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Osmond Army Invades Chicago

11/10/2007 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Various Osmonds assembled at a Chicago airport, where the nearly 100 of them took up most of a terminal. Security!

The grieving group is gathering for the funeral of Osmond family patriarch, George, who passed away Tuesday at the age of 90. Services were held Friday in Utah.


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Wow are you naysayers telling us that Osmonds father dies so Marie could win DWTS??? ROFLMAO. What a pack of nobodys you are LOL They are paying tribute to their father. I guess you would rather see them throwing themselves on his grave gnashing their teeth? You are equating DWTS to their fathers death? Well what will your do or what did you do when you lost a parent? These people have been in public for years and O is doing a special for them and they do not need the 1500 dollars they get for appearing on her show. Those post made my day because I have not had such a good laugh in a long time and I don't even like the Osmonds . B y the way at least the Osmonds family can afford the c hildren they have and are not out getting abortions and getting a welfare check for them. That family love children so they have them. Can you say the same? Griping about people having kids wow what a new low on here.

2537 days ago


Great show Osmond family. Your parents would have been proud

2537 days ago


Shame on you Oprah; the Osmonds should be ashamed too--I changed channels.
How very tacky!

2537 days ago


Try not to delude yourself. The Osmonds didn't come across as a "grieving family" but more like they and Oprah would do ANYTHING to boost ratings. Who will their next "sacrifice" be?

2537 days ago


I am sure that the Osmonds being on Oprah was planned at least weeks in advance and they didn't know Mr. Osmond was going to die when he did. These shows aren't thrown together in a day, you know. Mr. Osmond was in ill health, so it wasn't a big shock when he died, but sad, nonetheless.

I agree that they should have gone on with the Oprah show and it could definitely be considered a tribute their family and their father. I don't even watch DWTS, but it seems as if the media does focus on certain people on that show and they get alot of attention from the media while the show is going on. This is no different than past seasons of DWTS.

I also know that the Osmonds are having a television special on shortly celebrating their decades in show business, so I am sure the Oprah appearance was supposed to be hyping that show, which all celebrities do when they are having some new project.

The timing of Mr Osmonds death is coincidental to the media attention they were already getting, but I'm sure he would understand them continuing with the 'show', so to speak.

2537 days ago


Marie has more "heros" and "rocks" than the average person. I think I would have excused myself from a show already in the "works" if one of my parents (or other family members/friends) had died. Don't shed a tear or two and think you're putting yourself out there as a genuine person! Stand on your own two feet and be a rock to yourself--be a REAL person! You can fool some of the people some of the time.....................

2537 days ago


I don't care much for Oprah but the show about the Osmonds was great. Need more families like the Osmonds. liberal democraps are destroying what family values we have left in this country!

2537 days ago

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be slut-whores    

I'd rather live under the "Osmond Army" than the Army of Islam ANYDAY.

2537 days ago


I used to love Donny and Marie growing up! I still like them.

2537 days ago


You guys are idiots TMZ... The Osmonds did the Oprah show on Friday. Yes, all 100 of them. Check your facts Gillian!!

2537 days ago


Saw the Osmonds on Oprah. Now that is what I am talking about. "FAMILY". It was awesome and inspiring to see a wonderful all American Family like that still getting along, all joining together. And for whatever it reason it was, Dancing with the stars, or Ophra just likes them. The show was fantastic, brilliant and made me absolutely think about happier times in our country when they used to performa nd more than anything it reminded me that not everything is negative out there, that they represent goodie- goodies who have lasted through decades and have remained untarnished. Great family values and traditions handed down from their parents. I myself could never walk their 100% clean path and yet I like watching them, because they deserve recognition for their talent and the beautfiul memories that they have given us during the more innocent times in our country. Keep on keeping on Donny and Marie. You are awesome. Loyal Fan,

2537 days ago


I saw the show and loved it. I think it was great that they shared there memories of their Dad. He would have been very proud.

I worry about some of you on here. So very vicious, and mean.

Please try to find good for a change, instead of angry, and jealousy.

2537 days ago


I grew up in the 60's and the Osmonds and Jacksons were part of the fabric of the day. Both families were portrayed as close knit and God fearing. It is truly amazing to see how the Osmond famiy has remained true to their family values, rather than be corrupted by fame (take your pick of current celebrities who have fallen). I feel sorry for the younger generation, because they have no similar point of reference. The decay of our culture continues, and the trend is to reward the extreme and the immoral behaviors. I wish the Osmond family the best, and my condolences on the loss of a wonderful patriarch. Thanks to Mr. Osmond for the amazing family he has given us to emulate.

2537 days ago

carmen cevallos    

I never watched Ophra because I always watched TMZ but yesterday I missed TMZ because I admire the Osmond Family very much. The Osmond Families are a great example for others to follow: NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE, NO DRINKING, NO SMOKING, NO DRUGS AND THEY TRY LIKE ANY OTHER MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS TO PUT IN THEIR BODYS JUST WHAT WILL KEEP THEM HEALTHY AND HAPPY. When somebody leaves this earth, they celebrate life because they go righ up to a better life to be united with their love ones after compliting their mission in earth. The Osmond father lived according to God's law; therefore, I am sure he is with Father in Heaven. That is why his decendants are celebrating with joy and happiness and what a better way to celebrate that doing a little missionary work on T.V. with everyone that loved George Osmond. To make negative comments, tell me that you are not a happy person. Pray to Father in Heaven for wisdom and guidance to find the right path that will lead you to find peace and yoy like the Osmonds. Sincerely, someone who never had a real familily and wish for everybody to have one. C.C.

2537 days ago

Reality is....    

I am not mormon, but I am from a HUGE family. My grandparents were german. My father is one of 13 children, and each of those children had no less than 3 children each...some 4 or 5 kids. The grandkids (me), are now having children (I already have 3, my sisters both have 3, and my brother has 4)....there are HUNDREDS of us.
My grandmother is just turning 79 and already have 100 or so GREAT grandkids.
There is nothing in the world that you can compare to being from such a big family. This is TRULY the most amazing thing. We are more like our own little city, spread all over the country.

You ALL wish you could be so lucky as the Osmonds, or be from such a large, caring foundation.

Nothing else really matters. And of course, it doesn't hurt when there are enough professions spread throughout to take care of every need that may arise. We have 2 doctos, a lawyer, nurses, accountants, farmers, construction workers, dry wallers, business owners, politicians, mothers, interior designers, photographers, etc. spread through the family. I think we even have a drug dealer thrown into the mix, but I can't be sure. It all evens out though...need some pot, go to "uncle Ron"....if you get busted with the "Uncle Matt".

There is really nothing like it. It's amazing, you should all be jealous.

2537 days ago
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