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Osmond Army Invades Chicago

11/10/2007 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Various Osmonds assembled at a Chicago airport, where the nearly 100 of them took up most of a terminal. Security!

The grieving group is gathering for the funeral of Osmond family patriarch, George, who passed away Tuesday at the age of 90. Services were held Friday in Utah.


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DEN trust me when I say YOUR opinion is truly irrelevant. The Osmonds are a bunch of freaks with very little talent. They may have been exciting back in the 70s because there were not many other choices on the screen then. However, they are yesterdays news. I'm sure they make your bush nice and wet, but PLEAZZEE!!!

2515 days ago


Weird they flew Southwest! I thought Marie and Donny were first class people. Oprah flies them Southwest????? Also the Oprah show is sponsored by American Airlines!

2515 days ago


Those freaks! How dare they belong to a church, have children, and sing and dance. Weirdos!

2515 days ago


My deepest condolences to the family. I am from the same small town they grew up in. Whether large or small a loving family is the truest blessing we can have. How we honor our parents is for no one to judge. The appearance on Oprah was scheduled long before their fathers passing. Celebrate his life through his posterity.

2515 days ago


How refreshing. A large, loving family that obviously bathes, washes their clothes, behaves like civilized human beings and obviously mentally healthy to be able to follow what their parents taught them about hard work. Grieving does not necessarily involve drunken binges, drug use, arrests, etc. For the mentally and emotionally healthy grief is also deep. It is the way you deal with it that makes the difference. This show was scheduled and they were hoping their Father could make an appearance as well, but his death coincided with the Oprah program, but they "carried on" in the best tradition of their parents teaching. I only saw some promo clips (hope they rerun this on a day I have off). How wonderful to remember the days when the Osmonds started with Andy Williams (another wholesome entertainment program that made Christmas truly special with his own brothers and extended family) It is a memory in this psycho world where photos of someone's crotch and day to day insanity are "immortalized". I hope she wins Dancing with the Stars. She goes on despite what happens in her life without running around pantiless, no drug bingtes, etc. These people are a tribute to the way life USED to be and will never be again, but for those of us who grew up in that time period, it is heartwarming to see them and hear them perform together. Once in a while Oprahcelebrityperson has something good on her program as a break from the endless "therapy sessions" .

2514 days ago

Greg Brown    

From all of the odd non-LDS comments I have read here, it sure does remind me of that great and spacious building!

2514 days ago

Marlb Man    

What a bunch of BORING A..HOLES! If I had to listen to their "music, I would opt for death too!!

2514 days ago


Barbara said it quite nicely. Entertainment is obviously subjective. If you don't like the Osmonds, it's quite simple -- turn off the TV. For those of us who are trying to teach values and character and morales to our children, the Osmonds are a family to look up to. Surround yourselves with loved ones who will be with you through good times and bad. Treat others the way you want to be treated. My children didn't get to watch trash on TV. They watched the Osmonds every chance they got! My daughters recognize talent when they see it.

2514 days ago


Everybody please remember to vote for someone other than Marie on DWTS!!! If you don't normally vote then vote for the thrill of it in seeing this b!tch go home where she belongs. Now it looks like the other ham, Donnie, might be on next year. What a bummer as these freaks are so YESTERDAY's news. I can't stand any of them.

2513 days ago


Sure, they can come off as cheesy soemtimes, but I have always admired the Osmond family because of their values and talent. I don't always agree with their Mormon beliefs, but I respect the family for being true to their beliefs and for the way the treat others.

Marie does not get the respect she deserves as a businesswoman and philanthropist! She has built from scratch a multi-million dollar doll empire on QVC, raised eight children (four of whom were adopted), and is the co-founder along with John Schneider of the Children's Miracle Network. This charity raises millions for children and does not take out administrative costs from the donations, which nmost charities do. Marie funds the cost of maintaining the CMN herself.

2513 days ago


My Goodness, I can't believe how cruel and mean spirited some of the people are that have written commnents about the Osmonds.
My God they are not double murderers, rapists, dope addict thugs like most of the people that TMZ writes stories about.

2512 days ago
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