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Lindsay Lohan's Peanut Gallery

11/11/2007 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

LiLo evoked comments from the masses last night as the newly reformed bad girl left II Sole. She's back in L.A. and she's hitting up all the hotspots. A girl doesn't want to be forgotten!

Fans of La Lohan gushed as she got into her SUV, becoming instantly starstruck as the actress waited in her vehicle. Actually, Lindsay has been looking pretty hot these days.

What kind of water do they have up in Utah?


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ewww....she looks nasty with that straw hair...just nasty

2536 days ago

Matt Damon    

Banned in England for being too violent, Manhunt 2 has washed ashore in the U.S., raising concerns among parents and others who worry about exposing children to endless hours of violence and sadism. The "hero"? A psychotic named Danny who breaks out of his cell in the asylum and starts butchering everyone in sight.

2536 days ago

Lenn K.    

This is not what you do if you what to stay sober. Stay away from the clubs!!!

2536 days ago


She is drinking, and I dont think she looks that hot TMZ.

2536 days ago

pebbles loves Bam Bam    

Can we MOVE ON with this boring, attention whore, poser??!!
GOD.... why do LA paps follow this loser??

2536 days ago


If someone was a drug addict (cocaine) does that mean they have to stop drinking alcohol?? I mean that as a serious question, not being pissy. Do they have the same level of addiction? Greg's post got me wondering....can you beat a drug like cocaine and still be able to have a beer or wine once in awhile or must you stay away from alcohol, too. I have an older sibling whose best friend beat a cocaine addiction but I know I have seen him drinking, not out of hand but a beer or 2 when he hangs with my brother. He still seems ok though. Or will he go off again because of the drinks??

2536 days ago


what is the over/under wager on how long til she gets sheetfaced again?

2536 days ago


What is the OVER/ UNDER WAGER on how long will it be until she gets six sheets to the wind?or caught behind the wheel high as a kite?or worse?????I'D GIVE HER LESS THAN SIX MONTHS IN THE NEW YEAR AND NOT MORE!!!!!!

2536 days ago

on second thought    

well, i am glad the idiot isnt out partyn anymore..good for her i guess..i am curious to know why the paps dont swarm her like she is a creature from space, and britney gets attacked like a ufo! also, she looks like her mother alot now!!! i still think she looked better with a diff hair color then the rest of them bimbos..and i am a blond! much better a red headed firecrotch!

2536 days ago



IT LI-LO...U ARE LOOKING GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JUST GREAT............................................................................................

2536 days ago

She Never Learns    

I just do not understand what goes on in the brain of LL. I cannot fathom that a hollywood studio is impressed or would want to cast her in any film project when they hear/read about LL going to nightclubs.

The lack of adult supervision has all but destroyed her promising acting career. Its hilarious that THE ROCK is Disney's primary movie star these days.....THE ROCK.......ha ha ha ha ha

Lindsay Lohan and her parents are all Gold-Medal morons!

2536 days ago


LaLohan's a talentless blip. 50/20/10 years from now NO ONE will be talking about her. Anyone who idolizes her is just sad! REAL actresses and REAL beauties (e.g. Natalie Portman) don't need to make the daily papparazzi rounds to feed their insecure ADDICTIONs.

2536 days ago


MIKE: I'll take that action. I say well under 6 mos of 08. I'm talking 07'.
Maybe she will give herself a nice Chritmas gift with a 3rd dewey and
some time in can for 08'.

2536 days ago

Lindsay Is Looking A lot Better

2536 days ago


Why aren't these celeb's more environmentally responsible? They should be showing the world that hybrids are cool and not gas guzzling SUV'S. Why are they in the special club that doesn't have to be conscious? Well, let them explain it to their off spring and grand children one day because global warming does not care how famous you are, we're all screwed. Besides, SUV'S consume more gas=more money in the pockets of the saudi's=weapons that kill our soldiers. Simple math people.
Waist your money on over priced clothes just be responsible!

2536 days ago
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