly about their religion, finanicial status, number of children that you don't agree with, shame on you more. Worry about your own life, job, children, etc.

2477 days ago


#7--Chris--if you are a former Mormon, why do you spell the word incorrectly? You wrote Morman and Mormom---and I agree with #10---have you ever heard of punctuation? You should worry about your own flaws, buddy.

2477 days ago

Georgia Girl    

Saw the Osmonds on Oprah. It was a great show and a fitting tribute to their parents.

2477 days ago


#17 Duke, thanks. I'm one of 15 children (lucky #13). Don't tell CHRIS. I believe we enhanced mother Earth!

2477 days ago
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